how to say bookshelf in spanish

How do you say book shelves in Spanish?

  1. estantería, la ~ (f) Noun.
  2. librería, la ~ (f) Noun.
  3. biblioteca, la ~ (f) Noun.

What is another word for book in Spanish?

book → libreto, álbum, libro. book → reservar, bloque, libro, antigualla, mandar, ordenar, encargar, obra, conservar.

How do you say open book in Spanish?

libro abierto loc nom m.

How do you say keyboard in Spanish?

keyboard n. teclado nm. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

Do you say shut up in Spanish?

Say “shut up.” “Cállate” is the literal translation of “shut up” in Spanish, and there are a few ways to say it. The word is pronounced “ka-ya-tay.” Here’s what you can say: “¡Cállate!” (“Shut up!”)

How do you say I like books in Spanish?

I like books

Tengo miles en mi oficina.

How do you say can I have a book in Spanish?

Me podría dar un libro?

What is close your book in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. cierra tu libro. Find more words!

What does Cierren los libros mean in English?

1. ( second person plural) close your books. “Por favor, cierren sus libros y saquen una hoja de papel,” dijo la maestra. “Please close your books and take out a piece of paper,” the teacher said.

What does download mean in Spanish?

Download- Descargar (Verb) Descarga (Noun) Internet is the same (Internet), just with an accent.

How do you do Spanish accents on a keyboard?

Typing Spanish Accents
  1. á (lower case a, acute accent) = Press Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe), then the letter a. é (lower case e, acute accent) = Press Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe), then the letter e. …
  2. Á (upper case A, acute accent) = Press Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe), then Shift + a. …
  3. ¿ (inverted question mark) = Press Alt + Ctrl + Shift + ? (
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What is Spanish keyboard layout?

A keyboard layout designed with the Spanish language in mind is a great tool for Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish keyboard eliminates the need for shortcuts and includes the letter Ñ, as well as Spanish-only punctuation marks such as the initial exclamation and question marks ¡ ¿.

Is callate rude?

Cállate may not be very polite, but it’s not rude. An equivalent to “shut up” could be the expression Cállate la boca.

Is Nalgas a bad word?

Las nalgas: This is an okay word for butt, and it’s totally benign for most people, but not all. So, it’s not recommended. … El trasero, las pompas, las nachas: The behind or backside of a person.

Why do some Spanish speakers not pronounce s?

In the dialects of parts of Spain and of Latin America, an /s/ or /z/ at the end of a syllable has become an /h/. So español It is pronounced as /ehpañol/. see also: When do you pronounce the ‘s’ in Spanish? Because they don’t speak properly due to lack of education.

how to say bookshelf in spanish
how to say bookshelf in spanish

What’s the word for book bag in Spanish?

From To Via
• book bag cartera ↔ cartable

What is the Spanish word for Bible?

[ˈbaɪbl ] Biblia f. the Holy Bible la Santa Biblia.

Which days of the week get accents in Spanish?

What does a book mean in Spanish?

1) A book= un libro.

How do you write I read a book in Spanish?

<> Leo un libro sobre X. “What are you doing” “I am reading a book” <> “¿Qué haces?” “Leo un libro.”

What is the word lesson in Spanish?

[ˈlesn ] 1. (= class) clase f. a French/tennis lesson una clase de francés/tenis.

How do you say read the book in Spanish?

“comic book” in Spanish – libro de cómics or cómics. “library” in Spanish – biblioteca. “bookshop” in Spanish – libreria. “to read” in Spanish – leer.

How to Say “to Read” in Spanish: Leer.
Spanish Pronouns English Equivalents
you (singular and informal)
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What does the word Escucha mean in English?

votes. ecuchar means to listen so, escucha means he/she/it listens.

What does software mean in Spanish?

software. More Spanish words for software. el software noun. software.

What does APP mean in Spanish?

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
app n abbr, informal (computing: application) app nf Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.
aplicación nf Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.
This app will give your snapshots a vintage look.

How do you say the verb to download in Spanish?

download [sth]⇒ vtr. descargar⇒ vtr. bajar⇒ vtr.

How do you get a Spanish accent?

How do I type é on my keyboard?

é: Press Ctrl and type “‘” (apostrophe). Release both keys and type “e”. à-è-ù: Press Ctrl and type “`” key (left-hand side, top of the keyboard).

These accents are:
  1. L’accent aigu (é)
  2. L’accent grave (à, è, ù)
  3. L’accent circonflexe or “chapeau” (â, ê, î, ô, û)
  4. La cédille (ç)
  5. Le tréma (ë, ï, ü)

How do you type ñ?

Like on an iPhone, you can type Ñ/ñ on an android phone the same way.
  1. Long press the N/n key.
  2. Slide to choose Ñ/ñ on the options that pops up.

How do you do the Mexican N on a Mac?

On a Mac. To get accented vowels on a Mac, hold down the Option/Alt key (⌥), and press the e key. Then, release both keys and type the letter that you want to accent. For the ñ, hold down the Option/Alt key while you press the n key, then press n again.

How do I make an accented I?

In Word, you can use accent marks (or diacritical marks) in a document, such as an acute accent, cedilla, circumflex, diaeresis or umlaut, grave accent, or tilde.

Keyboard shortcuts to add language accent marks in Word.
To insert this Press
à, è, ì, ò, ù, À, È, Ì, Ò, Ù CTRL+` (ACCENT GRAVE), the letter
á, é, í, ó, ú, ý Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú, Ý CTRL+’ (APOSTROPHE), the letter
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How is Spanish keyboard different from English?

The differences are very few though really, the main ones being the extra Ñ key on the Spanish, and the position of some of the symbols, like @ for example, and a € but no £ (which you can easily get by holding the Alt key while typing 0163).

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