How To Join The Imperial Legion In Skyrim?

How To Join The Imperial Legion In Skyrim?

To join the Imperial Legion, the Dragonborn must travel to Solitude and find General Tullius in Castle Dour, which is found by following the path up the ramps. Castle Dour will be to the left, guarded by Imperial soldiers. Tullius will say to speak with Legate Rikke.

Where do I join the Imperial Legion in Skyrim?

In order to join the legion you’ll want to head to one of their outposts, Castle Dour. Castle Dour is found in Solitude, which is found in the Northwest of Skyrim. This is their main base. You’ll know the castle when you see it, as it’s guarded by imperial soldiers.

Is it better to join the Stormcloaks or Imperials?

If players ever wanted to cosplay as a Roman legionnaire that can throw fireballs and yell people to death, then joining the Imperial Legion is… imperative. The Imperial legion also provides better loot to you with the choice between heavy or light armor and an overall higher defensive rating than Stormcloaks’ armor.

What level should I join the Imperial Legion?

Prove yourself worthy to join the Imperial Legion.
Quest Giver: Legate Rikke
Next Quest: The Jagged Crown
Reward: Induction into the Imperial Legion, Imperial Armor
Suggested Level: 6

Can you join Imperial and Stormcloak?

As Dragonborn, you can side with either the Imperial Legion or with the Stormcloaks, and so that makes your choice of faction all the more important. …

What happens if I join Imperial Legion?

After talking to Rikke, the quest Joining the Legion will start and, when finished, the Dragonborn will take an oath and be officially inducted into the Imperial Army. The Dragonborn will also be rewarded with a set of Imperial Armor from the blacksmith.

Is Winterhold imperial or Stormcloak?

The Holds of Skyrim
Hold Capital Allegiance [note 1]
The Reach Markarth Imperial
The Rift Riften Stormcloak
Whiterun Whiterun Neutral, later Imperial
Winterhold Winterhold Stormcloak

Will I lose my house in whiterun if I join the Stormcloaks?

No, you still keep your house regardless of which side you take. As for your follower, they will still be with you unless if they get killed.

Can you become emperor in Skyrim?

Despite housing vastly more players than a sole person’s Skyrim campaign, The Elder Scrolls Online will offer a role hitherto unachievable: that of Emperor. … If your Alliance takes control of all the keeps around the Imperial City, the player with the most of these points becomes Emperor.

Can you become High King in Skyrim?

The only way the Dragonborn could become offically the High King, is through the proper Nord tradition of the Moot. The Dragonborn would need the support of the majority of the Jarls to become High King.

Who is the High King of Skyrim?

High King Torygg
High King Torygg was the Jarl of Solitude and High King of Skyrim until his death at the hands of Ulfric Stormcloak in 4E 201. He was the husband of Jarl Elisif, the current Jarl of Solitude.

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What faction should I join in Skyrim?

Hands down, the Dark Brotherhood is one of the best factions in Skyrim. Not only do you get to be a sneaky assassin, but you also gain access to Cicero, and the Dark Brotherhood initiates who are arguably the best followers in Skyrim.

Is General Tullius evil?

General Tullius, also simply known as Tullius, is a major anti-villainous/anti-heroic antagonist in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is the leading officer of the Imperial Legion’s Skyrim branch.

Can you stay neutral in Skyrim?

Yes, it is possible. The main quest is not completely independent of the war, but it does not require your character to take any action to support or oppose either side in it. You won’t need any advice or hints as to how to avoid taking a side; the game will tell you what you need to know when you get there.

What happens to whiterun if I join the Stormcloaks?

Whiterun will remain destroyed and the Civil War storyline cannot be completed. … 360 (Fix) Putting on a full set of Stormcloak Armor will sometimes trigger Ulfric to speak about Whiterun, allowing the quest to continue.

How old is Tullius?

Tensions Arise. During 4E 170, Tullius, aged 22, led an armada to investigate a mysterious distress signal off the coast of Anvil. The men discovered hundreds of dead Imperial Soldiers and Imperial Citizens.

How do you become a Stormcloak?

Stormcloaks. You can join up by visiting the headquarters in Windhelm, found in eastern edge of Skyrim. After you complete the “Joining the Stormcloaks” mission, you’ll have the opportunity to recite an oath to Galmar.

What do Stormcloaks stand for?

The Stormcloaks are a rebel faction led by Ulfric Stormcloak that you have the option of joining. They seek to defeat the Imperial Legion that controls most of Skyrim, end the Empire’s rule over the land, and turn Skyrim into an independent country.

Can you join multiple factions in Skyrim?

Also note that you can be a member of all factions simultaneously without any conflict, with the exception being the Imperials and Stormcloaks. In the case of those two, you must pick a side.

How do you get 1000 bounties in Skyrim?

Killing a guard in front of witnesses will give an automatic 1000 bounty. The easiest strategy here is to kill a guard, flee and fast travel to another hold. One could also steal a horse at the stables to facilitate the escape. Repeat for all nine holds.

Can you become thane of all holds?

It is possible to become a thane of every hold regardless of which side in the Civil War is chosen (although it is impossible to become Thane of Eastmarch if no side is chosen). Each jarl has their own requirements for the title and may bestow the honor on multiple people.

Can you lose the civil war in Skyrim?

No. There is no way you can complete the war part of the game without taking a side. There is no such option in-game. The war part between the factions must be completed taking one of the sides and doing the missions.

Who are the bad guys in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 10 Best Villains In The Game, Ranked
  1. 1 Miraak. Powerful beyond belief and absolutely, utterly selfish, Miraak is the most cunning enemy the Dragonborn will have to deal with.
  2. 2 Lord Harkon. …
  3. 3 Ulfric Stormcloak. …
  4. 4 Elenwen. …
  5. 5 Mercer Frey. …
  6. 6 Calixto Corrium. …
  7. 7 Astrid. …
  8. 8 Maven Black-Briar. …
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Do you keep Lydia If you join the Stormcloaks?

No. You can have “Join the Stormcloaks” and “Join the Legion” both active at once, but once you join one you get an automatic quest failure for the other one.

Can you enter solitude as a Stormcloak?

Skyrim doesn’t have the same faction reputation system that the Fallout games have, so you can join the Stormcloaks and march into Solitude in full Stormcloak regalia with no consequences whatsoever.

Can I become Jarl?

You cannot become Jarl in the base game. The most you can become is Thane in the holds. As SuperSajuuk said, there’s no option for becoming a Jarl in the vanilla versions of Skyrim and it’s DLCs. The only way would be downloading a mod enabling that for the PC version of Skyrim.

Are emperors Dragonborn?

According to the Elder Scrolls Wiki, the only confirmed prerequisite for being able to wear the Amulet of Kings is to be Dragonborn. Back in the days of Oblivion, the most recent dynasty of emperors, the Septims, were all related to Tiber Septim (aka the god Talos).

Will the Dragonborn become a god?

In summary, no amount of “accomplishments” would allow the Dragonborn to become a god, but if their soul closely mirrored Akatosh, then they might be able to Mantle Akatosh upon their death and become a new Dragon God of Time, with a different name–maybe something like Diiv-Tiid or Dovahtiid.

Does Ysolda get the bannered mare?

Ysolda is scripted to take over the Bannered Mare upon the death of Hulda. To make Ysolda the innkeeper of the Bannered Mare, you’ll have to kill Hulda, or get her to die in some manner. However, Ysolda is also scripted to take over some other shops upon the death of their owner.

How do you become a god in Skyrim?

Can you have a child with your wife in Skyrim?

No, it is not possible to have children in Skyrim. Aside from marrying and having your spouse cook dinner for you, there is decidedly limited spousal interaction. If you are using a PC, you can download this mod which will allow you to adopt children from Riften, if you really want a little brat.

Is Ulfric Stormcloak a bad guy?

Ulfric Stormcloak is not evil, he just doesn’t see the bigger picture. He sees his cause as saving Skyrim, but all it is is handing it to the Aldmeri Dominion on a silver platter. … Ulfric got pissed when Talos worship was “banned”. But if you stop to think, the Empire is still allowing free and PUBLIC Talos worship.

What does alduin drop when he died?

There is a brief moment where the option to loot Alduin’s body appears before he disintegrates, although he cannot actually be looted. It is possible, if Kahvozein’s Fang is equipped in the right hand, to harvest Dragon Heartscales. When Alduin dies, the Dragonborn does not absorb his soul.

Where is the solitude jail?

Castle Dour Dungeon[edit] The dungeon is located in the basement of Castle Dour and is circular, and serves as Solitude’s jail, where you will be sent if you choose to be jailed to pay for any crimes committed in Haafingar.

Can you be a werewolf and a vampire in Skyrim?

Werewolves exist in Skyrim. … You cannot become a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time. Becoming a Vampire Lord removes lycanthropy automatically, but the option to return remains. Lycanthropy can be cured by other means as well.

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