How To Hang Out With Undyne?

How To Hang Out With Undyne?

Befriending Undyne
  1. Pointing the spear at Undyne while she demands them to choose a drink causes her to ask if the protagonist is flirting with her. …
  2. Selecting the Sword when she demands them to choose a drink causes her to comment that she would gladly fill the protagonist with swords if they were not her house guest.

How do I get Undyne pacifist?

Run until Undyne catches you again, and for the last time.

Block eight attacks and flee. While you are running, you will get a call from Papyrus. Undyne will not move during this call. After that, keep running until you reach Hotland and then you will have successfully spared Undyne.

Who is Undyne in love with?

Alphys and Undyne love one another. Undyne first met Alphys in the Garbage Dump, listening for hours about where she thought the abyss there led. The two became close friends soon after, with Alphys introducing her to anime at some point, although Alphys told her that they were history biopics about humans.

How do you get Undyne and Alphys to date?

Get the ferry from Hotlands to Snowdin Village and go to Papyrus’s house, and Undyne will give you a letter to deliver to Alphys. Take the ferry back to Hotlands and slide the note under the door, and after a brief and awkward conversation you’ll end up on a date with Alphys.

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Do you have to pour water on Undyne?

You can’t befriend Undyne since you didn’t pour water on her. In order to befriend her, you’ll need to reset and make sure you pour water on her after she’s finished chasing you. Not pouring water on her is letting her roast in Hotland, fool.

Can you spare Undyne undying?

You can’t spare Undyne the Undying, but you can spare monster kid, which ends the genocide run, places you back on the path to a neutral ending, and gives you the normal Undyne fight in 2 rooms.

How do you beat Undyne easily?

To spare Undyne, you need to survive her waves of attacks until she changes your heart back to red and throw a spear at you. Run during this turn. When you get on the overworld map, Undyne will be stunned for a moment. Use this to run upwards.

How did Undyne lose her eye?

Apparently, Undyne lot her eye during spear practise with Asgore, leaving many lifelong disabilitys to her vision, and the weapon she can summon is a blue spear. The same weapon that knocked her eye out.

What fish is Undyne?

Meet the fish that Undyne is based on, the piranha, or more specifically, Serrasalmus rhombeus, the blue diamond piranha. It matches Undynes appearance, with a sharp toothy grin, reddish large finned gills, sleek small dark blue scales, and eyes that look like they have vertical slit pupils.

Is Monster kid a boy or girl?

According to the Wikia page for Monster Kid he is referred to as male in the art book and uses the Japanese word for “himself” when playing the Japanese translation of the game.

Does killing the dummy ruin a pacifist run?

Destroying the Dummy does not abort the attempt at the True Pacifist Route. If the protagonist talks to the Dummy, Toriel congratulates them.

Why is Chara The true name?

‘Chara’ is the true name of the Fallen Child simply because it’s the first five letters of the word ‘Character.

How many endings are in Undertale?

93 endings
Undertale has 93 endings; one speedrunner aims to see them all.Jul 13, 2017

What happens if you only spare Undyne?

If you spare an enemy between Undyne the Undying and Mettaton NEO, you get the Alphys ending. Instead of Sans calling you, he passes the phone to Alphys, who has become queen.

What happens if you flee from Undyne the undying?

It took me 1 hour after I knew that. From the Undertale Wiki, you can flee from the battle to reset her attack speed once your SOUL mode has been changed to red. She will catch up with you again, but at least the subsequent attacks will be less vicious.

Is Mettaton a male?

Mettaton is a male. He is referred to as male ALL throughout the game. He is not called a ‘she’ throughout the ENTIRE GAME.

Can you get the Temmie armor in genocide?

The protagonist cannot obtain this on the Genocide Route as the option to pay for college is replaced with “premiem” Temmie Flakes. After unlocking the Temmie Armor, the Temmie Shopkeeper explains that while the armor is amazing, it can and will ruin the experience of combat.

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How much HP does Undyne the undying have?

HP 1500 (Normal & Faux) 23000 (Undying)
AT 50 [7] (Normal) 41 [10] (Faux) 99 [12] (Undying)
DF 20 [0] (Normal) 21 [10] (Faux) 99 [5] (Undying)
EXP On Kill 500 (Normal) 1500 (Undying)

Is Muffet a boss?

Muffet is a miniboss the protagonist encounters in Hotland.

Is Undyne harder than Sans?

Sans took… much longer to beat. … However after you have already beat them both undyne becomes about twice as hard as sans.

How do I get back to Snowdin genocide?

There is no way back to Snowdin without the duck or the ferry. However, you can travel back to Gerson and buy Crab Apples. You still have to pay and they only heal 18hp but they’re better than nothing.

Can you spare Undyne without fleeing?

There’s no Act you can do to help with this fight – on every turn you need to just attempt to Flee. When the fight starts Undyne will turn you green making you unable to move during her attack phases.

Does papyrus like Undyne?

Papyrus is loyal to both Undyne and the protagonist by employing a ruse that backfires regardless of what the protagonist does. … After the protagonist chooses whether or not to give Undyne water in Hotland, they can go to Undyne’s house, and Papyrus offers dialogue based on the protagonist’s actions after his call.

Is Undyne an amalgamate?

Despite this, Mettaton refused to let go, holding on even as Undyne began to melt through his robotic body and into the ghost within, transforming them both into an amalgamate.

Why does Sans have a blue eye?

He has white pupils that disappear when he is serious or angered. When Sans uses telekinesis, his left eye flashes light blue and yellow, the colors for patience and justice, and his right pupil disappears.

How much HP does Asgore have?

Keep Fighting

It can be a long and tense fight, but players should stay determined and keep learning his attack patterns until the end. When his health is somewhere around 600 points, he will endure one last attack before falling to 1 HP.

What is Undyne’s favorite food?

Undyne’s favorite food was udon because of its “slurpability”.

Does sans actually bleed?

Well Sans bleeds when we hit him. It affects his physical apperance. … So this would mean Sans has human soul. Now, we never see his soul, so it means that it is possible that he does have a human soul.

How do you get a goner kid?

Goner Kid is found in Waterfall. In the hallway before the Quiet Hub, there is a very small chance that a gray door will appear in the middle of the hallway. Entering this door will lead the player to Goner Kid’s room. They take their sprite from the NPC of the same name in Undertale.

What race is Toriel?

Created by Toby Fox
Designed by Temmie Chang and Toby Fox
In-universe information
Species Boss Monster
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They might be the same species, But not every character of the same species are related to eachother. And also, Monster kid does not mention Alphys, Neither does Alphys Mention monster kid.

Is Papyrus a girl?

Now dearest reader prepare for conclusions: If we are a boy: Papyrus is a Homosexual, perhaps Sans too, Alphys can be both bisexual and a lesbian. Though she prefers Undyne, her dialog suggests that she may also have intrest in the player. And we are gay as well, by dating Papyrus.

How much health does a dummy have in Aut?

Training Dummy is an enemy that has 10,000 hp and shows up in the first Stage, Sinking Sands.

How do you get the true ending in Undertale?

Undertale: 10 Tips For Getting The True Pacifist Ending
  1. 1 Don’t Fight Back During The Final Battle.
  2. 2 Reload A Save After The Neutral Ending. …
  3. 3 You Must Fight Asgore. …
  4. 4 Give Water To Undyne. …
  5. 5 Go On A Date With Papyrus. …
  6. 6 Some Items Are Worth Holding Onto. …
  7. 7 Save Up Gold. …
  8. 8 Seek Out Healing And Defence Items. …

Why did Chara climb Mt Ebott?

i’m here to propose a different idea: chara didn’t want to die; they climbed mt. ebott in search of hope.

What happens if you name yourself Gaster in Undertale?

All forbidden names can be used in the Undertale Demo. If the protagonist’s name is changed to “Gaster” through the SAVE files, the ability to reset is unavailable as the game restarts upon clicking the Reset button.

What does frisk mean in Undertale?

to skip or leap playfully
To “frisk” means to skip or leap playfully, or to pat down on someone, looking for a hidden item.

Undertale (Pacifist) – Part #15: Befriending Undyne

UNDERTALE Hanging out with Undyne (Colored Sprite Mod)

-undertale-hanging out with papyrus and undyne!(again)


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