How To Get The National Pokedex In Pokemon Platinum?

How To Get The National Pokedex In Pokemon Platinum?

After completing the Dex, go to Professor Rowan’s laboratory. He will congratulate you on completing the Sinnoh Pokédex just as Professor Oak comes in to the building. He will notify you that there are many more Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex and you will be given the National Pokédex. It is as simple as that.

How do I get National Pokedex?

Once you’ve seen all 150 Pokemon in Sinnoh, you can upgrade your Pokedex to the “National Pokedex” where there aren’t 150 slots to fill, but over 400. To do this, simply head to Sandgem Town, one of the first locales we visited in the beginning of the game, and the hometown of Professor Rowan and his Pokemon research.

How do you fill your Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

Talk to the old woman on the left side of the house. If you have 149 Pokemon on your Sinnoh Pokedex, she’ll show you a picture of the Pokemon you didn’t yet see. It won’t be obvious that the record is now in your Pokedex, but rest assured – once this happens, your Pokedex should be complete.

Can you complete Platinum Pokedex?

1 Answer. Yes, you can complete the Sinnoh Dex in Platinum.

What do you get for completing the Pokedex in platinum?

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl & Platinum – The player wins two diplomas for completing both the Sinnoh and National Dex. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver – The player wins two diplomas for completing both the Johto and National Dex.

How do I get National Dex sinnoh?

Once you’ve seen all 150 Pokemon in Sinnoh, you can upgrade your Pokedex to the “National Pokedex” where there aren’t 150 slots to fill, but over 400. To do this, simply head to Sandgem Town, one of the first locales we visited in the beginning of the game, and the hometown of Professor Rowan and his Pokemon research.

What region is Luxray from?

Amp Plains
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness: Luxray and the Luxio Tribe are the bosses of Amp Plains.

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How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum?

Unfortunately, the only official way to get the Member’s Card is by attending a Nintendo event which ended in 2009. You can still get Darkrai, but you will need to perform void glitch that gets you to an darkrai encounter, or use an Action Replay to hack the game.

Where is wooper in Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum Diamond
Walking in tall grass or a cave
Great Marsh Area 5 30% L26–28 20% L20
Great Marsh Area 6 30% L26–28 20% L20
Route 212 east, towards Pastoria City 25% L18 +1% L18 +4% L18 +4% L18 +4% L18 +4% L18

How do you get riolu in Pokemon Platinum?

Talk to your partner, then find your way down to another platform and ride it down onto the lower floor. Go through the doorway on your left and take the platform there up. Your partner should give you an egg that will hatch into Riolu here.

Is rotom legendary?


How do you catch palkia in Pokemon Platinum?

Enter the pink portal and catch Palkia.
  1. Palkiais level 70 and is a Water-Dragon-Type Pokémon with the signature move Spacial Rend. …
  2. Use Ultra Balls to catch Palkia quickly. …
  3. When you catch Palkia, you’ll be transported out of the pink rift and back into Spear Pillar.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon Platinum?

The only way to get an Arceus in Platinum now is to trade with someone who had the event, or using a cheating device for it.

Has anyone caught all 802 Pokemon?

Nick Johnson is the first person to announce he has collected every Pokémon in the popular mobile game Pokémon Go. That is, all 142 virtual monsters that users have confirmed seeing in the wild of North America.

What happens when you catch all 150 Pokemon?

After catching all 150 Pokemon, the Game Designer on the third floor of Celadon Mansion will give you the diploma. The top says “Diploma” and shows the name the player gave his character. The rest of the diploma says “Congrats! This diploma certifies that you have completed your Pokedex.” It is signed by Game Freak.

What happens when you catch all 151 Pokemon?

Where is dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

Where To Find Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
  • You can find Spear Pillar at the top of Mt. Coronet, located near the center of Sinnoh on the Map.
  • Defeat the Team Galactic Commanders and Cyrus.
  • Approach Dialga and battle it.
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How do you get Giratina in Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon Company Giratina can only be found after you have the National Dex. In order to catch Giratina in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Trainers will need to first beat the Elite Four and get the National Pokedex. After obtaining your newly updated Pokedex, you’ll need to make your way over to Turnback Cave.

How many Pokemon are in the Sinnoh Pokedex?

You see, there’s only so far you can go in filling out your Sinnoh Pokedex to the 150 Pokemon that are supposed to be on it. Due to the nature of the game, you can only get 149 Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Does Luxray mega evolve?

The PokéCommunity’s theoretical Mega Luxray, like Mega Roserade before it, ticks all the boxes for a superb Mega Evolution. It turns an otherwise useless Pokémon into a powerful offensive threat, but it also has balancing factors that prevent it from being absurdly powerful like Pokémon such as Mega Rayquayza.

How do you evolve Luxray?

How do i get Luxray’s evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Pokemon Sword and Shield Shinx evolves into Luxio when you reach Level 15. Luxio then evolves into its final evolution Luxray when you reach Level 30.

Where can I find Luxio in Pokémon Platinum?

Game locations
Diamond Pearl Fuego Ironworks
Platinum Route 222
HeartGold SoulSilver Safari Zone

Can you get arceus without cheating?

Arceus is an Event Pokémon, meaning that it could only be acquired legitimately through special events held by Nintendo. The last Arceus event was in 2010 and there are no more planned, meaning the only way to get one in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum without cheating is to trade with someone who got one from the event.

How do you get shaymin in Pokemon Platinum?

How do you catch Regigigas in Pokemon Platinum?

The only way to get Regigigas in Platinum is to have the three Golems (Regice, Regirock, and Registeel). These cannot be caught in Platinum without a special event Regigigas, so you’ll need to transfer the three Golems from Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire, where they’re much easier to obtain.

Is an axolotl a Pokemon?

Axolil (Japanese: アホメ Ahome) is a dual-type Water/Psychic Pokémon. It evolves into Visimander starting at level 20.

Base Stats.
Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
Sp.Def: 60 58 – 123 112 – 240
Speed: 20 22 – 79 40 – 152
Total: 210 Other Pokémon with this total
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Are there male Bounsweet?

Bounsweet is a Grass type Pokémon introduced in Generation 7 . It is known as the Fruit Pokémon . Because it exudes a delicious smell from its entire body, Bounsweet is popular with Pokémon and people of the Alola region.

Egg Groups Grass
Gender 0% male, 100% female
Egg cycles 20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

How do you get a rotom in Pokemon Platinum?

Does Garchomp learn earthquake?

Garchomp is a Power-type playable character in Pokkén. Moves he can use include Dragon Claw, Dig, Dragon Rush, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Sand Tomb.

Is Lucario a legendary?

The Pokemon Company Lucario surprised many fans when it was found not to be a Legendary. Lucario continues to be one of the most popular Pokemon thanks to its cool-looking design and powerful movepool. The Fighting/Steel-type famously made its first non-cameo debut in Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Does riolu evolve?


Is unown a legendary?

Unown – Unown is believed by many to be a Legendary Pokémon because it is shown in Molly Hale’s book about Legendary Pokémon in Spell of the Unown, its power in large number appears to match that of Legendary Pokémon and within the canon of the movie is explicitly referred to as a Legendary Pokémon.

Is Meltan a legendary?

Meltan is the newest legendary Pokémon – Polygon.

Why isn’t lucario a legendary?

Lucario and Zoroark are mistaken as pseudo-Legendaries because of the way in which they are to be obtained. Lucario can only be obtained in Diamond and Pearl on Iron Island when Riley gives the player a Riolu Egg. Zoroark is, as of yet, the only non-Mythical Pokémon that can only be caught via an event.

Can I get palkia and Dialga in platinum?

Palkia and Dialga can be caught in Pokemon Platinum after defeating the Elite Four. In Mt. Coronet, there will be two items to pick up. Be sure to have HM Waterfall available for use.

How do you get the Griseous orb in Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum, both orbs end up in a secluded chamber in Mt. Coronet. In Platinum, the Griseous Orb is found in the Turnback Cave area of the Distortion World and allows Giratina to remain in its Origin Forme in the real world.

What is the adamant orb?

The Adamant Orb (Japanese: こんごうだま Diamond Orb) is a type of held item introduced in Generation IV. It boosts the power of Dragon- and Steel-type moves when held by Dialga.

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