how to get mega pets in ninja legends 2

How To Get Mega Pets In Ninja Legends 2?

Mega Pets are a type of unique pet that, unlike regular pets, which stack, multiply ALL currencies, excluding karma, souls, and tokens. Two can be bought with robux by buying the Divine MEGA Legends Pack, costing 1,699 robux, but only one is free, and can be acquired by using tokens to buy the Forgotten Legends Orb.

What is a mega pet in Ninja Legends 2?

MEGA Pets. Mega pets are pets; but they don’t stack multipliers, they multiply everything else without stacking (excluding mega pets).

Which is the best pet in Ninja Legends 2?

Ultimate Overdrive Master Hydra & Eternal Horizon Pack

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This beastly-looking pet has a rarity of Master Legend. It makes for an effective pet in both appearance and stats. To obtain the pet, you’ll need to purchase the Eternal Horizon Pack, which will set you back 1899 Robux.

What are some pet codes for Ninja Legends 2?

here are the latest ninja legends 2 codes
  • zenmaster15K – chi boost.
  • powers500 – 500 Shards.
  • shurikencity500 – 750 Coins.
  • epicturrets450 – 300 Shards.
  • waterfall500 – 500 Shards.
  • newgame500 – 500 Shards.
  • bossbattle300 – 300 Shards.
  • Firstplanet250 – 250 Shards.

How do you get infinite pets in ninja legends?

What is the 14th island in ninja legends?

Dragon Legend Island
Dragon Legend Island is the 14th Island in Ninja Legends. It is the successor of Golden Master Island and the predecessor of Cybernetic Legends Island. To the side of the island, there is a smaller island connected by a waterfall which has the Zen Master. The Zen Master will trade gems for Coins.

Where are the secret crystals in Ninja 2?

The Secret Glitch Crystal is a limited time crystal in Ninja Legends, It was added to the game in Update 21 on April 2nd, 2020. Players will find the crystal located behind the Eternal Boss on a small island towards the left for 1Oc chi.

Who is the best ninja character?

Who Do You Think is the Best Ninja Character in Anime?
  • Jubei Kibagami. …
  • Saizou Kirigakure. From: Brave 10. …
  • Kanzo Hattori. From: Ninja Hattori. …
  • Jiyu Nanohana. From: Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl. …
  • Kouga Gennosuke. From: Basilisk. …
  • Kenji Fujikido. From: Ninja Slayer From Animation. …
  • Naruto Uzumaki. From: Naruto. …
  • Goemon. From: Ganbare Goemon.

Can you get banned from Ninja legends?

If a user is found to breach a rule and has been warned, they will receive a ban.

How do you glitch awaken Nighthunter?

This pet can be obtained by opening the Secret Glitch Crystal, which costs 1Oc Chi per Crystal. This crystal is located behind the Eternal Boss arena, in the back of a small island. The crystal has a 1% chance of hatching the GLITCH: Awakened Nighthunter.

How do you get 5b shards in Ninja Legends 2?

What are Colossus legends codes?

Colossus Legends Wiki code
Code Reward
NEWYEARS2021 Gives you a random party hat (Can be used up to three times)
15KLIKES Gives you coins
NIGHTMARE Gives you coins
10MVISITS Gives you coins

How do you get the inferno in Ninja Legends 2?

Inferno Blade Dragon 2 is a sword in Ninja Legends that gives you +18VIG Ninjitsu per click. This sword can be unlocked by discovering Dark Elements Island. The blade costs 835.5 WZX.

How do you get a legendary pet for free?

How do you get Skyblade pets in ninja legends?

The SHADOWSTORM​: Bladerunner is a Skyblade pet in Ninja Legends. This pet is a Shadowstorm tier. It can be obtained by buying a Skyblade Legends Pack for 2499 Robux in the Packs Shop. The stats will duplicate if you have the Eternity Storm Element.

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how to get mega pets in ninja legends 2
how to get mega pets in ninja legends 2

Where is the glitch egg in ninja legends?

Where is the secret orb quest in Ninja Legends 2?

Secret Shadow Orb Go to Planet Elemental. Look behind the teleport pad to Shuriken City, where you spawn. You should see 3 boost rings, a turret, and a floating island. Go through the boost rings and jump over to the floating island/training area.

Where is the secret egg in ninja legends?

Where is the secret ninja in snowball io?

Is there a God of ninjas?

Ninjas who reached extraordinary heights were given the title of “God of Shinobi.” Throughout the series, only two ninjas were given the title of God of Shinobi: Hashirama Senju and Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Who is the strongest anime ninja?

1) Hashirama Senju

The man was a beast, as was evident when he looked up at a Susano’o clad Kurama being controlled by Madara and smiled. An immensely powerful goofball, Hashirama Senju is arguably the strongest ninja in the entire Naruto universe, with the exception of Naruto and Sasuke.

What are male ninjas called?

The clearest characteristic of a ninja is their ability to manipulate chakra to create and use techniques. A male ninja is called a Shinobi (忍び), while a female ninja is called a Kunoichi (くノ一).

How long do lol bans last?

Bans range from a 1 day ban to a permanent ban, although permanent bans can be given without progressive bans for cheating(such as using aim assistance or other unauthorized augmentations to the game).

Can you get banned for Wallhacks?

It may not look like it, but finding out when a player is using an ESP and wallhacks is actually pretty easy. … Most players use their Modern Warfare ESP and wallhacks like this, which makes it easy for them to get reported and banned from the game.

Can you get banned for LoLwiz?

LoLwiz is a FREE app optimized for Overwolf which provides IN GAME summoner stats showing rank, KDA, masteries, and wins/losses for all the summoners in your game. … Get your game on with LoLwiz! ** LoLwiz is now COMPLIANT with Riot’s Terms of Use and will NOT get your account flagged or banned in any way.

How do you get infinite tactical glitch?

How do you do the floating glitch?

How do you get the hydra in ninja legends?

The Darkstorm Elemental Hydra is a Master Legend pet that can be obtained from the Darkstar Orion Crystal, with a 1% chance of being hatched, while the crystal itself costs 5B Chi to be opened.

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Can you clone pack pets in Ninja Legends 2?

Pets can be unlocked through Crystals, Packs or Trading. To get them from Crystals, you will need to pay for them using your Chi. Pets give you a multiplier that can boost how much Chi, Coins, and Ninjitsu you earn. … Pets from pet packs CAN NOT be traded or cloned, but they can be sold to free up inventory space.

What is the best code in ninja Legends 2?

Ninja Legends 2 codes [December 2021]
  • bossbattle300: 300 Shards.
  • epictower350: 350 Coins.
  • epicturrets450: 300 Shards.
  • Firstplanet250: 250 Shards.
  • newgame500: 500 Shards.
  • powers500: 500 Shards.
  • shurikencity500: 750 Coins.
  • treeninja400: 400 Coins.

What is the 13th colossus?

Phalanx is the fan name given to the thirteenth colossus, located in the middle of a large desert at quadrant E6. … By far the largest colossus in the game, Phalanx is over twice the length of Hydrus or Dirge.

What is the 10th colossus?

Colossus 10 in Shadow of the Colossus, also known to fans as the tenth colossus Dirge, the Sand Snake Colossus, is a tricky one, requiring some serious horseback skill to take down.

What is the code in tapping legends?

Naibanek – Redeem code for a lot of Clicks. Angelic – Redeem code for a lot of Diamonds. LeviRage – Redeem code for a lot of Diamonds. Shiro – Redeem code for a lot of Clicks.


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