how to do a spoiler on forums

How To Do A Spoiler On Forums?

Click on the “+” in the media section of the insert-into-post bar:
  1. Click on the “Spoiler” button from the drop down menu:
  2. Next, insert a spoiler name, if you wish to:
  3. Insert the content of your spoiler between the two [SPOILER] tags:
  4. You’re done!

How do I do a spoiler post?

To add a spoiler tag to a text message, type “/spoiler” at the start of a message. Sending “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in a Discord server will hide the message until the recipients decide to view it. Alternatively, you can type two vertical bars at the start and end of your message.

How do you do spoilers on Hypixel forums?

To use a spoiler, put [SPOILER] at the beginning of your spoiler section and [/SPOILER] at the end of your section. To use a quote, you will have the option to add quotes in the bottom right of your post body creation.

How do you use a spoiler box?

Type two vertical bars before your text (the Shift + Back Slash key). Type your text (there’s no need to add a space between the bars and the text). Type two vertical bars again at the end of your text. Hit Enter on your keyboard to send the message with a spoiler tag.

How do you mark a phone as a spoiler?

On Android and iOS

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Wrap the text in bars ||Insert spoiler|| and they will appear as a spoiler.

How do you add spoilers on Reddit mobile?

How do you start a forum on Hypixel?

To create a Hypixel Forums account you need a valid email address and a strong password. Go to and click on Log in on the top right of your screen. Select “No, create an account now.” and click on Sign up to continue. Alternatively, you can directly go to

How do you do spoilers on Reddit?

Post Spoilers

Spoilers can be marked by using the phrase [Spoilers] (including brackets) in your title, or applied manually.

How do you do spoilers on mobile Discord?

Spoiler Tags on Mobile

You can mark text as spoilers on mobile using the same Markdown syntax as on desktop. Wrap your text in bars ||just like this|| and it’ll show up as spoilers when you post it! This works for embedded links, too. If you want to make a link into a spoiler, just wrap your link in bars!

What is the spoiler command on Discord?

Discord: How to Mark Your Message as a Spoiler
  1. Step 1: Type the message you want to mark as a spoiler, but don’t send it.
  2. Step 2: Highlight the text you want to mark as a spoiler. …
  3. Step 3: Once you highlight the desired text, a menu will appear on the screen. …
  4. Step 4: Tap “Mark as spoiler.”

How do you hide spoilers in discord?

To hide a spoiler, you need to use the spoiler markdown syntax. In Discord, this is the “pipe” or “vertical slash” character “|”, more specifically two of them “||”. To mark text as a spoiler you need to place two pipe characters on either side of the spoiler. This works for both the entire message or just part of it.

How do you spoiler images on discord Mobile 2021?

Spoilering an Image on Discord Mobile
  1. Tap on the + button in the text window. …
  2. Select the image you would like to spoiler. …
  3. Tap and hold the selected image. …
  4. Tap on the Mark as spoiler checkbox. …
  5. Verify the spoiler image. …
  6. Send the spoiler image.

How do I black out text in discord?

You can do this by wrapping the message in two guardrails (this thing: |). Writing || Spoiler! || in discord will trigger it, of course, “Spoiler!” is the text you want to become blacked out, and remember that the text is interchangeable with any text/emoji. That’s awesome thanks!

How do you put spoiler tags on Reddit comments?

you type “spoiler” then type the text with spoilers in it and the highlight that text then point and click at the icon in the row at the bottom of the box that looks like a dark circle with an exclamation mark in it, then voila – hidden text! I couldn’t find it so I found an old comment on formatting comment spoilers.

How do you mark an image as spoiler on Reddit?

On PC, after you click on the the plus icon and select an image you want to send, before pressing the upload button on the right, if you look to the left of that, you can see the Mark as spoiler box.

how to do a spoiler on forums
how to do a spoiler on forums

How do you get unbanned from hypixel?

SOLUTION: If you believe you were falsely banned from the Hypixel Forums, you need to create a forum ban appeal. You can appeal your ban in the Ban Appeal section on the Hypixel Forums. Under certain circumstances you may be blocked from appealing your forum ban again.

How do you check bans on hypixel?

Conversation. View your Hypixel Player Profile in any Hypixel lobby to see your current mute and ban standing. Read more about the update >…

How do you get Minecraft for free on hypixel?

Play Bed Wars, SkyWars, Murder Mystery and many more unique Minecraft minigames on the Hypixel Server, all you need to do is log in!
  1. In Minecraft, go to Multiplayer, then Add Server.
  2. Enter into the server address box and click Done.
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How do you get karma on Reddit?

You can earn karma in a few different ways:
  1. Posting and commenting. When your posts or comments get upvoted, you gain some karma—so making posts and comments that communities find valuable is the best way to gain karma. …
  2. Giving awards. When you receive or give awards, you also gain some karma.

How do you italicize on Reddit?

  1. Italics are created using either a single asterisk (*) or single underscore (_). …
  2. Bold text is created with double asterisks (**) or double underscores (__). …
  3. Strikethrough text is created using a double tilde ( ~~ ). …
  4. Superscript text is created using the carot ( ^ ).

How do you hide someone’s messages on discord?

If you’re using the desktop app for Mac or PC, just right-click someone’s name and select “Block” from the menu that appears. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to block them, and once you do, their messages will disappear.

How do you hide on discord?

To manually set yourself to invisible in Discord, just click your avatar located in the lower left-hand corner of the app and select ‘Invisible’ from the popup box. It will remain active until you log out of Discord or manually set your status to something else.

How do I change the name of a picture on my iPhone?

Go to Photos and open a picture. Tap on Share, scroll down and tap “Save to Files”. Tap “On My iPhone” and select a folder. To rename the image, tap the file name next to the image thumbnail and enter a name.

How do you change the name of a picture on android?

Open your File manager app, and find the Photo you just downloaded in the Downloads folder (Files by Google is the best option for this). Long press the image or video to select it (don’t open it). Tap the three-dot menu, and choose Rename. Re-upload the renamed photo or video to Google Photos.

How do I make text blue in discord?

Blue Discord Text

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There are two ways to turn your text color to blue in Discord. You will need to use the brackets before and after the text to turn it blue. Once you send the message, your blue text will appear in a box. You will need to use a period before your text to turn one word dark blue.

How do you blur NSFW content on Reddit?

I found a fix on the PC cause it was happening to me.
  1. Click the dropdown by your name in the top right corner.
  2. Choose “Visit Old Reddit”
  3. Once on old reddit go to the top right and click on “Preferences”
  4. Find the setting to hide NSFW and make sure that is unchecked.
  5. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

How do I mark a picture as spoiler on my computer?

Does watchdog IP ban?

Watchdog is not a ban system due to the employment of an attempt to make the player unclear of what module they were banned for.

Who is the founder of Hypixel?

Simon Collins-Laflamme
History. The Hypixel server was released in beta on April 13, 2013, by Simon Collins-Laflamme, whose username is “hypixel”, and Philippe Touchette who are from Hypixel inc. The two originally created Minecraft adventure maps together and uploaded trailers to their YouTube channel.

Mineplex. Mineplex is the largest Minecraft server in existence. Containing multiple arenas and zones for a hefty number of game types, Mineplex is populated by thousands of players at any time.

How long am I banned for on Hypixel?

Hypixel does not permanently ban, with the introduction of the Forgiveness System. All punishments before the policy was introduced will not be reduced or removed. They will stay the same. Most bans go from 30/90/year.

What does cheating through the use of unfair game advantages?

The reason is “Cheating through the use of unfair game advantages – This means you were using modifications of your client which give you an in-game advantage over players on the network.” The best thing is that the staff is banning people, not their “very advanced” anti-cheat.

What is a ban ID?

Getting an ID ban means you aren’t allowed to play the game publicly. ID bans generally result after one of the following things happen: A player shows extreme aggression in chat and/or intentionally feeds across many permanently banned accounts.

How much does MVP ++ cost?

Current Ranks
Rank Info/Prefix Meaning Price/Requirement
Purchasable Ranks
[MVP+] Most Valuable Player + $44.99 USD
[MVP++] Most Valuable Player + + $7.99 USD/30 days (Requires [MVP+])
Staff Given Ranks

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