how to delete my deviantart account

How To Delete My Deviantart Account?

To complete deactivation:
  1. Click “Yes, deactivate my account.”
  2. You’ll be prompted to input your password to send a verification email.
  3. Click the “Deactivate Account” link in the email.
  4. Click “Yes, deactivate my account” once you’re redirected.
  5. Confirm your deactivation reason to finalize the process.

How do I permanently delete my DeviantArt account?

How to permanently deactivate your DeviantArt account
  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Hover over your profile at the top right corner and select Account Settings.
  3. Select Deactivation on the left.
  4. Click on the Yes, deactivate my account button.

Can you permanently delete DeviantArt?

DeviantArt only offers the option to deactivate your account, but after 21 days of not reactivating it, your account is permanently deleted.

How do you delete DeviantArt?

When you need to delete your work, it’s a quick click too!
  1. Locate the trashcan icon on the deviation you’d like to delete.
  2. Clicking “Cancel” on the dialog box will take you back to the deviation page without deleting your work.
  3. Clicking “Delete” will remove your deviation permanently.

How do you mass delete on DeviantArt?

To delete anything and everything on your DeviantArt account, just skip the form, go straight to deletion mode, and click start deleting. Take note that content deletion is irreversible. This is recommended if you want to have a fresh DeviantArt account rather than making a new one.

How do you delete DeviantArt app?

Locate the trashcan icon on the deviation you’d like to delete.
  1. Clicking “Cancel” on the dialog box will take you back to the deviation page without deleting your work.
  2. Clicking “Delete” will remove your deviation permanently.
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Can you make a second DeviantArt account?

notice how an email is needed to have a DeviantART account and no two accounts can have the same email. So to make multiple DeviantART accounts, you need multiple email accounts, but oh, that’s quite simple.

Is DeviantArt appropriate for kids?

Deviantart is suitable for mature 13 year olds and older. Children need to be mature enough to handle the community. They will also need business skills later on, if they wish to take art commissions in the future. It is definitely not for little kids!

Is a DeviantArt account free?

Although a basic membership is free, deviants with paid subscriptions can browse the site ad-free. There are other benefits for paying members, too. … You can also sell prints of your work through deviantART’s online store, although the site does take a percentage of your earnings.

How old do you have to be to have a DeviantArt account?

Currently DeviantArt’s compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (effective April 21st, 2000) is limited to prohibiting any child under the age of 13 from opening, maintaining, or otherwise using a DeviantArt account.

Gallery Descriptions

To add a Gallery description: Click to the gallery you want to update. Click the edit pencil icon.

How can I delete Tumblr account?

How to delete Tumblr account
  1. Go to your Account and select Settings.
  2. Click the Delete account button at the bottom.
  3. Type in your email address and password and click Delete everything.

Can you view deactivated DeviantArt accounts?

Deactivated accounts may be reactivated after 48 hours have passed since deactivation, up until 21 days after the original deactivation. You can access the reactivation feature by going to your settings. Once your account passes the 21-day self-reactivation period, it cannot be reactivated.

How do you access stash on DeviantArt?

Sign in using your normal username/email and password, and you will see your page. From here, you can either drag and drop your files from your computer to the blue space marked for upload in the browser, or you can click the blue “Upload Files” button and select the files from your computer.

How do I find my posts on DeviantArt?

The Featured section on the right side will display items you’ve marked as Featured! If viewing all posts, you’ll see a combination of your featured journals, status updates, and polls. If filtered by a post type, you’ll see all featured posts of that particular type.

how to delete my deviantart account
how to delete my deviantart account

How do you post on DeviantArt?

You can begin the submission process from any page by hovering over the “Submit” button in the header. Select “Deviation” to go to the submissions page. You can also go here to submit visual art. If you’re in your, you can submit using the “Submit to DeviantArt” button on any Sta.

How do I edit my stash on DeviantArt?

Hover over the thumb in, then go over the title and click “edit”. Now you can choose a title, category, licence, etc. In the right hand menu choose whether you want to publish the piece to your gallery and watchers, or leave it hidden as a (untick “my deviantART Gallery” etc.).

How many DeviantArt accounts are there?

We have over 61 million registered members and attract over 45 million unique visitors per month. Our members — known as deviants — upload tens of thousands of original pieces of art every day, everything from painting and sculpture to digital art, pixel art, films, and anime.

Can you delete DeviantArt comments?

Users have the option to block any other user, or delete a comment from any deviant, for any reason. There is no unfair, wrong, or abusive use of the block or delete comment tool.

Can you trust DeviantArt?

DeviantArt has a consumer rating of 2.73 stars from 127 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about DeviantArt most frequently mention core membership and front page problems. DeviantArt ranks 194th among Graphic Design sites.

Why is DeviantArt inappropriate?

Lots of nudity and sexual themes, but most of the time, it is blocked. Same with things that are too violent. There is pretty much no rules on language. On the bright side, many of the dA users are very talented, and it is a fun site to look at.

What happened to DeviantArt?

In 2017 DeviantArt was purchased by Wix.

How much does DeviantArt cost?

Limited Time Offer: Get 50% Off Select Yearly Plans!
Every Artist & Fan $3.95 per month Select 50% OFF Community Enthusiasts $3.33 per month $7.95 Select
Storage 20GB 50GB
DeviantArt & NFT Protect Unlimited Unlimited
Weekly Fragments 50 300
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Can you make money on DeviantArt?

Commissions are one of the most common ways of generating income on DeviantArt, as it is fully integrated into and supported by the platform. Commissions are “custom orders” that clients place, depending on their taste and need. … Earnings can then be withdrawn as a check, via PayPal, or converted to DeviantArt Points.”

Is artstation OK for kids?

A kids art station or art table can be a great place for children to get creative and store all their arts and crafts equipment.

How do you delete a favorite folder on deviantart?

You can click “Change Collection” to open your collections (or click “Undo” to remove it from your favourites). When it’s added to the collection, you’ll see a pop-up box to “Added to (Collection Name)” or “Undo” adding this deviation to the collection.

How do you make folders on deviantart mobile?

How to add subfolders to your Galleries:
  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click on Gallery.
  3. Select which folder will contain the subfolder.
  4. Click on “Edit”
  5. Click on “+ New Folder” to add a subfolder.
  6. Name the subfolder, then click on “Create.” Now add deviations to your new subfolder!
Hover over the thumbnails of images and click the “…” menu to quickly sort deviations into your new Sub-Gallery.

Creating Sub-Galleries
  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click on “Gallery.”
  3. Select which Gallery will contain the Sub-Gallery.
  4. Click on “Edit.”
  5. Click on “+ New Sub-Gallery” to add a Sub-Gallery.

What happens when you delete Tumblr?

Tumblr lets you delete your entire account or any of the blogs that you have created with that account. … Deleting your Tumblr account removes your primary blog and all secondary blogs. After deleting your Tumblr account, the user email address and blog URL you chose for the account will go back into the pool for reuse.

Do Inactive Tumblr accounts get deleted?

Tumblr does not delete inactive accounts, but the team does review accounts that have been without activity for a while. … Tumbler accepts account closures by emailing with a reason/explanation of why you are closing your account.

How do I know if my Tumblr is deleted?

If your Tumblr account has been shut down, you won’t be able to access your blog using your Tumblr URL. When you log in, you may receive a message that your account has been suspended, and you may also receive an email as to the type of the suspension, letting you know the situation and how to fix it.

How do I recover deleted photos from DeviantArt?

Unfortunately, once you’ve deleted something, even in, DeviantArt staff cannot recover it for you. Deleting gallery folders does not delete your content.

How to Deactivate your Deviantart Account Permanently?

🔴How to delete deviantart account permanently?🔴 | Online | Close | Cancel

How to Delete DeviantArt Account on Mobile | Close DeviantArt Account


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