how to copy and paste on moonbase alpha

How do you type in Moonbase Alpha?

Type “stat audio” and “stat memory”. The Moonbase Alpha chat window has the ability to copy and paste messages into it. You can copy messages (Ctrl+C), and then paste them into the game by going into the chat window and pressing Ctrl+V. It’s that easy!

What voice does Moonbase Alpha use?

Released by NASA for free in 2010, Moonbase Alpha is a somewhat realistic simulation of lunar-base disaster management. Notably, the game came equipped with a text-to-speech function based off of Fonix DECtalk, a speech synthesis program.

How do I open the console in Moonbase Alpha?

Console Commands

Open the MoonbaseAlphaGame folder (which can easily be done by opening “My Games” in My Documents), and then open Config. Click on MoonBaseAlphaInput.

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Is Moonbase Alpha Multiplayer?

Moonbase Alpha is a NASA-funded multiplayer game scenario with 20 minutes of play set on a hypothetical lunar outpost in 3-D immersive setting.

Was Moonbase Alpha made by NASA?

About Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha is the first of two commercial-quality NASA games developed in partnership with commercial game developers.

Is Moonbase Alpha still active?

Moonbase Alpha remains available on Steam, and a modified version has been playable at an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida since 2012.

Is Space 1999 coming back?

A series of adventures based on Gerry Anderson’s classic TV series has been greenlit. Big Finish has confirmed that its audio reimagining of Gerry Anderson’s classic TV series Space: 1999 will return for further adventures next year.

Is there going to be a Moonbase Alpha 4?

But I saw an epilogue, so I was wondering if there really is going to be a book 4. … Stuart Gibbs There are no plans for MBA 4bat the moment. The epilogue was designed to end the series.

When was Moonbase Alpha made?

July 6, 2010

Why did Barry Morse leave 1999?

The Fugitive’s Barry Morse plays science adviser Professor Victor Bergman. … As a result of the backstage changes, the second season of Space: 1999 moved towards a more traditional action format. Morse left the series in a salary dispute and most of the supporting castmembers were dumped.

How many Eagles did Moonbase Alpha have?

According to The Last Sunset, there are 27 “serviceable” Eagles on Moonbase Alpha in addition to their crashed Eagle (number 28). The highest number Eagle was 29 (Collision Course). Eagle 1 is the most commonly seen Eagle (in 32 episodes).

How many eagles crashed in Space 1999?

Twelve Eagles suffer crashes (four of them are Eagle 1). Most are on the lunar surface; just three are on alien planets (Tora, Ellna and the Immunity Syndrome planet). Eagles always crash from right to left. Explosions and fire are rare, but common in atmospheres (logically).

What is the third book in the space case series?

Waste of Space: The Moon Base Alpha Series, book 3 Audio CD – Unabridged, April 24, 2018. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

How old was Barbara Bain in Space 1999?

90 years (September 13, 1931)

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What happened to Barry Morse?

Barry Morse died on 2 February 2008 at University College London Hospital, aged 89, after a brief illness. His body was donated to science, and on 3 April 2011 Morse’s ashes were scattered in St. James’s Square Garden, Pall Mall, London, England.

how to copy and paste on moonbase alpha
how to copy and paste on moonbase alpha

How fast was the moon traveling in space 1999?

This has happened according to the episode Journey To Where: on Earth 120 years has passed since the Breakaway, but the Moon, now light years away, has experienced less than two years. Time has slowed by 83 times, implying the Moon is travelling at 0.999927 of the speed of light.

How big is the space 1999 Eagle?

The Eagle models were built in four scales, the largest being 43.25 inches/ 1.1m long. Inside the command module are two astronauts from Revell’s 1:24 Gemini kit; they also fit the 5 inch Moonbuggy sometimes seen alongside the Eagle on the launch pad.

Who designed the Space 1999 Eagle?

Brian Johnson
The Eagle (designed by Brian Johnson) is the primary form of transportation for the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha. A multipurpose craft, it is divided into three basic sections; the command module, the service pod, and the superstructure.

What is the eagle in space?

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) “Eagle” was the first crewed vehicle to land on the Moon. It carried two astronauts, Commander Neil A. Armstrong and LM pilot Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., the first men to walk on the Moon.

How many Eagles did Moonbase Alpha lose?

During Alpha’s attack on the alien supercomputer Gwent, he destroys three Eagles (one over Main Mission, plus two more in space).

What happened to Victor Bergman in Space 1999?

Victor Bergman was a main character during Year One (Season One) Space: 1999 played by Barry Morse and is seen in all 24 episodes. … Bergman is unusual in that an early illness led to his having a mechanical heart replacement.

Who played Paul in Space 1999?

Prentis Hancock

How many books are in the space case series?

three books
Dash Gibson solves mysteries on the space station he calls home in this hilarious New York Times bestselling series from Stuart Gibbs! All three books of the Moon Base Alpha series are now available together in a collectible boxed set!

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How many FunJungle books are there?

7 book series
FunJungle (7 book series) Kindle Edition.

What is the order of the FunJungle series?

FunJungle series
  • Belly Up (2010)
  • Poached (2014)
  • Big Game (2015)
  • Panda-monium (2017)
  • Lion Down (2019)
  • Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (2020)
  • Bear Bottom (2021)

Who was Barbara Bain married to?

Martin Landau

What happened to actress Barbara Bain?

Now divorced, Bain had two daughters with Landau, actress Juliet Landau and film producer Susan Bain Landau-Finch. She is now a member of the Actors Studio West, where she continues to teach classes and perform scene work. She has contributed to many charitable causes, including literacy.

How tall is Barbara Bain?

1.76 m

Is actor Barry Morse still alive?

Deceased (1918–2008)

How old was Barry Morse when he died?

Barry Morse/Age at death
Barry Morse, Who Played the Dogged Detective in ‘The Fugitive,’ Is Dead at 89. Barry Morse, famous for his portrayal of the cold-hearted detective who relentlessly pursues the wrongly convicted Richard Kimble for four seasons in β€œThe Fugitive,” one of the biggest TV hits of the 1960s, died Saturday in London. He was 89 …Feb 5, 2008

Where is Barry Morse buried?

Barry Morse
Birth 10 Jun 1918 Hammersmith, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Greater London, England
Death 2 Feb 2008 (aged 89) London, City of London, Greater London, England
Burial Cremated, Ashes scattered, Specifically: Ashes scattered in St. James’s Square Garden, Pall Mall, London, England

Can the moon be blasted from orbit?

The group even considered whether or not it was even possible to blast the moon out of orbit, causing many catastrophic issues on Earth. … According to the military’s study, it would take somewhere in the range of 10 billion and 10 trillion megatons of TNT to cause the Moon to leave its orbit.

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