How To Board Ghost Ship Wind Waker?

How To Board Ghost Ship Wind Waker?

The Ghost Ship is a haunted vessel the cruises the Wind Waker ocean according to the phases of the moon. It’s filled with undead monsters. To enter it, simply approach it. If you have the Ghost Ship Map in your possession, you will automatically board it.Jan 30, 2014

What do you do when you find the Ghost Ship in Wind Waker?

Once inside the Ghost Ship, Link must defeat two Poes and a Wizzrobe, which is able to summon ReDeads and Stalfos. After defeating all the enemies, Link will be able to climb up a ladder leading to a Treasure Chest which contains a Triforce Chart in The Wind Waker or a Triforce Shard in The Wind Waker HD.

Where does the Ghost Ship spawn Wind Waker?

The ship appears near the Five-Star Isles (Waxing Crescent), the Star Belt Archipelago (First Quarter), Greatfish Isle (Waxing Gibbous), Crescent Moon Island (Full Moon), Diamond Steppe Island (Waning Gibbous), Bomb Island (Last Quarter) and Spectacle Island (Waning Crescent).

How do you get the Triforce shard on the Ghost Ship?

This Triforce Shard (GameCube version: Triforce Chart 4) is hidden inside a Ghost Ship. Before you can enter this ship, you’ll have to take a little detour to A-6: Diamond Steppe Isle. Sail up close to the island and use your Hookshot on the bottom palm tree to get on top of the cliff. Drop into the hole.

How do you kill ghosts in Wind Waker?

Throw him at one of the spiky pillars that line the wall. The ghost will burst and turn back into the group of small Poes that he really is. Run up to the Poes and slash at them with your sword.

How do you board the ghost ship?

To enter it, simply approach it. If you have the Ghost Ship Map in your possession, you will automatically board it. Beat the enemies inside (utilizing the moonlight to defeat the Poes) and you will collect the Triforce Shard 4 (Wii U) or the Triforce Chart 4 (GameCube).

How do you get the Ghost Ship Chart?

The Ghost Ship Chart is a special chart found in The Wind Waker. It can be found on Diamond Steppe Island. After Link climbs to the top of the island using the Hookshot, he can enter a maze of Warp Jars. Finding the correct path through the maze allows him to find a treasure chest containing the chart.

How do you get to the pirate ship in Wind Waker?

Jump down from your hiding spot and exit the shop. Pay a visit to the mailbox to get a letter from Orca, reminding you to collect Knight’s Crests. Run up the path to the northeast and jump down to the deck of the pirate ship. Go to the door and enter the password.

How do you win the flying contest in Wind Waker?

Link using the Deku Leaf in the Bird-Man Contest In order to win a prize, Link must traverse a specific sea distance and cross a pre-determined finish line set 255 yards from the Flight Control Platform.

How do you get the Triforce Chart 2?

The Triforce Shard 2 is located on E5: Private Oasis. You have to complete the maze here to get it. In the Wii U Version, the Triforce Shard is located in the chest inside. In the GameCube version, you instead get the Triforce Chart 2 (GameCube).

How do you get the Triforce Chart 7?

Get the Power Bracelet and enter the island and destroy the enemies within to get Triforce Chart 7. Use it to raise the Triforce Shard near F-1: Seven-Star Isles. This chart is only found in the GameCube version.

Where do you get triforce charts deciphered?

Tingle Island
When you find a Triforce Chart, you first have to get it deciphered, which is a slow and costly process. Head to C-3: Tingle Island and pay Tingle 398 Rupees. You will have to do this for each one of the maps.Dec 15, 2013

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How do you get the iron boots in Wind Waker?

Requirements: Stop the icy wind on Ice Ring Isle with the help of Fire Arrows and find the chest inside. You can’t walk underwater like in Ocarina of Time, but the Iron Boots are a handy addition nevertheless. Equip them and Link will become very heavy.

How do you use the melody command?

If you bring an idol into this room (refer to the Tower of the Gods walkthrough), a stone table will appear. Stand in front of it and use the Wind Waker to learn the Command Melody (you need to push the left analog stick to the left to switch to a 4/4 tact, then play left, center, right, center).

How do I get Medli back?

Go into the room with blue smoke on the floor, where you have to shine light at the two sun symbols. When you get in there, Medli will shout and let you know where she is. Play the Command Melody to take control of Medli, then make her fly out of the prison area and rejoin you.

How do you get the Earth God’s lyrics?

Equip the Wind Waker and play the tune while holding right on the analog stick: down, down, center, right, left, center. You will learn the Earth God’s Lyric and meet the remnant of a once great race: the Zora. From now on, you can use the song to open stone seals.

Where is the cabana in Wind Waker?

the Private Oasis
The Cabana, also known as Mrs. Marie’s Cabana and later Link’s Cabana, is a location found at the Private Oasis in The Wind Waker. Beneath the Cabana is a mini-dungeon that Link must traverse to obtain a Triforce Chart in the GameCube version or Triforce Shard in The Wind Waker HD.

Where is Diamond Steppe Island Wind Waker?

the Great Sea
Diamond Steppe Island is an island found in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It derives its name from its diamond shape. Three islands surround it. To the north is Needle Rock Isle, to the south is Horseshoe Island, and to the east is Five-Eye Reef.Jan 17, 2021

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How do you get to Diamond Steppe Island?

Sail up close to the island and use your Hookshot on the bottom palm tree to get on top of the cliff. Drop into the hole. Jump into the cauldron and warp to the next area (red circle, marked 1).

How do you get to the top of Overlook island?

Move your boat close to the rock pillar with the palm tree on top. Target the tree with your Hookshot and pull yourself up as soon as the waves carry you within reach. Use the Hookshot again and fight a blue ChuChu.

How do you find the ghost ship in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

7.2 Finding the Ghost Ship

Begin by venturing into the Northwest Quadrant and then sail towards the fog at the western portion of the area. When Link gets deeper into the fog, suddenly Linebeck’s ship will stop working. After a short talk with Linebeck, the three spirit fairies offer to help find the Ghost Ship.

What do pirates love more than the sea?

Yeah you need to overhear the pirates say it first. The first time I played wind waker they asked the riddle ‘what do pirates love more than the sea?’ I entered ‘treasure‘ (it was the obvious choice)and they did not let me in.

Who is Tetra in the Legend of Zelda?

Tetra is a character who first appears in The Wind Waker. She is a descendant of the Royal Family of Hyrule and later revealed to be Princess Zelda. She also leads a group of pirates.

How do I get into the cave on Greatfish Isle?

If you’ve got enough magic energy to make it, climb up the small spiral island with the tree spirit on top. Change the wind direction to the northwest. Fly northwest with your Deku Leaf and make a right into the opening in the rock.

How do you beat flight control platform?

Try to fly straight as much as possible so that you don’t prematurely run out of magic energy. When you pass the finish line, you will earn a Piece of Heart. Look for a submarine south of the flight platform. Enter the sub, step on the switch and defeat all the enemies inside.

How do you get the submarine chart in Wind Waker?

The Submarine Chart is a special Sea Chart from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is found in a secret cave within the Boating Course area. Link must hit three switches in a room full of Miniblins in order to obtain it.

Where is overlook Island?

Overlook Island is one of the many islands scattered across the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It is located one square northeast of Dragon Roost Island on Link’s Sea Chart. The island has three different white structures with palm trees on top.

How do you get the private oasis in Wind Waker?

To do this, you need to first get the Cabana Deed from the schoolteacher on Windfall Island. Refer to the Windfall section here on how to do this. Walk up to the door of your house and show the Deed while standing in front of the door (the Cabana Deed is in your Delivery Bag). The door will be unlocked.

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Is there anything on Greatfish Isle?

Even though the island is destroyed, there are still residents on it. One of the Traveling Merchants is found on this island, along with the Korok Linder, who planted the Great Deku Tree’s seeds here to help grow the island back. This island is also one of the seven destinations of the Ghost Ship.

How do you make a Tingle chart?

Tingle’s Chart is a special chart given to Link by Tingle in The Wind Waker. After Link rescues him from the Town Jail on Windfall Island, Tingle asks Link if he wants to visit his island, and then gives Link this chart. He instructs Link to open the chart when he goes out to sea.

Do you need Triforce Charts get shards?

The Triforce Charts are necessary in order to gather all eight shards of the Triforce of Courage. The charts are hidden within different islands of the Great Sea, and to obtain them all Link must complete several challenges.

How do you get the Cabana deed in Wind Waker?

This item is obtained by trading 20 joy pendants with Mrs. Marie at Mrs. Marie’s school of joy. Doing so will give Link the deed to the Cabana granting him full ownership of the Cabana.

Is Tingle in Wind Waker?

Tingle Island is one of the islands in The Wind Waker. It is located one block west and one block south of Windfall Island. On this island lives Tingle, who Link had rescued from Windfall Island’s prison, and his three brothers, Knuckle, Ankle, and David Jr..

Who can interpret triforce charts?

Although each Triforce Chart shows the location of a shard, they are all initially unreadable. Link must take the charts to Tingle, who deciphers them for 398 Rupees each and makes them readable to Link.

Where can I farm rupees in Wind Waker?

Dragon Roost Island – F2
  • 50 rupees – If you can communicate with Tingle (or by using a bomb), in a room under a big rock, south on the map.
  • 200 rupees – Shoot an arrow (or use a seagull) at the line of bombs hanging in the air, west on the map.
  • 200 rupees – Inside a sunken treasure chest east of the main island.

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