how to block anons on tumblr

How To Block Anons On Tumblr?

Go to the message in the inbox and press the three grey dots in the corner of the message.
  1. Press the block button.
  2. Click the blue ‘Block’ and this will block and anonymous messages from that IP address from getting sent to your inbox. You can still get sent messages from the actual account but not anonymous.
  3. Voila!

Can you report anons on Tumblr?

My advice in that case is closing your anon box or not responding to their asks until they go away. You can, however, report most harassers to tumblr staff if it comes to that. The email is

How do you block someone from Sideblog on Tumblr?

Click the blog name. Scroll to “Blocked Users.” Click the pencil icon. Enter the username you want to block and click the Block button.

How do you stop seeing someone’s posts on Tumblr?

When you’ve Ignored someone, you’ll stop seeing their posts on your Tumblr feed, comments on other people’s blogs or in your Dashboard notifications.

Here’s how.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Tumblr credentials.
  3. Enter the username of the person that’s annoying you.
  4. Hit Ignore.

How do you find out who the anon is on Tumblr?

As of now, there’s no way of tracking anons on Tumblr. The only way you can try to track them is by adding a visitor tracker to your blog, like StatCounter , which allows you to see the visitors’ paths in your blog.

How do I report adult content on Tumblr?

To report an entire blog, first click or tap the blog’s username from the dashboard to view their blog. Then tap the little human icon (or click the meatballs if you’re on desktop web), and then choose “Report.”

What happens when you block a Tumblr Anon?

If an admin of a Group Blog blocks someone using that account, the block will affect all of the members on that blog. Anonymous asks are not associated with a specific account, and blocking those will block the IP address of the sender.

Can people see your Sideblog on Tumblr?

When you create a sideblog, it’s under the same account (i.e. the same email and password) as your main blog. … However, they see it as your main blog following them. You cannot follow blogs from your sideblog.

How do I get rid of a follower on Tumblr?

On Tumblr, you can’t remove followers; your followers must stop following you on their own. However, you can ignore people to prevent them from viewing your posts on their Dashboard and contacting you. You can also report the users for spam or harassment when you block them.

How do I know if I was blocked on Tumblr?

Notifications show extra updates on your Dashboard, including actions like reblogs and new followers. Additionally, when you ignore a person on Tumblr, you will no longer be able to see him in your notes. If an ignored user writes a note on one of your posts, you won’t see it listed.

What does filtering do on Tumblr?

To stop this from becoming a problem, Tumblr implemented a filtering system a while ago. Filter a tag, and you automatically block all posts that contain the same tag, even if they’ve got other tags added to them. Blocked posts, however, aren’t necessarily hidden — you can still see placeholders on your dashboard.

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How do you track Anon on Tumblr 2020?

As of now, there’s no way of tracking anons on Tumblr. The only way you can try to track them is by adding a visitor tracker to your blog, like StatCounter , which allows you to see the visitors’ paths in your blog.

Is curious cat really anonymous?

Curious Cat is a free, small-scale social networking tool that allows you to connect with your followers by providing them with the appropriate tools to communicate with you, and you back to them, either anonymously or publicly. It is a question and answer system that allows people to ask you questions.

How do you answer a private question on Tumblr mobile?

Enter your response in the answer box, the same as you would a public comment. If the user sent the message from their account, you will see two options below this box: “Publish” and “Answer Privately.” If the message is from an Anonymous user, you will only have the option to publish your reply.

Does Tumblr ban IP?

When you sign up for an account, you agree to abide by their listed community guidelines. If Tumblr believes you’ve violated these guidelines, your account will be suspended, and your IP address may be blocked.

how to block anons on tumblr
how to block anons on tumblr

Can you send asks to a Tumblr that blocked you?

They won’t be able to message you. They won’t be able to send you Fan Mail or Asks to your Tumblr. They won’t be able to see your posts in their dashboard.

What can you do on a Tumblr sideblog?

Secondary blogs can:
  • Reblog posts.
  • Be password protected.
  • Have multiple users.
  • Receive social features (be followed, receive asks and submissions)
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Can you have 2 Tumblr accounts?

You can have more than one Tumblr blog. Only the blog you created when you joined the community can be a primary blog. Other blogs are called secondary blogs and can’t follow other Tumblr blogs, like posts or ask questions. … Creating secondary Tumblr blogs takes just a few minutes.

How do you reblog on your secondary blog on Tumblr?

  1. Navigate to and log in to your account.
  2. Click the link for the blog on which you want the reblog to appear at the top of your Dashboard.
  3. Locate the post from your first blog that you want to reblog, either in your Dashboard or directly on the post page on your blog.

How do I make my Tumblr private?

Tap your account settings (the little human), and select the blog (if not already selected) in the top, left-hand corner of the screen. Tap the gear icon, select “Visibility,” and turn on the “Hide (blog name) from search results” switch.

Can you unfollow someone on Tumblr?

Look for the icon that looks vaguely like a person in the top right of your screen. Click on this. Four options should show up: Share blog, Get notifications, Block, and Unfollow. Select “Unfollow”, which should be listed in red.

What happens when I block someone on Tumblr?

What Blocking Does. Blocking someone on Tumblr primarily prevents that user from communicating with you in any way. He will not be able to see anything from you in his dashboard, and you won’t see him in your dashboard. He will also not be able to send you messages of any kind.

Can anyone see your Tumblr?

You can keep yourself fairly anonymous on Tumblr, but remember that your posts, blogs, pages, and username are all visible to the public by default. People that know your email address can also find your blogs.

Does deleting Tumblr account delete messages?

When you delete your Tumblr account, your blogs, messages, and all activities are removed permanently. You won’t be able to login into your account, find your blog using your URL, or view your messages.

Can you delete messages on Tumblr?

Deleting Messages

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You can access all of your Tumblr messages by clicking on the Mail icon on the dashboard. … To delete a message, click the cross icon next to it and then click “OK.

How do you block Tumblr on Iphone?

Under “Settings” –> “General” –> “Restrictions,” you can block the kids from using Apple’s built-in apps, block app downloads, and can block apps based on their current rating. (Tumblr is rated 17+, for example).

What are Anons on Tumblr?

Anonymous ‘Asks’ can only be answered publicly on the blog itself; questions posted anonymously cannot be traced back to the Tumblr user, so the only way to respond is publicly, because there is no name to address the answer to.

How do you track Anon messages on Tumblr 2021?

Message yourself anonymously to test out the tracking feature. To do so, select “Ask,” enter a test message and enable the “Ask Anonymously” option before clicking “Ask” again to send it. Return to the tracking service site and log in to your account. Select the option to access recent site visitor information.

What does submitting a post on Tumblr mean?

The submit feature allows other users to submit posts to your blog(s). Whether or not you publish them is up to you. Enabling submissions. To enable post submissions on the web: Click “Settings” under the Account menu at the top of the dashboard, then choose the blog you’d like to update on the right side of the page.

Is Curious cat app safe?

Is Curious Cat Safe? This is a legitimate app that pays without issue. You will find plenty of reviews of the app across the internet and I have never had any issues with payments or privacy. Curious Cat is operated by On Device Research Limited, a UK company that has been operating since 2010.

Can you turn off anonymous on Curious cat?

Is it always anon? — If you are loged in, you can uncheck the “Anon” box… CuriousCat is a Q&A social network that allows you to connect with your followers and know new people.

Who owns curious cat?

As of April 2018, CuriousCat is owned and operated by South Korean company Vonvon, Inc.

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