how tall is james godfrey

How old is Godfrey?

24 years (January 9, 1997)

Who plays Gonzo in zombies?

James Godfrey
James Godfrey (I)

Is Bonzo from zombies in the swap?

James Godfrey (born January 9, 1997) is an Canadian actor, who will play Bonzo in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S. known for The Swap , and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

Who plays Bonzo?

James Godfrey

What is James Godfrey in?

James Godfrey is an actor and writer, known for Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 (2020), Dorg Van Dango (2020) and The Swap (2016).

What does Gar Gar Gaza mean?

– I love you
Gar gar ga za – I love you.

Are Bonzo and Eliza step siblings?

Eliza Zambi

She is supposedly his step-sister. They are really close and care for each other.

What does Addison say to Zed at the end of zombies?

“I thought everything would make sense if I was a werewolf, but I’m not and I don’t even know if I’m a cheerleader,” Addison tells Zed, who replies: “You’re a leader, Addison. You bring people together.”

How tall is Milo Manheim?

1.9 m

Who is older Willa or Wyatt?

Willa is Wyatt’s sister. … Wyatt is always there for his sister, and Willa seems slightly over-protective of him and likes to keep n eye on his well-being.

Who plays Lacey in zombies?

Emilia McCarthy

How tall is Moisés Arias in feet?

1.55 m

How tall was Rico in Hannah Montana?

Now we didn’t expect him to remain 3′ 4″ for all of his life, but this is literally THE biggest transformation we could imagine. We want you to remember that beaming smile; those adorable curly locks and – most importantly – his shiny, shiny bow tie. This is Moisés Arias now.

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How old is Mateo Arias?

26 years (October 31, 1995)

How old is Meg Donnelly?

21 years (July 25, 2000)

how tall is james godfrey
how tall is james godfrey

What is Disney Zombies 3 going to be about?

Synopsis. In the monster-plagued town of Seabrook, the local high school has three separate cliques: Cheerleaders, Zombies, and Werewolves. When alien tweens arrive to bring peace, they find instead the Earth-like disharmony that begins to infect them.

How much is Zed from zombies worth?

Milo Manheim Wiki/Biography
Full Name Milo Manheim
Net Worth $500 Thousand USD
Date of Birth 06 March 2001
Age 20 Years
Birth Place Venice, Los Angeles, California, United States

What language do zombies speak?

Zombie is the language spoken by zombies and some ghouls. They are no longer able to speak their original language (maybe because of rot and/or decay), and they can only utter a few sensible words that can be understood by other races.

Is Eliza from zombies pregnant?

Eliza Dushku’s family is expanding. The actress announced she’s expecting her second child with husband Peter Palandjian. … The Bring It On actress took to Instagram over the weekend to share the sweet and special news that she’s pregnant and expecting her second child with her husband Peter Palandjian.

How old is Bucky from zombies?

age 25
Trevor Flanagan-Tordjman (born November 22, 1995, age 25) portrayed Bucky in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S and Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2.

Year 2019
Title What’s Up North
Role Host
Notes TV Series

How old is Zed off of zombies?

Zed is played by 16-year-old actor Milo Manheim, in his major acting debut.

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Is Disney making a Zombies 3?

Zombies 3 is coming to Disney Channel next year. The third entry in the hit franchise was started production early this summer and recent wrapped production. Now, thanks to star Milo Manheim, we get a first look at the highly-anticipated film.

Will there be a Zombies 3 trailer?

During the premiere of the new Disney Channel Original Movie “Under Wraps” on Friday, a new short teaser trailer was released for the third “Zombies” film. The new film will be released on the Disney Channel and Disney+ in 2022. …

Do they kiss in zombies?

Unlike filming kissing scenes on Stranger Things, the Zeddison smooch at the Prawn (aka Seabrook’s version of prom) wasn’t a one-take kind of deal. … The actors didn’t have time to film all of Zombies 2 to lead up to the kiss scene at the end. Instead, they basically jumped right into it when production began.

How old is Pearce Joza now?

19 years (September 6, 2002)

How old is Wyatt from ZOMBIES 2?

Wyatt Lykensen on Instagram: “- About Wyatt – Name: Wyatt Lykensen Age: 15 Gender: Female Species: Werewolf Home: Forbidden F… | Zombie disney, Brown hair, Zombie 2.

How tall is Addison from ZOMBIES?

Trivia. Her height is stated to be 5’3″.

What is Will’s last name in Zombies 2?

Willa Lykensen is one of the werewolves who was thought to be the main antagonists in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2. She is Wyatt’s sister and the leader of the werewolf pack in search of the Great Alpha. She is also portrayed by Chandler Kinney.

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What color are Willa’s eyes?

Willa is an elementary aged white girl with long red hair (frequently worn in two ponytails), light skin, freckles, and hazel eyes.

Is Addison a werewolf?

Addison is the first human to see that zombies and werewolves aren’t dangerous. She was kicked out of the cheer squad, however she’s in the team again along with Bree. Addison was convinced that she is a werewolf but unfortunately for her it’s not true.

How old is Emilia Mccarthy?

24 years (August 29, 1997)

What is Lacey’s last name in zombies?

Her real name is revealed in a deleted scene to be Jenny.

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