how old is toph

How Old Is Toph?

The Legend of Korra

Korra encounters 86-year-old Toph living in the swamp.

How old is Toph in Airbender?

Only five of the characters throughout the series have their age explicitly mentioned: Aang is 112 (though only 12 biologically), Zuko and Yue are 16, Toph is 12, and Tom-Tom (Mai’s brother) is 2.

Who did Toph marry?

In the years between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Toph never married — but she did have two daughters from two different fathers. Her eldest, Lin, followed in her footsteps to become the stern yet heroic chief of police in Republic City.

Did Toph have a crush on Zuko?

Toph generally had a crush on Sokka and Zuko, but Sokka’s taken by Suki.

Is Sokka dating Toph?

However, no romantic relationship between the two has been confirmed in canon. Toph doesn’t have any confirmed love interests besides Kanto, the father of her other daughter Lin. Meanwhile, Sokka ends Avatar happily dating the Kyoshi Warrior Suki.

How old was Bumi?

112 years old
He was the second oldest known living character during the original series at 112 years old, after Guru Pathik who was 150 years old.

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How old is Toph in Book 2?

Korra encounters 86-year-old Toph living in the swamp.

Who married Azula?

A New Family. After her great achievements, Azula settled down and got married to a quite old nobleman named Yin Lee. She gave birth to two children, Chen and Mitsuki.

Who was Toph’s baby daddy?

Kanto. At some point before 120 AG, Toph became romantically involved with a man named Kanto, with whom she had a daughter, Lin.

Did Toph kiss Sokka?

Fanon. Tophuki has a small amount of shippers within the Avatar fandom. It is almost entirely based on the fact that Toph kissed Suki on the cheek at one point believing she was Sokka. The kiss is well known and it is also known for being the only same-sex kiss to be seen in both series.

Does Ty Lee like Sokka?

Ty Lee later told Mai that Sokka was “kind of cute“. They met again while Ty Lee was overseeing an attempt to breach the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se with a huge Fire Nation drill. Ty Lee was happy to see Sokka again, giving him a flirtatious look, to which he replied with a smile and a friendly “hey”.

Does Toph like Sokka or Zuko?

Toph generally had a crush on Sokka and Zuko, but Sokka’s taken by Suki. Also, remember how Mai left Zuko, claiming that he loved his secrets more than he loved Mai? I really think that Zuko and Toph got together, married, and had their two daughters: the next firelord who was Zuko’s daughter and Lin.

Who is Sokka’s child?

Sokka is one of the few members in Team Avatar to seemingly have no children, so it’s unclear if he ever was (or stayed) romantic with anyone. As far as fans know, he was last seen with Suki, the pairing had yet to break up.

Who has a crush on Sokka?

Toph and Sokka are a fairly popular ship in the fandom. For one thing, Toph clearly has a crush on Sokka when they are younger, and these two always get along well as friends.

How old is Suki Avatar?

Fans’ favorite Kyoshi warrior from the series, Suki, was only eight years old when she began her training for becoming a Kyoshi Warrior. She is assumed to be about 15 years old when the events of Avatar took place.

how old is toph
how old is toph

How was Kyoshi so old?

The answer is actually pretty simple, a man called Tieguai The Immortal taught her how to stay young by teaching her how to prevent her cells from decaying (which takes a whole lot of spiritual peace) but it can’t last forever.

How old was IROH?

Considering that the former Fire Lord valued his wisdom over Ozai, it can be extrapolated that he’s somewhere between 55 and 63, old enough to be considered seasoned though young enough to have a meaningful rule.

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How old is Katara in Legend of Korra?

85 years old
Katara, as she appears at 85 years old in The Legend of Korra.

What age is Azula?

Azula. That’s right, Azula is only 14 throughout the entire series, which might be surprising to some. This also means there’s a two year age difference between her and older brother Zuko.

How old are Katara and Sokka?

Katara ( Mae Whitman) – The 14-year-old, sole remaining Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe who, along with her brother Sokka, discovered Aang.

Why is Toph so strong?

She is a master of seismic sense, neutral jing, and many other advanced Earthbending techniques. In addition, she singlehandedly created Metalbending and could easily defeat many powerful opponents simultaneously, as so hilariously demonstrated…

Is Zuko’s daughter a bender?

Trivia. Izumi is the first known female Fire Lord, as well as one of only three known female members of the Fire Nation Royal Family by blood, the other two being her daughter and her aunt, Azula. … Unlike other known Fire Lords, Izumi has not been confirmed to be a firebender.

Who married Sokka Avatar?

Sokka and Suki soon develop a romantic bond and later in the series they become a couple. After arriving in the Earth Kingdom, Sokka and the group discover a secret underground library. Sokka and Aang learn of the Day of Black Sun where all firebenders are powerless.

Does Katara marry Aang?

Katara eventually married Aang, and she later gave birth to the couple’s three children: a waterbending daughter named Kya, named after Katara’s mother, a nonbender son named Bumi, named after Aang’s old friend named King Bumi, and an airbending son named Tenzin.

Toph, on the other hand, was a crafty earthbender who was the first to be able to bend metal. … Reddit user Jacob_wallace suggests Katara and Toph mastered their bending abilities so quickly because they’re descendants of Avatar Kyoshi, or an earlier iteration of the avatar, like Zuko or Azula.

Is Sokka Lin’s dad?

Although Lin learns the name of her father, Kanto – something that her sister never gets, although many fans theorize that Suyin’s unidentified father is Sokka – knowing his identity doesn’t resolve Lin’s conflicted feelings about her father, or mend her relationship with Toph.

Is Sokka Su’s dad?

In Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Toph has a daughter named Suyin. Suyin’s father is never revealed, but Netflix suggests that it’s actually Sokka who paired up with Toph.

Who is Zuko’s son?

Iroh was born to Princess Izumi during the reign of his grandfather Zuko. At some point Iroh joined the United Forces, where he became the youngest general in the history of the military and befriended many people, including Commander Bumi.

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Is Korra Sokka’s daughter?

She would be Sokka’s daughter (Katara’s niece). Korra would be Sokka’s granddaughter, Katara’s grandniece (or great-niece, whcichever you’d like to use) and therefore, Aang’s grandniece also.

Who is Toph shipped with?

Toko is a popular ship within the Avatar fandom. Many fans especially started to ship the two together when Toph wanted to go on a field trip with Zuko. A lot fans assumed that she had a crush on him and some thought that Zuko might like her back since he blushed when she grabbed his arm.

How many daughters does Toph have?

She had two daughters with two different men: Lin, who succeeded her as Chief of Police, and Suyin, who created the metal city of Zaofu.

Is varrick Sokka’s son?

When respected members of the community gather at the beginning of season 2 to discuss rebellion against Unalaq, Varrick is invited and listened to as a respected member of the tribe. Again, Varrick’s confirmed southern heritage doesn’t prove he’s Sokka’s son by any means, but it does make it possible.

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