How Old Is Octane Apex?

How Old Is Octane Apex?

Real Name Octavio Silva
Gender Male
Age 24
Home World Psamathe

How old are the apex characters?

How old are the characters in Apex Legends?
  • 21 years old – Rampart. …
  • 22 years old – Wattson. …
  • 24 years old – Lifeline. …
  • 24 years old – Octane. …
  • 30 years old – Gibraltar. …
  • 30 years old – Mirage. …
  • 30 years old – Valkyrie. …
  • 31 years old – Crypto.

Is Octane a boy or girl apex?

Title: The Adrenaline Junkie
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Who is the youngest in Apex legends?

Ramya “Rampart” Parekh
The youngest participant of the Apex Games, Ramya “Rampart” Parekh comes in at the ripe age of 21.Jul 13, 2021

How old is Apex bloodhound?

around 27 years old
So unless this Artur we see in the game is a different Artur than the one we see in SFTO, Bloodhound is around 27 years old.

How old is Loba?

Age 34
Home World None
Legend Type Support

How old is caustic?

Age 48
Date of Birth Feb 25, 2685
Home World Gaea

What drug does octane use?

But he doesn’t go on to use the drug to run faster–Octane just celebrates the rush of the Stim coursing through his veins. It’s the first time we see Octane use Stim recreationally. Both in-game and in cinematic trailers, he’s only used Stim as a means of achieving greater speed in a pinch.

Are lifeline and octane dating?

Both hailing from the planet Psamathe, Lifeline and Octane have a long and complicated friendship. After Octane blew off his own legs during a Gauntlet run, he manipulated Lifeline into procuring his bionic legs. … Although their long friendship lays the groundwork for a possible romance, it seems unlikely.

Is Octane a Brazilian?

Octane, whose real name is Octavio Silva, hails from the world of Psamathe. Although Respawn hasn’t confirmed the character’s ethnicity, the surname “Silva” is generally of Brazilian or Portuguese descent.

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How tall is Loba?

10 ft tall
Loba is 10 ft tall : r/apexlegends.

What is ramparts real name?

Ramya Parekh
Before opening her popular modding shop on Gaea, Ramya Parekh (Rampart for short) made a name for herself in the underground gauntlet circuit. Parekh climbed to the top showcasing pure skill using her custom-modded gear. She began taking jobs from smugglers, Syndicate members, and everyone in between.

What is Wraith real name?

Renee Hope Blasey
Interdimensional Skirmisher
Real Name Renee Hope Blasey
Gender Female

How old is Natalie Paquette?

Real Name Natalie Paquette
Gender Female
Age 22
Height 5’4″ (163 cm)

Who is Artur apex legends?

Artur was a hunter living in a village in Talos that rejected technology and worshiped the Norse gods with a particular focus on Odin, the Allfather.

What does Bloth Hoondr mean?

Calling themself “Bloth Hoondr”, “Blóðhundur” (Sounds exactly how you’d say Bloodhound in Icelandic) … Calling “andskoti” to enemies, which means “devil” in Icelandic. Referring to their raven/teammates as “Felagi Fighter(s)”, derived from the Old Norse word “Félagi”, meaning companion or comrade.

Is Pathfinder a boy or girl?

Real Name MRVN
Gender Male
Age 75
Date of Birth Feb 04, 2658

Is Bloodhound a girl?

According to Apex Legends’ devs, Bloodhound is an LGBTQ character and does not have a specific gender. It’s non-binary which means it’s neither male nor female.

Is caustic asexual?

As for the rest of the Apex Legends: Lifeline is gay, Caustic is asexual, Mirage is trans, Pathfinder is pansexual, Wraith is straight, and Bangalore has never heard of sex.

Is caustic dying?

Though Caustic is still alive there is truth to the belief that their son Alexander Maxwell Nox died that day in the lab as the man he is now is unrecognizable.

Who is Alexander NOX?

Alexander Nox also referred to by his alias Caustic, is a playable Legend in Apex Legends. As a murderous scientist and competitor in the Apex Games, his moniker is “Toxic Trapper”.

Does octane have ADHD?

A big reason why Octane turned to extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping activities was due to him often getting bored and being unable to sit still. These types of behaviors have often been linked to ADHD, and instead of receiving medication from his parents, he turned to near-death experiences.

Is Octane a crackhead?

Octane is definitely a drug addict. Just look at his Tactical Ability — his Stim, which requires him to inject himself with some kind of unknown concoction every once in a while in order to keep up his high speeds. The Stim boosts his movement 30% for six seconds, but it also takes away some of his health.

Does octane stab himself with his heirloom?

In the reveal, Octane showed off his considerable skills flipping around his butterfly knife. Those skills seriously sharpened the moment he stabbed himself with it; turns out he’s outfitted the weapon with a hidden needle chock full of his favorite stimulant, because of course he did.

How did octane lost his legs?

So, this day, he decided to set the course record for a nearby Gauntlet by launching himself across the finish line – using a grenade.” You’ll notice that Octane has no legs, and the reason he lost them is because he was using grenades to boost his speed in a Gauntlet challenge.

Did lifeline give Octane his legs?

Get off that train and get back here!” Lifeline exclaims in response. Later in the conversation, it’s revealed that Octane convinced Lifeline to give him the biotic legs in the first place by faking a job offer from his parents at Silva Pharm.

How did octane get his heirloom?

Your first option towards getting Octane’s Heirloom is by unlocking all 24 System Override limited-time cosmetics. You can unlock them directly by purchasing them with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, and/or you can get them through Event Apex Packs that will be available during the event (March 3rd-17th, 2020).

What ethnicity is Loba?

Loba is 34 years old. She was introduced in the 5th season of battle pass. Loba is both Portuguese and Spanish for she wolf. She is of Brazilian descent as hinted by banner frames, music theme influence, and conceptualization.

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What is Octane’s backstory?

Octane’s abilities are derived from Titanfall 2’s Stim tactical ability, which provided both healing and speed. His backstory was inspired by the way players would speedrun The Pilot’s Gauntlet using grenades for speed boosts.

Does octane have a face?

If you’ve ever played Apex Legends and encountered Octane, you’ll know the energetic daredevil wears a green and black mask that completely covers his face. … For some, the inclusion of subtle imperfections in his facial features has made him a more believable and realistic character.

Does mirage like Loba?

In the voice lines between the both, Mirage flirts with her and she calls him “handsome”. He also tells Pathfinder that he will feel bad if path died. This isn’t a very important, but still just wanted to put this out there.

Does Bangalore like Loba?

Loba and Bangalore have been soft for one another since Season 6, so it only makes sense that when the two reunite – in comics – that there’s probably going to be a lot of hugging. It’s obvious that the two care for one another, though whether those feelings are romantic or not remains to be seen.

How tall is revenant?

Age 44 (as a human) 313 (as a simulacrum)
Height 6’8″ (203 cm)
Home World Solace

Can Rampart carry her minigun?

Ultimate ability: Mobile Minigun “Sheila” Description: Rampart can carry around her minigun, which she can fire at walking speed. The minigun can also be placed and used by other teammates.

How old is Apex Wraith?

Apex Wraith’s age is revealed to be 27 during the database access via Voidwalker Wraith, yet canonically her age is 32, as seen in the EA Apex Legends forum for Apex Wraith.

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Who built Pathfinder?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Pathfinder Core Rulebook 1st edition cover
Designers Jason Bulmahn
Years active 2009-present
Genres Role-playing game
Systems d20 system

Does Wraith have schizophrenia?

Fans may also be interested to learn that Wraith has a mental illness, possibly schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations, that landed her in an IMC-ran mental institution.

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