how old is monika doki doki

How Old Is Monika Doki Doki?

+Proxima1234 If Monika is 19 then she should be in first year college,In Doki Doki these girls are in High school. And Natsuki is younger than sayori I don’t know about Yuri and Monika but I may think Yuri is the oldest yes they all can be 18 but How is Natsuki a first year? All the characters are confirmed to be 18…Dec 26, 2017

How old is Monika from Doki?

Born 22 September 1998-1999 (age 18)
Font Journal
Height 5’3″ (160cm)

Who is the oldest girl in DDLC?

Natsuki’s menu screen image.
Age 18
Font Ammys Handwriting

How old is sayori from Doki Doki?

Age 18
Font Hashtag
Height 5’2″ (157cm)

Is Monika pansexual?

Character Information

Monika is a pansexual character from Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Are the DDLC characters 18?

All the characters are confirmed to be 18

Can you date Monika in DDLC?

Monika is the club’s leader and takes this position very seriously. She is always there, and nothing goes unnoticed by Monika. … Flirting with Monika through the poems is not possible. But if you still want to date Monika in Doki Doki Literature Club!, you will probably need to get rid of the other girls first.

Who is the youngest Doki?

Natsuki, the youngest member, appears to have an abusive father. Both of these situations have one very important thing in common: they’re not nearly as visible as we pretend they are. We can assume that the first run-through of DDLC is the closest we’re going to get to anything resembling reality.

Why is Natsuki so small?

Monika then tells the player that Natsuki is malnourished, which could possibly be due to her father. This can also be the reason for her lack of height and her small body.

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What is Yuri’s birthday DDLC?

Just Yuri Dev Team on Twitter: “Yuri’s birthday is December 10th 🍰 You haven’t forgotten have you? #DDLC #DokiDokiLiteratureClub #JustYuri” / Twitter.

How old is Yuri Monika?

Age 18
Font JP Hand Slanted (Act 1) Damagrafik Script (Act 2)
Height 5’5″ (165cm)

What are sayori’s words?

Preferred Words
  • Adventure, Alone, Amazing, Awesome.
  • Beauty, Bed, Bliss, Broken.
  • Calm, Charm, Cheer, Childhood, Clumsy, Color, Comfort, Cry.
  • Dance, Dark, Daydream, Dazzle, Death, Defeat, Depression.
  • Embrace, Empty, Excitement, Extraordinary.
  • Family, Fear, Feather, Fireflies, Fireworks, Flower, Flying, Forgive, Friends, Fun.

Why is there blood on sayori’s hands?

Her neck didn’t break causing her to slowly choke to death, but as Monika said:”She seemed to change her mind about killing herself” cause she started clawing at the rope around her neck trying to set herself free, which is why she has blood on her hands.

Who created Monika?

Discussing the creation of Monika and her abilities, Salvato explained that he was inspired by “things that are scary because they make you uncomfortable, not because they shove scary-looking things in your face.” To achieve this, Salvato developed the façade of a cute setting, which would break down over time along …

Is Monika a Yandere?

Character. Monika is a Isolationist and Manipulative Yandere; introduced as the Literature Club president, she is very driven and goal focused with a passion for poetry and music.

how old is monika doki doki
how old is monika doki doki

How does DDLC know your name?

At the beggining of the game, it asks you to type in your name. The game knows your name in the final act, because Monika, that is part of the game “DDLC”, had accessed your files and learned your name. If you view it from the coding view, all Monika (the game) did was read your name that was found in your files.

How long is Doki Doki?

Doki Doki Literature Club was created by Team Salvato. You can get it on Steam for free (Windows and Mac OS,) or on for pay what you want (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.) It takes about 5 or 6 hours to finish.

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How tall is DDLC?

Monikas 5 foot, 4 inches. Sayoris 5 foot, 2 inches. Natsuki’s 4 foot, 11 inches. And Mc depends on who’s playing.

What is Monika’s favorite color?

Monika’s favorite color is emerald green because she feels a “special connection” to the color of her eyes serving as part of her identity, which could be a reference of the expression “green with envy.”

What happens if you delete sayori before starting the game?

Quick Ending

If Monika’s character file is deleted (as explained in Monika’s Ending) before starting a new game in Act 1, Sayori appears to realize that she is trapped in a game and yells “PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!“. She will then force the game to close and delete the other character files.

What are the Doki Doki names?

The cover art of Doki Doki Literature Club!, featuring the four main characters (from left to right) Sayori, Yuri, Monika and Natsuki.

How do I get Monika after story to work?

Monika After Story (MAS)
  1. Navigate to the releases page.
  2. Click the latest version link. This will download a zip file to your system.
  3. Extract the contents the zip file into the /game folder of your DDLC installation.
  4. Running DDLC will now load the Monika After Story Mod.

Can you save sayori?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of whether you can save Sayori in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is no, you cannot. No matter what decisions you make in the game, Sayori’s death will not change.

How old should you be to play DDLC?

13 or older
However, it is listed as Psychological Horror, Visual Novel, Dark, Gore, Violent and Sexual Content. The game page also states that “This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed”. When you start the game this is re-stated and you are required to confirm you are aged 13 or older.

What is Natsuki afraid of?

To add on to Natsuki’s loneliness problems, she also has an extreme fear that if other members were to join the club, she would fade into the background and subsequently become ignored, which is also a subtle way to show the reader more of how her father typically treats her.

Is Natsuki a boy?

Natsuki (なつき, ナツキ) is a common Japanese given name. While it is a unisex name, it is more commonly used by women. It can also be used as a surname.

How old is the main character in DDLC?

Main character
The main character hugging Sayori in her final CG.
Age 18
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Is the portrait of Markov a real book?

Portrait of Markov is the name of the book which Yuri reads with the player. … Monika remarks on this book in her 11th topic in Act 3. The significance of the word Markov is unknown, as it usually refers to Russian mathematician Andrey Markov, whose most well-known contribution to mathematics is the Markov chain.

How do I delete Monika?

How to Delete Monika’s Character File in Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) Plus on Consoles
  1. First, head to the Settings of the game.
  2. Choose Exit to head to the Desktop that’s in-game.
  3. Select Files on the left side.
  4. Choose Monika’s character file.
  5. Press the correct button on your console’s controller to delete her.

What does MC look like in DDLC?

Official concept sketch of the protagonist in DDLC Plus! The protagonist’s largest appearance is shown once in Act 1 when Sayori hugs him. Only his back is visible, revealing that he has short, dark brown hair and pale skin.

How long is Yuri’s death?

Yuri’s body is left decomposing for three days, and is then discovered by Natsuki, who immediately vomits and runs away.

How do you get Natsuki?

Natsuki’s Route

Write 3 poems for her. Sometimes the player can’t find any of her preferred words, there are second-best words, inside a parenthesis, provided below just in case. Always choose Natsuki first during the poem-sharing club activity. During her fight with Yuri, choose the option: ‘Natsuki.

How many endings are there in Doki Doki?

Depending on how you play Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, you’ll end up with one of the game’s three different, core endings. The first ending is the regular ending most players will get when playing normally, while the other two are more along the lines of traditional “good” and “bad” endings.

How does Monika know you’re recording?

Monika’s Jump-scare

During Act 3, if the player has OBS or XSplit running in the background during the part where Monika says the player’s PC name, instead of that dialogue appearing, she will notice that she’s being recorded and after a short talk will jump-scare the player.

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