how old is mollee gray

How old is Molle GREY?

Mollee Gray
Birthday: May 15, 1991
Age: 30
Hometown: Orem, Utah
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah

Who is mollee GREY?

Mollee Gray is one of the most sought after and top working dancers in Los Angeles. Her professional and television credits include, SYTYCD Season 6, Shake It Up, X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Ellen, Drop Dead Diva, Big Time Rush, Glee, Victorious and The Voice.

Is mollee GREY GREY’s anatomy?

Meanwhile, on this side of Y2K, she played a recurring doctor on Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy. Last year, Gray, who is also a So You Think You Can Dance alum, married her wife Jeka Jane, according to People. “Our wedding day couldn’t have been more magical,” she told the magazine at the time.

How tall is mollee Gray?

1.68 m

Is mollee Gray married?

Jeka Jane

Was mollee Gray on So You Think You Can Dance?

Mollee Gray is an actress and dancer most recognized as Giggles in Disney films Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2 and as a finalist on season 6 of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.

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Who is Mollee Gray married to?

Jeka Jane

Who is Mollee Gray husband?

Jeka Jane

When did Mollee Gray get married?

September 9, 2017 (Jeka Jane)

Is Lexie older than Molly?

Background. Alexandra Caroline “Lexie” Grey (born 1984) was the daughter of Thatcher (Jeff Perry) and Susan Grey (Mare Winningham), and the elder sister of Molly Grey-Thompson (Mandy Siegfried).

How old is Meredith GREY now?

As far as Pompeo’s age, according to IMDB, she was born on November 10, 1969. That currently makes her 51.

Lexie Grey was the daughter of Susan and Thatcher Grey and half-sister of Meredith Grey. She was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital until she died in the plane crash. After her death, the hospital was renamed after her and Mark Sloan, the two fatal casualties from the plane crash.

How did Mollee Gray and Jeka Jane meet?

We started becoming friends in 2009 at a dance convention. Actually, Jeka asked his student to give me his number. He was too shy to give it to me!

Who was Jeka Jane in teen beach movie?

Mollee Gray
Mollee Gray was born as Mollee Shon Gray on May 15, 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA but raised in…

How old is Derek in GREY’s anatomy?

According to, Derek would have been around 38 when Grey’s Anatomy began in 2005, counting backward from his death date. This is believable based on the schooling required for his profession. Dempsey was born on January 13, 1966, which means he was 39 when Grey’s Anatomy premiered.

how old is mollee gray
how old is mollee gray

How old is Mark Sloan?

According to Screen Rant, “Lexie was born in 1984, and Mark was born in 1968.” They noted, “A twenty-six-year-old dating a man in early forties is way weirder than the kitschy jokes that the show would occasionally make about Mark dating “Little Grey,” but as the seasons went on, the size of the age gap got buried …

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How old is Miranda Bailey?

Chandra Wilson’s character, Bailey, is about three years older than Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. So, she is 50 in real life but plays a 43-year-old on the show. Many fans were surprised to find out that Wilson and Pompeo are the same age in real life.

How Old Is Patrick Dempsey?

55 years (January 13, 1966)

Who married Meredith after Derek?

Meredith Grey
Spouse Derek Shepherd ​ ​ ( m. 2009; died 2015)​
Significant other Finn Dandridge (ex-boyfriend) Nathan Riggs (ex-lover) Andrew DeLuca (ex-boyfriend, deceased) Cormac Hayes (ex-boyfriend) Nick Marsh (boyfriend)
Children Zola Grey-Shepherd Derek Bailey Shepherd Ellis Shepherd

How old is Jackson in GREY’s anatomy?

ten year old
Jackson Prescott is a ten year old boy and former patient of Miranda Bailey and Arizona Robbins.

Does Burke come back?

Preston Burke, would not return after Grey’s Anatomy season 3. The news came as a shock as Washington was a lead character and the show was a huge hit. Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular shows in television history, has recently been renewed for its 18th season, and has won four Primetime Emmys.

Was Lexie Grey pregnant?

During Season 5 Chyler Leigh was pregnant. Since it wouldn’t be right for her character Lexie Grey, the writers and directors managed to hide it through baggy scrubs and coats. The writers did have her stress eating as a way to give some sort of reason for her gaining weight.

Was Lexie eaten by wolves?

“To be able to close the chapter for Lexie, and to appear in a way where she’s not eaten by wolves, kind of bring a little life back to it,” she reflected. “It was a special experience to be able to be part of that.”

How old is Alex Karev?

Justin Chambers: plays Alex Karev; actual age is [45]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 2 years fellowship, few months with Dr.

How old is Zola GREY Shepherd?

How old is zola now? Zola must b 9 because she was 6 or 7 months old when Derek and Meredith adopted her Bailey must be 6 or 7 because he was born in The Season 9 Finale, 10 Premier and Ellis must be 4 because She was born a year after Derek died even though it was in the same season.

Is Arizona older than Bailey?

The original poster posits that Arizona must be older than Bailey because “Arizona was already an attending” at the time that “Bailey (and Callie) had just finished residency.” However, others pointed out that the calculation wasn’t that simple: “Seniority doesn’t necessarily imply age, either.” Many pointed to the …

How old is Chyler Leigh?

39 years (April 10, 1982)

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How old is Richard Webber?

And so, when Grey’s Anatomy airs Season 16, episode 20 no Thursday, figuring out what’s wrong with Richard and how to save him will be at the top of everyone’s agenda. “A 65-year-old male suffering from memory lapses and erratic behavior. I am talking about Richard Webber,” Dr.

How old is Eric Dane now?

49 years (November 9, 1972)

What age is Camilla Luddington?

38 years (December 15, 1983)

How old is Maggie Pierce?

Maggie, having finished high school and medical school early at 19, becomes head of her department at 27 years old. It is revealed in the season 10 finale “Fear (of the Unknown)” that Maggie’s biological mother was Ellis Grey.

How tall is Alex Karev?

Alex Karev. At 5’11” he is tied with Kevin McKidd for tallest cast member this side of 6 feet. Chambers has appeared in several small movie roles alongside his Grey’s Anatomy stint, appearing in the likes of The Wedding Planner, The Musketeer, and Broken City.

Is Ellen Pompeo a billionaire?

Meredith Grey on ABC’s longest-running scripted primetime show “Grey’s Anatomy.” But many people might not know that Ellen Pompeo’s net worth totals $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. …

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