how old is kamil mcfadden

How old is KC Undercovers brother?

(“Stakeout Takeout”). Craig mentions that Ernie is 14 years old in “Stakeout Takeout”. His favorite color is orange. His favorite food is biscuits.

How old is Ernie from K.C. Undercover?

Earl ‘Ernie’ Samuel Cooper (born 27 July 2001, age 15-17) is the fictional tritagonist of KC Undercover.

What happened Kamil McFadden?

McFadden has been acting since he was six years old, starting his professional career at the age of eight with the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (via a press release from his manager, Kimberly Parks). While there, he starred in the productions of “Raisin in the Sun” and Jasmine Guy’s “I Dream.”

How old was Zendaya in K.C. Undercover?

Before signing on to star in her second Disney show, K.C. Undercover, 18-year-old Zendaya presented execs with a list of requirements for the show’s premise and that she be made one of its producers.

How old was Zendaya in zapped?

In August 2013, she was cast as 16-year-old Zoey Stevens, the lead character in the Disney Channel Original Movie Zapped, whose “smart phone begins to somehow control all the boys around her”.

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Are Zendaya and Veronica Dunne friends?

Zendaya and Veronica Dunne have proven themselves to be the ultimate BFF goals many times over, and then this happens. Veronica, who stars on K.C. Undercover as Marisa, opened up about how lucky she got with having Zendaya not only as a co-star and producer, but also as a friend.

Is Ernie younger than KC?

Ernest “Ernie” Cooper is the tritagonist in K.C. Undercover. He is Craig and Kira Cooper’s son, K.C. Cooper’s younger brother and Judy’s older brother.

What happened to Brett in K.C. Undercover?

He was K.C. Cooper’s former boyfriend and mission partner. He is the son of Zane Willis and used to work for the Other Side as a training officer. He is currently a defector, leaving the Other Side for good, showing that there is good in him. Presumably, he is hiding out in Canada.

Who played Arnie in K.C. Undercover?

Kamil McFadden
Kamil began his acting career at the age of 6 and has loved performing ever since.

Who played El Dorado in K.C. Undercover?

Portrayed by

He is the grandfather of the K.C. and Ernie Cooper. He is portrayed by late Charles Robinson.

Is Zendayas hair real in KC undercover?

Zendaya Coleman, 18-year-old, confessed that she used wigs to do her a favor when it comes to changing hairstyles frequently. For her, it’s of importance to discuss how she changes hair looks, so she shared a video on Instagram, March 28, after attending the 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

What is KC Cooper’s real name?


Is Zendaya’s hair real?

Zendaya just unveiled her natural curly hair at NYFW. Zendaya is a true pro when it comes to styling her hair and is able to pull of any style to complete her sensational outfits, but at New York Fashion Week she left her locks to their natural state – and her curls are gorgeous.

How old was Spencer in zapped?

Spencer Boldman
Birthdate July 28, 1992 (age 26)
Occupation Actor
Nationality American
Role Jackson Kale

Is Zendaya a triplet?

Zendaya is not a triplet. Neither is she adopted. She lives with her biological father and mother, with five siblings from her father’s previous relationships.

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how old is kamil mcfadden
how old is kamil mcfadden
Although Zendaya once referred to Kehlani as her sister, the pair are not related. They did form a close relationship as children, however, as the pair both grew up in Oakland, California.

Who is Zendaya’s Best Friend 2021?

The most well-known curren Zendaya best friend is probably Tom Holland. She and her Spider-Man co-star are often seen together promoting the comic book films or even just hanging out.

Are Zendaya and Zac Efron friends?

It’s clear that Efron and Zendaya share a friendship off-screen. The two have been known to post goofy pictures of one another, and wish each other a happy birthday on their respective Instagram pages.

Who is Darnell Appling?

Zendaya’s assistant, Darnell Appling, has been around for years. Hawkeye fans will note that Appling is a constant presence in Zendaya’s life. He was present with her in the video where she dropped off her ballot for the 2020 election. He also can be seen bringing her lemonade in her 73 questions video with Vogue.

Who is the dad from KC undercover?

Kadeem Hardison
Kadeem Hardison as Craig Cooper, father to K.C., Ernie, and Judy, and also an undercover spy.

Why did the Coopers get kicked out of the organization?

Character Information. Agent Johnson has nearly kicked K.C. out of The Organization for taking Ernie on and thus failing a mission. He has reported to Craig about a dangerous werewolf serum that creates genetically modified super soldiers that the Other Side is handing off.

Does Kamil Mcfadden have a brother?

Kimario McFadden

What episode does KC get a boyfriend?

K.C. realizes she misses Darien and goes to tell him, but he reveals he has a new girlfriend. K.C. lies and says she has a boyfriend and the two agree to go on a double date.

Does KC and Brett kiss?

They lie to the commander and explain they are secretly dating, to throw off suspicion when they talk in private. Brett kisses K.C. on the forehead, then punches him for it.

Is Brady from KC undercover evil?

Marisa eventually found out about The Alternate in Unmasking the Enemy. She discovered that Brady is evil and works for The Alternate in The Truth Will Set You Free.

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How tall is KC undercover?

Physical appearance. K.C. is very tall (5’10), slim and has a very tomboyish style.

What is Zendaya’s real name?

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman

How old are the characters in KC undercover?

In Season 1, she is 15-16 and in 10th grade. In Season 2, she is 16-17 and in 11th grade. In Season 3, she is 17-18 and in 12th grade.

Who is the head of the other side in KC undercover?

Richard Martin was the head of the Other Side and the main antagonist of the series. After he got captured by The Organization, Zane Willis became the head of the Other Side but Zane eventually got thrown in The Organization’s Prison.

How old is Marissa from KC undercover?

nineteen years old
Dunne, now nineteen years old, offers a unique point of view to fans that often look to her younger peers for guidance, setting apart in the industry and providing a different type of work ethic and determination. She aspires to be a strong role model and inspiration to fans of the channel.

Why Zendaya leave KC undercover?

Before the show announced that season three would be the show’s last, Zendaya told Entertainment Tonight in August 2017 that she was “assuming” the end was near. “I’m growing up, and there’s a lot of other things I want to do in my career,” the actress said at the time.

Did Zendaya get a mullet?

Zendaya recently spoke with InStyle for a feature about her career, fashion, and more. She told journalist Laura Brown that she was “dragged” for wearing a mullet in 2016. The actress also noted that the hairstyle is popular now, and said she’s still happy with the look.

How much did Zendaya make from KC undercover?

How much did Zendaya make for K.C. Undercover? Zendaya reportedly made $400,000 per season of K.C. Undercover.

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