How Old Is Axel Kingdom Hearts?

How Old Is Axel Kingdom Hearts?

Axel’s 18-25.Nov 19, 2009

How old are Roxas and Axel?

Roxas is 14/15. 14 when he is first created because Sora was 14, and then 15 when he finally returns back to Sora. Axel is only 24/25.

How old is Lea Kingdom Hearts?

As it’s not specified one can only go by age-spans. Vanitas: same as Ven (physically), chronologically he’s only 4 years old. Lea: same range as Ven. Eraqus: between 55 and 60.

How old is Roxas in Kingdom Hearts?

Though he is chronologically only a few years old, Roxas appears to be a 15-year-old teenager with striking blue eyes and short, spiky dirty-blonde hair.

How old are Kingdom Hearts characters?

Being around the same age as both Sora and Riku, Kairi is approximately 15-16 years old. Based on the pixel data shown in Kingdom Hearts 3, she is about an inch shorter than Sora.

How old is Sora in kh1?

Sora is 14-years-old during Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories.

Who is marluxia’s somebody?

Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃, Yūga-naru Kyōjin?, lit. Graceful Assassin’s Blade), is the Nobody of Lauriam, Rank XI of Organization XIII, and Rank VII of the real Organization XIII. He is the lord of Castle Oblivion, and the main antagonist of Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

How old is Aqua in kh3?

Aqua in her Keyblade Armor. According to Tetsuya Nomura, she is approximately 18 years old.

How old is Ventus in kh3?

Ventus is 16. This fits in with Eraqus’s comment that Terra and Aqua are the ‘youngest prospects in years’ to attempt the Mark of Mastery. These are the official ages for the Wayfinder Trio around the time of BBS. This comes from Nomura himself.

Who was Leas heartless?

He was once Axel, a member of Organization XIII who served as its assassin, until the destruction of both Axel and his Heartless that allowed Lea to be reborn.

Is Sora a Ventus?

Ventus was designed by director Tetsuya Nomura who wanted to create a character with an important connection with the series’ main character Sora. He bears a strong resemblance to the character of Roxas, both of whom are voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in Japanese and Jesse McCartney in English.

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How old is Riku in kh1?

15 years old
In Kingdom Hearts, Riku is 15 years old. His hair reaches just above his shoulders.

Is Xion Sora’s nobody?

Xion is an imperfect replica of Sora derived from his memories of Kairi, Rank XIV of Organization XIII, and Rank XIII of the real Organization XIII. Unlike the other members of Organization XIII, Xion is not a proper Nobody, nor does she have a title or breed of Nobody to control.

Is Kairi older than Sora?

We might get a birth date if we’re really curious, but Sora and Kairi was confirmed to be the same age.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 OK for kids?

Are these games ok for kids? Yep! Kingdom Hearts 3 is rated E10+ by the ESRB, with content descriptors for “Alcohol Reference” and “Fantasy Violence.”

How old is kh1?


How old is Kairi?

fifteen years old
Kairi, now fifteen years old, lives her life normally on Destiny Islands and attends school regularly along with her friend Selphie.

Is Sora a 17?

Most likely, Sora will be around 16 to 17 years old in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. It is unlikely that he will be any older than 17 years old. Though he does look significantly older in recent trailers, this is most likely due to the better graphics and a fulfillment of what the series can look like.

Is Sora a 16?

Sora continues to be 14 years old from Kingdom Hearts through 358/2 Days until Kingdom Hearts 2 where he is 15. He is still 15 when the events of Dream Drop Distance on 3DS occur. … We believe that Sora will be around 16 years old in Kingdom Hearts 3.

What is Luxord real name?

Dulor for Luxord. It’s a play on Dealer like a card dealer at a casino. Nomura’s made it clear that he doesn’t like the straight-forward answer. Otherwise Marluxia would be Lumaria and Larxene would be Arlene.

How old is demyx?

Age 29-30
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
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Who is namine’s somebody?

Naminé is the Nobody of Kairi, and wields the power to manipulate the memories of Sora and those close to him. … This made Naminé a very strange Nobody, born from Kairi’s heart and Sora’s body and soul.

How old is xehanort?

According to Tetsuya Nomura, the young Xehanort seen in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is approximately 18 to 20 years old, while Master Xehanort is in his mid-80s.

Why is Axel called Lea?

Lea is more often referred to as Axel due his more prominent time as a Nobody. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, he appears as a teenager and a close friend of Isa.

How old is Sora no game no life?

Characters. Sora is an eighteen-year-old male who excels at strategies and cold readings while his eleven-year-old stepsister, Shiro, excels at calculations and logic.

Who is Ventus nobody?

Ventus’ heart was never released. Instead Ventus’ heart reamained inside of Sora’s body. Sora’s body would later become a nobody. This nobody was born with Ventus’ heart inside of him and thus took on the exact appearance of Ventus.

Is Ventus dead?

Both times, Sora’s heart reaches out to mend Ventus’s heart. At end of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Ventus’ body lies comatose in the Chambers of Repose and Waking as his heart is sleeping with Sora, where it can mend and heal, to be returned to Ventus once it has done so.

What does Ventus mean?

Ventus may refer to: Ventus (god) one of the Venti, Roman wind deities.

How did Lea become a nobody?

Lea had his heart removed, leading to the creation of his Nobody, whom Xehanort’s Nobody, Xemnas, named Axel.

Who gave Axel a Keyblade?

^You dont get keyblades from quests. Yen sid most likely performed the rite of succession and THEN sent him on his training stint in hopes he’d be able to summon one.

Why did Axel kidnaps Kairi?

Axel kidnapped Kairi in order to use her as leverage to turn Sora into a Heartless.

Why does Ventus have Chirithy?

Ventus sees his Chirithy, the one that spoke to Sora in the afterlife. (Ventus was a member of the Dandelions, a special keyblade union from a previous era meant to travel to a separate timeline to protect the light after the first Keyblade War. Each Cross-era wielder received a Chirithy.)

Why is Ventus in Sora’s heart?

Ven realizes this, and the voice in his Awakening replies with: So, in order for Ven to have a healed heart, he connected it with Sora’s heart. So, Ven had made a connection with the boy, because his heart had not be enough on its own (what with his darkness, an important part of a heart, having left him).

Who is Ventus talking to in the beginning of Birth by Sleep?

The voice at the start of Ventus’ story is a newly born Sora. The voice who talks to Sora in KH1 is Mickey.

What is Sora’s last name?

New member. UltimateMarluxia said: Does anyone have an idea for Sora Riku and Kairi’s last name? Sora Openheimer.

What is Xion’s name?

Xion’s name contains the Japanese words for “tide” (潮, shio?), fitting the oceanic naming theme of Kairi and Naminé, and Aster tataricus (紫苑, shion?), which, according to Japanese floriography, means “I won’t forget you” or “remembrance”. It is also revealed within the Secret Reports that her “original name” was “No.

Who is Roxas love interest?

Overview. Roxas x Xion, or Rokushi is the relationship between Roxas (ロクサス) and Xion (シオン). In Japanese it is called ロクシオ (Rokushio), with Roku derived from Roxas’s name and Shio derived from Xion’s.

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