how much do pit viper sunglasses cost

How Much Do Pit Viper Sunglasses Cost?

This Product
This Product Pit Viper Polarized
Price $99 List
Overall Score 79
Bottom Line A gaudy but high-performing, super-adjustable pair of sunglasses at half the price of most models
Rating Categories Pit Viper Polarized

How do I know if my pit viper sunglasses are real?

Are Pit Viper sunglasses bulletproof?

What makes Pit Vipers so badass? Well, they are bulletproof. They are capable of stopping a steel pellet traveling at 7,800 inches per second. Not only that, but they also have three separate adjustable points: turbo, nose-bender, and earpiece spot (e-spot).

Many e-commerce companies dream of hitting it big on social media and watching their sales go through the roof. … Chris quickly set up a website and after selling 10,000 pairs of these military style-sunglasses, they launched a crowd-sourced campaign to increase production of the now popular Pit Viper sunglasses.

Are Pit Viper sunglasses worth it?

Pit Viper’s Originals performed nearly as well as some of the best glasses in our test at less than half the price. With three points of adjustment, the Originals offer a wide range of fit and the ability to optimize comfort. … For that reason alone we think these glasses are a great buy.

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Are Pit Viper sunglasses made in China?

Pit Vipers are made in China, and shipped to the US.

What does z87+ mean?

According to OSHA, those additional labels include: – z87+: z87 means the glasses have been tested for regular impact, while z87+ means they’ve been tested for high-impact. – D3 and D4: D3 means the glasses have been tested to resist chemical droplets, while D4 means they’ve been tested for a full splash.

Are pit vipers military grade?

Pit Vipers started when the founder began custom-painting Military surplus sunglasses. Pit Vipers are Z87 safety rated, offer 100% UV protection, and are adjustable at three points: lense tilt, ear piece spot, and the nose piece. This entry was posted on Sunday, October 26th, 2014 at 18:00 and is filed under Eyepro.

Are pit vipers waterproof?

They are Float RESISTANT™. If you lose them in the water that is your own damn fault.

Which Pit Vipers are the best?

A Review of the 5 Most Sought-After Pit Viper Glasses
  • Pit Viper The 2000 Playmate Glasses.
  • Pit Viper The 1993 Polarized Glasses.
  • Pit Viper Blacking Out 2000 Glasses – Black.
  • Pit Viper The 2000 Hail Sagan Glasses.
  • Pit Viper Absolute Freedom Polarized Glasses – Blue.

What is the deal with pit viper sunglasses?

Pit Viper’s polarized lenses feature 1.2mm impact-resistant, high index plastic. This means Pit Vipers are perfect for bright conditions that involve lots of water and snow. All of the Pit Vipers have 100% protection from UV rays. Pit Viper lenses carry a Z87+ rating against impacts, chemicals, and dust.

How old are Pit Vipers?

Pit Viper Worldwide was founded in 2012 on the simple principle of making sunglasses that can take a beating. Back then, Mumford was using expensive, pretty-boy sunglasses that looked cool but were too fragile, and they broke on a day touring around the Tetons in Wyoming.Jul 3, 2019

How long do pit vipers last?

This snake can grow up to seven feet in length and weigh up to 11 pounds. Mangshan pit vipers have a heavy body with a pronounced triangular head. Lifespan is estimated at 25 years.

Are pit vipers still in style?

Recently, the flashy, polarized, paint-splattered glasses are back into fashion. The brightly colored glasses have spiked in sales over the past years and are still going up in sales. … Pit Vipers have been very decent with coming out with new glasses and keeping their website fresh and new.

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Who owns Pit Vipers?

Chuck Mumford –
Chuck Mumford – owner/founder – Pit Viper | LinkedIn.

how much do pit viper sunglasses cost
how much do pit viper sunglasses cost

Can Pit Vipers be prescription?

Q: What are Rx Vipers exactly? A: An interchangeable nose piece that’s equipped with your prescription.

Where are pit viper glasses made?

Salt Lake City, Utah
One such brand is Pit Viper, a Salt Lake City, Utah,-based maker of bold sunglasses for those who “demand respect and authority.” Designed with retro inspiration, Pit Vipers include large frames, mirrored lens and a generous amount of neon.Jun 17, 2019

What does z871 mean?

1 rating, or Z87. 1+, that means the eyewear is designed to provide impact protection. Glasses and goggles are tested for impact protection using both blunt objects and sharp objects. As this video shows, Z87. 1+ eyewear provides protection against impacts that would otherwise severely damage your eyes.

Can ballistic glasses stop a bullet?

Ballistic-rated safety glasses or goggles are your best bet for protecting your eyes from high-speed projectiles, including rubber bullets. A ballistic-rated lens is tested using stringent military standards and is designed to stop projectiles moving at higher velocities than industrial rated lenses.

What does U6 mean on safety glasses?

Eyewear which has passed these tests will carry a ‘U’ and a number ranking their protection level. ‘U5’ or ‘U6’, for example, are highly-rated and extremely protective.

Does Riff Raff wear pit vipers?

Not only do they make a statement, but they’re actually incredible at doing what sunglasses are meant for – blocking the sun. … Check out their latest creation, a collaboration with Riff Raff.

Who made pit viper sunglasses famous?

Chuck Mumford
About Pit Viper

Pit Viper was founded in 2012 when Chuck Mumford had enough of his “trendy” sports sunglasses and took one small step backward into the future.

What year did pit viper sunglasses come out?

Pit Viper was founded in 2012 when Chuck Mumford had enough of his “trendy” sports sunglasses and took one small step into the future.

Are there pit vipers in the USA?

Pit vipers (Crotalidae) are a family of snakes found in the Americas and Asia; they are absent from Europe and Africa where the “true” vipers (Viperidae) exist. … All pit viper species found in America are born live, already possessing venom and fangs.

Can you change pit viper lenses?

How long does it take to get your pit vipers?

Standard shipping will take about 3-5 business days. Priority upgrade shipping will take about 2 business days with FedEx. If you want it faster, you can choose from expedited options at checkout.

How do you clean pit viper sunglasses?

How to clean polarized sunglasses
  1. Rinse with warm water, especially after contact with salt water. Salt water can inflict serious damage your polarized or mirrored lenses. …
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges or fingerprints. …
  3. Use a lens cleaner for stubborn smudges.
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Are Pit Viper sunglasses safety glasses?

They are z87 safety rated.

What is the Z rating on the safety glasses?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) aims to make that an easier and safer process by focusing on eye safety. Its standard for eye protection, ANSI Z87. 1-2015, establishes the criteria for using, testing, marking, choosing, and maintaining eye protection to prevent or minimize injuries from eye hazards.

Is Z87 OSHA approved?

So, if you’re looking for OSHA approved prescription safety glasses, what you actually need are ANSI Z87 rated safety glasses. Safety eyewear that is ANSI Z87 rated is generally compliant with OSHA regulations.

Are Oakley Z87 approved?

Almost all models of Oakley sunglasses meet or exceed the ANSI Z87. 1 standard for optical clarity and impact resistance. … Just be aware that although Oakleys are designed to ANSI Z87. 1 requirements (or better), they are not officially rated for OSHA standards.

Are all Oakleys ballistic?

Oakley Standard Issue products are designed for military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and active individuals who demand the best ballistic-rated eye protection. All Oakley SI lenses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Plus, Oakley SI’s ballistic-rated models are marked ANSI Z87.

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