how many state parks are in indiana

How Many State Parks Are In Indiana?

24 state parks

What is the biggest state park in Indiana?

Brown County State Park
Nicknamed the “Little Smokies”, Brown County State Park is Indiana’s largest state park. It encompasses nearly 16,000-acres of rugged hills, ridges, and ravines. It’s considered a hot spot for leaf-peeping, mountain biking, and horseback riding in Indiana.Nov 8, 2018

What is the most visited park in Indiana?

Indiana Dunes State Park
Indiana Dunes State Park

This park is still the most popular in Indiana, according to attendance data from July 2018 to June 2019. The park is known for its miles of beach along Lake Michigan, natural dunes and more than 2,000 acres of Hoosier landscape.

What is the oldest state park in Indiana?

McCormick’s Creek
McCormick’s Creek officially opened as Indiana’s first state park on July 4, 1916.

What is the newest state park in Indiana?

Indiana’s newest state park, Prophetstown is located where the Tippecanoe River meets the Wabash near the town of Battle Ground northeast of Lafayette.

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Does Indiana have any national parks?

While Indiana does have several other nationally-recognized sites, including the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, which is also managed by the park service, Indiana Dunes is the state’s first official national park.

Can you carry a gun in Indiana state parks?

Yes, a person with a valid Indiana carry permit, may possess a handgun in our state parks with two exceptions. It is not allowed at DNR State Parks & Reservoir properties on land leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (e.g., Mississinewa, Salamonie, Patoka, Brookville, Cagles Mill, Cecil M.

Is Indiana a beautiful state?

Indiana is a scenic state with plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. From urban gems in Indianapolis to sprawling nature parks, the state is full of beautiful attractions.

Which Indiana state parks have cabins?

Enjoy a family cabin with your loved ones in an Indiana State Park this year.

Choose from modern cabins at these state parks:
  • Brown County.
  • Chain O’Lakes.
  • Harmonie.
  • Lincoln.
  • McCormick’s Creek.
  • Potato Creek.
  • Shakamak.
  • Whitewater Memorial.

Can you swim at Clifty Falls State park?

Swimming along the beaches at Clifty Falls State Park is a great way to cool off, and the park has an outdoor swimming pool and water slide that are open during the summer months. Hours vary depending on lifeguard availability, so the spring and late summer tend to have fewer opening hours.

What is the largest state park?

Adirondack Park
Adirondack Park is the largest state park, and the largest publicly protected area of any kind in the lower 48 states. At six million acres, it’s bigger than two Central American countries, and bigger than two nations of former Yugoslavia.Apr 30, 2018

What is the capital of Indiana?

On Dec. 11, 1816, Indiana was formally admitted as the 19th state. Corydon remained the state capital until the government moved to Indianapolis in 1825.

What state has the most state parks?

Which States Have the Most State Parks? California has the most state parks in the country, with 270. There are a total of 3,729 state parks in the United States, with 11 states having more than 100 state parks each. Rhode Island comes in last with just 15 state parks.

How long can you stay at Indiana state parks?

14 consecutive nights
Length of stay: Maximum length of stay is 14 consecutive nights. A minimum of Thursday and Friday, Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday is required for weekend reservations. Number of people/tents/vehicles per site: Six people is the maximum number allowed at a campsite.

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What is a Golden Hoosier Passport?

A Hoosier Golden Passport provides unlimited admission to all Indiana State owned parks, recreation areas, reservoirs, and forests on an annual basis. It is NOT valid for historic sites, museums, memorials and other Department of Natural Resource (DNR) facilities.

how many state parks are in indiana
how many state parks are in indiana

Is Indiana Dunes National Park worth it?

It’s worth paying a visit to the Indiana Dunes State Park for its three-dune challenge: a 1.5-mile trail that takes you up the three highest peaks on the shoreline.

What are the three national parks in Indiana?

Indiana is home to three National Parks sites: Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, George Rogers Clark National Historical Park and Indiana Dunes National Park. Despite the fact that the three parks are spread out all over the state, we were able to visit them all on our 2019 summer road trip through the Great Lakes.

What is Indiana known for?

Indiana is famous for its southern sensibilities, basketball, saying the word “ope,” and hosting the greatest spectacle in motor racing. It is also known as corn country; the land is flat and full of farmland being worked on year-round.

What is the 60th national park?

The new name is Gateway Arch National Park. … “So, is the Jefferson Memorial what now is the Gateway Arch National Park, the 60th?

Can you drink in Indiana state parks?

Alcohol. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at Indiana Dunes State Park and in all youth camps and at all beaches. … Possession of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is against the law in Indiana; and this will be enforced.

Is Indiana a stand your ground state?

What You Need To Know About Indiana’s “Stand Your Ground” Law. The short answer is “Yes”, as Indiana is one of about thirty-one states that has legislation addressing this issue. … Under English common law, an individual has a right to protect his or her property from harm from another person.

Are golf carts allowed in Indiana state parks?

Gas-powered golf carts that are licensed for normal street and road travel currently can be operated in state parks and recreation areas. “It’ll level the playing field,” Bob Schneider, a state Division of Parks and Recreation official, told the commission.

What is the number 1 attraction in Indiana?

1. Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art, Indianapolis. The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art is situated at the White River State Park entrance in downtown Indiana. It holds the remarkable collection assembled by the Indianapolis businessman Harrison Eiteljorg.

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What is Indiana’s pretty?

12 Unimaginably Beautiful Places In Indiana That You Must See Before You Die
  • The Kesling Wetland and Farmstead. David Cornwell/Flcikr. …
  • Greene-Sullivan State Forrest. …
  • The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. …
  • Brown County State Park. …
  • Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens. …
  • Shades State Park. …
  • Marengo Cave. …
  • Cataract Falls.

How much are cabins at Potato Creek?

Potato Creek State Park

At time of publication, cabin rental prices range between $75 and $100, depending on the time of year and day of the week the rental is on.

Does Hardy Lake have cabins?

One resort offers cabins near the lake, which is situated about 75 miles south of Indianapolis and about 30 miles north of the Kentucky border.

How much does it cost to rent a cabin at Shakamak State Park?

3 answers. Family Cabins 1 and 9-26 rent Sunday through Wednesday for $40/night; Thursday-Saturday for $45/night. Family cabins B, C, and D are not on the lake and rental is Sunday through Wednesday $40/night; Thursday-Saturday $50/night.

Are there bears in Clifty Falls State Park?

The DNR’s Division of Fish & Wildlife reports that the black bear first confirmed near Corydon on July 17 continues to move through southern Indiana in a northeasterly direction. The most recent sighting was in Jefferson County in an area west of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge and Clifty Falls State Park.

Can you kayak at Clifty Falls State Park?

This is paddle trail only – no hiking to the cliffs. Bring your kayaks or canoes only! Gorgeous glide surrounded by rock bluffs all the way to the Grotto. Several waterfalls along the way.

How much does it cost to swim at Clifty Falls State Park?

Cost to enter is 9 dollars, but if you are camping it is free.

What state has least state parks?

New York has 1,416 state park sites, by far the most of any state, while Alabama has the fewest at 22.

What is the oldest state park in the US?

The title of oldest state park in the United States is claimed by Niagara Falls State Park in New York, established in 1885.

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