how many followers tumblr

How Many Followers Tumblr?

You have to tap on the ‘Settings/Gear’ icon to bring out all the account related settings. Then, tap on the ‘Followers’ option from there, and you will be able to see all the list of your followers on Tumblr.Jan 14, 2021

How many followers does the average person have on Tumblr?

I’d say the average follower count overall is actually somewhere around 100-500, only because so many blogs out there are just personal blogs that don’t post very much original content and aren’t very active (my primary blog that I’ve had for over a year has only 500 followers, and even that one is relatively active …

Can I see someone followers on Tumblr?

Tumblr does not allow you to see another user’s followers; however, you can determine some of the people who are reading and interacting with another Tumblr user by looking at the Tumblr user’s post responses and who that user follows.

Is it easy to grow on Tumblr?

Tumblr is the fastest growing social network; Tumblr is growing faster than Pinterest and Instagram. … If you are serious about improving your visual social media presence, you cannot ignore Tumblr, a social network dominated by images. Images make up 78.11% of all posts.

Is it hard to get followers on Tumblr?

No, it’s not. Getting more Tumblr followers quickly is not an easy task especially if you are new to Tumblr. Here are few things you should know before getting into the details. The posting limit on Tumblr blogs.

Is Tumblr still a thing 2021?

The microblogging and social network has 518.7million blogs hosted on its site as of February 2021 (Tumblr, 2021). It is one of the many blogging platforms where over 32 million bloggers in the US alone reside (FirstSiteGuide, 2021). … According to Tumblr, 12.8 million blog posts are published daily (Tumblr, 2021).

What is considered Tumblr famous?

Tumblr is a unique social media platform that combines blogging, photos, videos, and more tools to express yourself. Popular users who amass tens of thousands of followers, with others reblogging their content regularly, are considered Tumblr famous.

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Can you buy Tumblr followers?

They say that if you want to buy Tumblr followers, all you need to do is enter your blog link, and the number of followers that you want to purchase. You can also enter the amount of engagement that you want so that you can get an estimate of the delivery time.

How do you know who follows you on Tumblr?

From your Tumblr dashboard, click “Followers” to see a list of who’s following you. In the app, click the silhouette icon to see the number of followers you have and access a list of who is following you.

Is Tumblr dead?

Tumblr isn’t dead. Tumblr is ranked as the 14th most popular sites in United States and as of March 1, 2015, Tumblr hosts over 225.1 million blogs and more than 104.9 billion posts in total.

What’s the best time to post on Tumblr?

between 7pm and 10pm
Best time to post to Tumblr That means the best times to post is between 7pm and 10pm Monday to Thursday. Post activity is highest at around 4pm. Notes tend to see a peak of about 10pm. Remember, you want to check where your audience is and use the data to fine tune when to post.Sep 27, 2021

How do you get engagement on Tumblr?

Four Ways to Maximize Engagement on Tumblr
  1. USE EXPLORE. If you want to boost your Tumblr presence, start by studying the Tumblr explore page. …
  2. ADD TAGS. Tags are similar to hashtags on most social networks. …

Can you make money on Tumblr?

To earn directly from your posts on Tumblr, use ad networks, such as Google Adsense. The only problem is the ads may actually come from the competition. However, when a visitor to your blog clicks on the ad, you’ll be paid. If you have a large following, the earnings can add up.

Who unfollowed you on Tumblr?

Tumblr Stalkr is a follower checker / tracker that lets you find out who unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back and who you don’t follow back. You can instantly unfollow those that have unfollowed you or don’t follow you back directly from within Stalkr.

How do you become successful on Tumblr?

11 killer tips for a successful Tumblr blog
  1. Have a laser-like focus. Dynamic Africa focuses on the continent’s visual design culture. …
  2. Pick the right name and theme. …
  3. Pace yourself. …
  4. Craft posts carefully. …
  5. Make it personal. …
  6. Get noticed by the editors. …
  7. Learn what works for your audience. …
  8. Interact and spread the word.
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how many followers tumblr
how many followers tumblr

What app is better than Tumblr?


Google Blogger is a free alternative to Tumblr that is owned by the tech giant Google. This platform has a web-based post editor and allows you to post up to 100 blogs per account.

Why is Tumblr bad?

While this site attracts and caters mostly to the creative, off-beat user, there is also an alarming amount of pornography available within reach. Overall, the biggest concern with Tumblr is the open and available access to illicit content.

Tumblr’s ban isn’t a small issue for the site. Producers of NSFW content are less than one percent but consumers of it take up almost a quarter of Tumblr’s user base. … Tumblr’s decline has been evident for years. The site has suffered from a lack of user growth, losing artists to other media sites such as Instagram.

Here are the most visited Tumblr blogs worldwide, according to Quantcast:
  • (490.7 thousand unique monthly visitors): Comedy Central’s official blog.
  • (449.7 thousand unique monthly visitors): A blog that documents all the reasons why children cry.

How do you make your Tumblr go viral?

What are the procedures to be followed to make a viral post in Tumblr?
  1. #1 Fathom your audience.
  2. # 2 Spread the magic-Reblog.
  3. # 3 Start creating a storehouse for animated GIF.
  4. #4 The tags-Make it right to get noticed.
  5. #5 the 2 prime’s- content and sharing.

What happens when you follow someone on Tumblr?

Dashboard Notifications

The alert is accompanied with a link back to the follower and a “+ Follow” link to follow her in return. A notification like this appears in the dashboard of any user you decide to follow, unless the user has unticked the “Show notifications” link in the Tumblr account settings.

How do you follow on Tumblr?

You can also add the user to your list manually from within your Tumblr dashboard.
  1. Sign in to your Tumblr dashboard. Click the green sidebar icon labeled “Following [number] People.”
  2. Type the name of the Tumblr blog of you want to follow. …
  3. Click on the “Follow” button to follow the user.

How do I get rid of a follower on Tumblr?

On Tumblr, you can’t remove followers; your followers must stop following you on their own. However, you can ignore people to prevent them from viewing your posts on their Dashboard and contacting you. You can also report the users for spam or harassment when you block them.

Is Tumblr still a thing 2020?

Yes, Tumblr is still Relevant in 2020.

Is Tumblr shutting down 2020?

Service to existing users and subscribers will continue until July 1, 2020, at which point the app will be shut down. Subscribers who are still active at that time will receive a refund. … The website will remain active beyond that time in support of API and iOS App customers.

Tumblr was once a place for young creators. … But Tumblr is practically dead, and TikTok is very much alive. While a Tumblr spokesperson says that 48 percent of its current user base is Gen Z, it’s undeniable that the site’s total user numbers have dropped off in the past few years.

When should I post on Tumblr 2021?

The optimal time to post on Tumblr, according to bitly, is between the hours of 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST on Monday through Thursday, not including just about anytime on Sunday.

How often should you post on Tumblr?

We… How often should a brand post to Tumblr? We recommend a steady cadence of 1-3 posts per day, especially if you’re just starting out.

Are people active on Tumblr?

Tumblr has more than 166 Billion Published Blogs and Posts; roughly every month, 7.2 million new posts are added to the collection on Tumblr. Tumblr is most active and popular among 18 to 34-year-old, of which 52% are males, and 48% are females.

How do I get more blog followers?

How to Get More Blog Followers (15 Expert Tips)
  1. Create Personas to Understand Your Audience.
  2. Plan Your Content with Keyword Research.
  3. Create Content People Want to Read.
  4. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines (SEO)
  5. Run an Online Giveaway Contest.
  6. Use Lead Magnets to Turn Readers into Followers.
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What should I post on Tumblr?

If you’re short on original content ideas, you might consider some of the following creative writing ideas for Tumblr posts.
  • Complete A Challenge. …
  • Create A Bucket List. …
  • Ask Me A Question Post. …
  • Currently Reading… …
  • Start A Book Club. …
  • GPOYW. …
  • Explore Tags. …
  • Newspaper Blackout.

Does Tumblr have an algorithm?

The algorithm for sensitive content is highly problematic and much discussed by Tumblr users. First, the algorithm does not work properly and often flags things as “sensitive” which are not, leading to hilarious results. … Some have even predicted the death of Tumblr.

Can you use Tumblr as a blog?

Tumblr is both a blogging platform and a social network. You can use it strictly for blogging or strictly for social networking with other users — or you both.

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