how many followers does kingbach have

How Many Followers Does Kingbach Have?

Andrew Bachelor aka “King Bach” wild n out Andrew Bachelor, better known as “King Bach,” has 11.3 million followers on Vine and is now the social video platform’s most popular user, a distinction he won after toppling previous king, Nash Grier earlier this week.Mar 15, 2015

Is King Bach rich?

King Bach net worth: King Bach is a Canadian-born actor, comedian, and internet personality who has a net worth of $3 million. King Bach was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in June 1988.

King Bach Net Worth.
Net Worth: $3 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 26, 1988 (33 years old)
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male

How many vines did King Bach make?

Career. Bachelor earned 11.3 million followers and over six billion loops on Vine, ranking first on the app for number of followers. He took the title of most-followed person on Vine in March 2015.

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What is King Bach’s salary?

Bach has been working with a lot of stars in Hollywood and has been in movies such as ‘Fifty Shades of Black’ and ‘The Babysitter’. As of 2021, King Bach’s net worth is $3 million.

How old is King Bach?

33 years (June 26, 1988)

What car does Kingbach drive?

The 32-year-old Brit spends his day job driving for the German manufacturers but also has a soft spot for cars made by their rivals Ferrari. American actor and comedian King Bach, whose real name Andrew B. Bachelo, posted a video online of Hamilton with one of his cars — a red LaFerrari.

Is Michael Blackson rich?

Michael Blackson is an American comedian who is best known for his comedy shows and his appearances in comedy films. It has been reported that he has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of April 2021. This qualifies him as a multimillionaire in an industry where most get by marginally or don’t make it at all.

Is King Bach and Justin Bieber friends?

And one of the social media stars in the video, King Bach (AKA Andrew Bachelor), confirmed they were able to shoot it amid quarantine. … Adding that he’s been friends with Bieber and Drake for a bit, he thought it would be cool to “hang out for a day” when he got a call to be in the video.

What is King Bach’s real name?

Andrew B. Bachelor

Is Kingbach in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead’s King Bach has teased a Michonne spin-off movie while talking about his character Bailey’s return. The star first made an appearance in the zombie hit during Danai Gurira’s exit episode, titled What We Become. … That’s right, King Bach, whose real name is Andrew B.

What movies does King Bach play in on Netflix?

Feature Films
  • When We First Met.
  • Rim of the World.
  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen.
  • Holidate.
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.
  • Coffee & Kareem.
  • Game Over, Man!

When was King Bach born?

June 26, 1988 (age 33 years)

Why did Vine shut down?

Vine was a social media platform that allowed users to upload and watch 6-second videos in a loop format. Vine shut down because it failed to support its content creators, due to high levels of competition, lack of monetization and advertising options, personnel turnover, as well as issues at parent company Twitter.

How old is Anwar?

30 years (August 9, 1991)

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How old is de storm power?

39 years (January 30, 1982)

how many followers does kingbach have
how many followers does kingbach have

How much is Ice Cube?

Ice Cube Net Worth
Net Worth: $160 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 15, 1969 (52 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.727 m)
Profession: Rapper, Record producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Television producer, Songwriter, Film Score Composer, Film director, Voice Actor

Who is the richest comedian?

Jerry Seinfeld

He has starred in several shows since then also including ‘Frankie on Benson’ and ‘The Tonight Show’. However, today he’s become the richest comedian in the world. And at age 64 years old, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is estimated to be $950 million.

How much does Michael Blackson charge for a show?

The estimated speaking fee range to book Michael Blackson for your event is $50,000 – $100,000. Michael Blackson generally travels from and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances.

Is popstar filmed at Justin Bieber’s house?

“I can’t even make my own album in peace. I can’t even leave the country and this guy wants me to do a video for him.” Cut to Bieber’s rap swagger in a video that was shot in a California mansion with a group of revellers – including Bieber’s wife Hailey and manager Scott “Scooter” Braun.

Where was popstar filmed?

The direct-to-video film features teen singer Aaron Carter in his only lead role in a feature film. The premiere was held in The Woodlands, Texas. Popstar was filmed in Calabasas, California, at A.C. Stelle Middle School and the Commons.

How old is Lele Pons now?

25 years (June 25, 1996)

What is DeStorm real name?

DeStorm Power
Arlington County, Virginia, U.S. DeStorm Power (/ˈdeɪstɔːrm/ DAY-storm; born January 30, 1982) is an American actor, comedian, rapper and Internet personality.

How old is Thomas Sanders?

32 years (April 24, 1989)

Was King Bach on Wild N Out?

Andrew Bachelor, widely known as (King Bach) is a American actor, director, writer, videographer, and comedian who is best known for being the most followed user on the Vine app and since Season 6 until Season 7 was one of the recurring cast members of the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on MTV2.

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Why did michonne leave TWD?

Her departure also marked the exit from the series of Danai Gurira, who has played Michonne since the third season. Gurira informed producers a few years ago that she wanted to devote more time to other creative endeavors, including her career as a playwright. Her play “Eclipsed” was nominated for a Tony Award in 2016.

Where did michonne go?

Despite finding temporary peace with Ezekiel at The Kingdom, Michonne runs away to Oceanside before making a return. Her absence was explored in a 3-episode mini-series by Telltale Games, exploring her departure and living life at sea.

How does King Bach pronounce his name?

The hottest name of them all, though, is Andrew Bachelor —better known by his Vine handle, King Bach (pronounced Batch).

Is King Bach in Smash Bros?

Ultimate – King Bach Reveal Trailer | E3 2021.

What age is Rudy Mancuso?

29 years (February 28, 1992)

What is Jerry Purpdrank’s real name?

Jerry Purpdrank (born November 9, 1993) is a an American Vine personality.

Who is the king of vine?

Zach King
Zach King is known to many as the Vine Magician, Huffington Post calls him the “King of Vine.” His social media channels have amassed a huge following due to imaginative videos that surprise viewers time and time again.

HOW MUCH DID Vine sell for?

The company was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for a reported $30 million but was later reformed as Intermedia Labs. Vine launched on January 24, 2013, as a free app for iOS devices.

Is TikTok a Vine?

TikTok videos are longer than Vine videos, spanning up to 15 seconds, compared to Vine which featured only 6-second videos. With TikTok, you can chain up to four videos to create 60-second clips which greatly open up options for creators. On top of that, the TikTok’s duet feature truly stands out.

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