how many chapters in the hobbit

What are the chapters of The Hobbit?

The Hobbit chapters
  • An Unexpected Party.
  • Roast Mutton.
  • A Short Rest.
  • Over Hill and Under Hill.
  • Riddles in the Dark.
  • Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.
  • Queer Lodgings.
  • Flies and Spiders.

How long is the Hobbit book?

304 pages
The Hobbit: 304 pages. The Fellowship of the Ring: 479. The Two Towers: 415.

What chapter does the Hobbit end?

Chapter 19
Summary and Analysis Chapter 19 – The Last Stage

The story ends with Bilbo settled once again in his hobbit-hole, more comfortable than ever before and yet thinking back on his great adventure. In this final chapter, Bilbo reflects on the adventurous year he has spent in the company of the dwarves.

Why is The Hobbit a banned book?

The book was banned several times over the years, most notably in 2001 in Alamagordo, New Mexico where a Christian rights group held a book burning. The themes of friendship and striving against adversity were lost among those looking for witchcraft and “satanic themes,” so the book has suffered.

Who killed Smaug in The Hobbit book?

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Smaug attacks Lake-town. He is killed by Bard with a black arrow and his body falls on the boat carrying the fleeing Master of Lake-town.

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Why does Gandalf choose Bilbo?

Gandalf ‘felt’ that he was bolder than the other hobbits and he decided to have Bilbo join Thorin and his company. Gandalf (and many others) regarded Bilbo and Frodo as the best hobbits in whole Middle-earth. Gandalf never explicitly said why he had chosen poor Bilbo to join him and the dwarves in their expedition.

How long are chapters in The Hobbit?

Each chapter is of varying length but generally consists of around 1,000-2,000 words, sometimes more.

What is a good age to read The Hobbit?

Parents need to know that, of J.R.R. Tolkien’s many excellent books, The Hobbit is the better choice for tweens. It makes a great read-aloud for kids 8 and up and read-alone for 10 or 11 and up. Kids younger than 8 will probably have a tough time with both the vocabulary and some of the violence.

Is there a hobbit 4 coming out?

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were sold by Professor Tolkien in the late ’60s — the film rights,” he said (via NME). … So without the cooperation of the Tolkien estate, there can’t be any more films.”

Why does Bilbo sneak out of the camp?

As Thorin continues to search for the Arkenstone and as the rest of the dwarves worry about the armies camped on their doorstep, Bilbo decides that he must take matters into his own hands. With the help of the ring, he sneaks away from the mountain at night and into the camp of the lake men and the wood elves.

How tall is Gandalf in The Hobbit?

19 Gandalf’s official height is listed as 5′ 6”

What happened in chapter 20 of The Hobbit?

This brief chapter brings the book to its close. After another stay in Rivendell, Bilbo and Gandalf return to the Shire. To Bilbo’s surprise, his home and goods are being auctioned off-his neighbors have presumed him dead! And, in fact, the old Bilbo has “died,” and a new one has taken his place.

Has the book The Hobbit won any awards?

Tolkien. It was published in 1937 to wide critical acclaim, being nominated for the Carnegie Medal and awarded a prize from the New York Herald Tribune for best juvenile fiction. The book remains popular and is recognized as a classic in children’s literature.

Is Lord of the Rings banned in the US?

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien was originally banned in various US states because it was considered Satanic, but now that reaction would be rare. However, even today, books continue to be banned or challenged. … Customs officials had the power to veto what books were coming into Australia.

Was LOTR banned?

The Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien

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Tolkien’s epic fantasy trilogy follows good and evil forces in pursuit of a magical ring. The book has been banned as ‘satanic’ in some areas and was even burned by members of a church in New Mexico in 2001.

how many chapters in the hobbit
how many chapters in the hobbit

Did Smaug know Bilbo had the One Ring?

Smaug did not know that Bilbo had the one ring. Unlike the Nazgul, Smaug couldn’t detect the presence of the ruling ring. He had no way of knowing that Bilbo had it, was using it, or that it was the power of the ring that made it impossible for Smaug to find Bilbo.

Did Gandalf know Bilbo had the Ring?

So, yes, Gandalf is aware at the very least shortly after The Hobbit that Bilbo has the Ring; however, he does not ascertain its true nature until much, much later.

Who is bigger Smaug vs drogon?

If you remember how large Drogon was in Season 4 of Game of Thrones, he still wasn’t as large as Smaug in the Hobbit 2. There is a much more accurate dragon comparison chart from The Daily Dot, which shows how Drogon and his siblings are around 61m compared to that of Smaug who is 60m.

Why doesnt the ring affect Bilbo?

That knowing would alter how Frodo would use the ring – whether he willed it or not. Additionally, Bilbo never sought to DESTROY the ring, thus the Ring had no reason to protect itself from Bilbo and therefore had less of a grip on him.

Did Bilbo have a wife?

So while it may seem curious that Bilbo had not taken a wife, as Tolkien built out the Shire society and wrote additional details for his hobbit families he was careful to include other bachelors in the upper ranks of hobbit society.

Is Bilbo a good burglar?

So no, Bilbo is not a skilled burglar, and he does not think of himself as suited for burglary in any way. If he has any predisposition for burglary, it’s his nature as a hobbit. Hobbits are good at going about unnoticed. They’re more inclined to sneaking away than to sneaking in, but they’re good at sneaking.

How tall are the hobbits?

In a prologue to The Lord Of The Rings, he wrote that Hobbits are between two and four feet tall, the average height being three feet six inches.

How long is the hobbit word count?

95,356 words
The Hobbit – 95,356 words. The Fellowship of the Ring – 187,790 words. The Two Towers – 156,198 words. The Return of the King – 137,115 words.Aug 3, 2017

How long is the hobbit audiobook?

11 hours and 5 minutes
Product details
Listening Length 11 hours and 5 minutes
Publisher Recorded Books
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English
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Is The Hobbit middle grade?

There was no such thing as MG or YA when Tolkien wrote The Hobbit, and it’s hard to argue it’s a Middle Grade novel when the main character is 50 years old in the book (if I remember correctly).

Do I read the Hobbit or LOTR first?

Chronologically it comes before The Lord of the Rings, and it introduces major characters and lays the groundwork for LotR. You can skip The Hobbit or read it after LotR, but many things in LotR will make more sense if you read The Hobbit first. Once you’ve finished The Hobbit, read The Lord of the Rings.

What grade is the Hobbit for?

The Hobbit
Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 5 – 12 6.6

Is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit connected?

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a prequel to his Lord of the Rings trilogy, which most people rushing to The Hobbit will have already seen.

Was the Hobbit trilogy a success?

But whether or not the film makes it over the hump, the Hobbit trilogy has been incredibly successful on a domestic and worldwide stage. The three-film trilogy cost around $765m to produce and made $2.916b worldwide thus far.

Where was the Hobbit filmed?

New Zealand
The Hobbit Trilogy was filmed entirely in New Zealand, throughout locations in both the North and South Islands.

Who ended up with the Arkenstone?

As in the book, the Arkenstone is given by Bilbo (who, it is revealed, recovered it during his escape from Smaug) to Thranduil and Bard, in order to try to force Thorin to yield a share of the treasure. In the extended edition of the film, it was placed upon Thorin’s chest following his death.

Why did Bilbo give up the Arkenstone?

Bilbo gives the Arkenstone to Bard because he believes that it is the one chance they have to stop the battle between the humans, elves, and dwarves

What happens to Bilbo at the end of the chapter?

In the end, Bilbo wins through a bit of trickery. Referring to the ring he had found, he asks, “What have I got in my pocket?” and Gollum cannot guess the right answer.

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