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How Does Thorin Die?

In the book, Thorin dies by what is assumed to be some stray arrows and he’s found dead on the battlefield. In the movie, Thorins death is executed beautifully. Filled with emotion and sadness, and it gives Thorin that one final moment of redemption for going mad and becoming an ass.Nov 12, 2016

How did Fili Kili and Thorin die in the book?

In the end, both were struck down by the orcs protecting Thorin, who ended up succumbing later after having suffered many wounds. It was a very noble end for two very courageous dwarves. (And no, there was no elf-maiden hottie crying over Kili as he dies — that was pure Hollywood.)

Did Thorin die in unexpected journey?

In the final battle, Thorin fights Azog with Orcrist, which he recovered from Legolas. Azog attempts to stab Thorin, but is prevented when Thorin uses Orcrist to block his blade. In the end, Thorin gives in, and is stabbed by Azog.

Who dies at the end of The Hobbit?

Thorin, Fili, and Kili died during the Battle of the Five Armies, which took place at the end of The Hobbit in the year 2941 of the Third Age. Thorin was buried with the Arkenstone and the sword Orcrist.

What happened to tauriel after Kili died?

Tauriel was banished from Mirkwood by Thranduil, so what happens to Tauriel after the Battle of Five Armies remains unknown, although actress Evangeline Lilly stated in an interview that Tauriel returns to Mirkwood.

What happens to tauriel after Kili’s death?

Tauriel’s fate after the Battle of te Five Armies remains a mystery. Her conduct, as well as her romance with Kíli were not met with enthusiasm by the other Elves, especially King Thranduil. We know that, immediately after the Battle of the Five Armies, Tauriel gets exiled from Mirkwood because of her conduct.

Who becomes king after Thorin dies?

After the death of Thorin in the Battle of Five Armies, Dain becomes King under the Mountain. He redeems the Arkenstone from Bard with a fourteenth of the treasure, which is used to re-establish Dale. Over the next three years, Bard rebuilds the city of Dale and becomes its ruler.

Why is Thorin called Oakenshield?

The first dwarven assault led by Thrain and his son Thorin was driven with loss into a copse of trees not far from Moria. In this clash, Thorin’s shield was notched. Therefore, he cast it away, picked up an oaken branch that he used as shield, or wielded as a club. Hence, he got the name Oakenshield.

What happened to Thorin Oakenshield father?

Thráin II was the father of Thorin II Oakenshield, and the son of King Thrór, making him a direct descendant of Durin the Deathless. After his father Thrór was beheaded by Azog in Moria, Thráin became the rightful King under the Mountain as well as the King of Durin’s Folk.

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Who carried the key in the Hobbit?

Thorin took the key and put it in the keyhole which caused the door-cracks to appear and the door to open.

Do dwarves ever visit Bilbo?

Of all the dwarves on the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, Balin was the only dwarf known to have visited Bilbo Baggins after the journey.

Who died at the Battle of the Five Armies?

Thorin had been mortally wounded on the field, and his nephews Fíli and Kíli died defending him as he lay on the ground with shield and body. Thorin died soon after the battle, after he had met Bilbo one last time and had taken back the harsh words he had spoken before.Nov 17, 2021

Who ended up with the Arkenstone?

As in the book, the Arkenstone is given by Bilbo (who, it is revealed, recovered it during his escape from Smaug) to Thranduil and Bard, in order to try to force Thorin to yield a share of the treasure. In the extended edition of the film, it was placed upon Thorin’s chest following his death.

What does Kili say to tauriel in Elvish?

Now, we know already that Tauriel is a movie-exclusive character, so every scene with her is an addition not present in the book, including this one: This is a scene where the Dwarf finally admits his feelings – which were quite obvious, though – to Tauriel, also getting from her the reaction he wanted.

Who was Legolas mother?

Sailed west Fo.A. 120 Ithilien
Parentage Thranduil
Physical Description

how does thorin die
how does thorin die

Why is tauriel banished in The Hobbit?

When a messenger from Thranduil arrives to announce her banishment from the Mirkwood Realm for disobeying his orders, she joins Legolas in investigating the old fortress Gundabad, where they witness the departure of an army led by Bolg to join the forces of his father Azog marching against Erebor.

What did Kili say to tauriel before he died?

Before leaving with the rest, Kili can’t help but speak his heart. He tells Tauriel goodbye, but not before pleading with her to come with him. Kili: “I know how I feel; I’m not afraid. You make me feel alive.”

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Does Legolas get married?

Legolas never marries. The closest he gets is spending the rest of his life, as far as we know, with Gimli; they travel around Middle Earth for decades together, and eventually Gimli is given special dispensation to travel to the Undying Lands with his “friend” Legolas—the only dwarf ever to do so.

Did Gandalf know Bilbo had the ring?

So, yes, Gandalf is aware at the very least shortly after The Hobbit that Bilbo has the Ring; however, he does not ascertain its true nature until much, much later.

Who is the son of Bard?

Bain was the son of Bard the Bowman, and succeeded his father in T.A. 2977. He ruled in the lands south of the Lonely Mountain for thirty years, during which Balin and a group of Dwarves left Erebor to retake Moria.Oct 23, 2021

Does Gandalf ever return to Middle-Earth?

Gandalf is a protagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He is a wizard, one of the Istari order, and the leader and mentor of the Fellowship of the Ring. … He is sent back to Middle-earth to complete his mission, now as Gandalf the White and leader of the Istari.

How long do dwarves live LOTR?

250 years
Dwarves were long-lived, with a lifespan of some 250 years. They breed slowly, for no more than a third of them are female, and not all marry. Tolkien names only one female, Dís, the sister of Thorin Oakenshield.

How did smaug know Bilbo?

Smaug knows Bilbo is different because he smells him.

Smaug is the dragon that lives under the mountain in the Lonely Mountain. He sleeps on a pile of treasure, actually. The dwarves want this treasure back, and they take off on a mission to get it. They need a burglar, so the wizard Gandalf recruits Bilbo.

What happens to thrain?

In 2845, while camped under the eaves of Mirkwood, Thráin disappeared and would never be seen again by his kin. The King of Durin’s folk had been captured by Sauron’s agents and was taken to the fortress of Dol Guldur in southern Mirkwood.

Is Smaug the last dragon?

Smaug was the last named dragon of Middle-earth. He was slain by Bard, a descendant of Girion, Lord of Dale.

Why did Sauron take thrain’s ring?

ANSWER: J.R.R. Tolkien never explained, so far as I know, why Sauron decided to take back the Rings of Power he had given to the Dwarves. We only know that he seized Thrain and took his Ring from him, “the last of the Seven”, according to Thrain. … He apparently wanted to use the Rings to control those races.

What is Thorin’s real last name?

Thorin Oakenshield
Thorin Oakenshield is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 novel The Hobbit. Thorin is the leader of the Company of Dwarves who aim to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. He is the son of Thráin II, grandson of Thrór, and becomes King of Durin’s Folk during their exile from Erebor.

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What is the master’s reaction when Thorin announces his departure?

Q. What is the Master’s reaction when Thorin announces his departure? He is happy about it because the dwarfs were terrible guests. He’s sad to see them go because he feels like they are friends now.

Who found the hidden door in The Hobbit?

Thorin opens the door on Durin’s Day As a ray of sun struck the door, a piece of rock would flake off to reveal the key-hole, allowing the door to be opened.

Who found the secret door in the Hobbit?

Later, Elrond was given permission to examine Thrór’s Map and discovered the moon-letters which revealed the method of opening the door. Elrond read them out as: “Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the key-hole.”

What happened to Durin’s AXE?

History. Durin’s Axe remained in Khazad-dûm after it was deserted in the TA 1981 year of the Third Age. In TA 2989 it was found again by Balin’s expedition, and lost again in TA 2994 when the Dwarf-colony was destroyed.

How old is dwalin?

169 years old
Dwalin, born in T.A. 2772, was 169 years old at the time.

Did Bilbo have a wife?

So while it may seem curious that Bilbo had not taken a wife, as Tolkien built out the Shire society and wrote additional details for his hobbit families he was careful to include other bachelors in the upper ranks of hobbit society.

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