how does the metamorphosis end

How Does The Metamorphosis End?

The novella ends with Gregor Samsa’s death and the family’s trip to the countryside. Gregor’s death has a symbolic meaning, as it freed from suffering. The family feels a sense of relief because Gregor ceased to be a burden. They start making new plans for their future.Nov 10, 2021

What causes Gregor’s death in the metamorphosis?

Instead, Gregor dies from starvation (he finds human food disgusting) and, presumably, from some sort of infection caused the apple lodged in his back from his father throwing it at him.

What happens to Grete at the end of the metamorphosis?

The story ends with the parents recognizing that Grete has become a pretty young woman and thinking that it may be time to find her a husband, suggesting Grete has completed her own transformation into an adult.

Who gets rid of Gregor’s corpse after his death?

the charwoman
After Gregor dies, the charwoman removes his body from the room with the rest of the rubbish. She stops by to tell the family that they do not need to worry about taking care of the body, but she does not explain exactly what she has done with it.

How is Gregor’s death ironic?

Through Gregor Samsa’s death, we see the truth behind his parents, which in itself is ironic. … Gregor gives a long description of his looks and how he is trying to maneuver around. One peculiar thing is he does not panic, ironically he is more concerned with getting to work and hiding from his family.

What does Gregor death symbolize?

This further symbolizes Gregor’s detachment from his family and, in a flipped perspective, his family’s detachment from him. … The fact that by the end of the book, the family had not only grown closer, but had completely moved on from their son’s death is a sign of an unhealthy family.

How did Grete betray Gregor?

Whilst imagining all of these false fantasies he is spotted by one of the middle boarders who is so disgusted by the sight of him declares he refuses to stay there any longer along with his two companions. This is the moment in which Grete has finally had it with Gregor and ultimately betrays him.

What does Grete Samsa symbolize?

This body biography is supposed to represent Grete Samsa in a literal and figurative way. The heart is represented by her violin because that is her passion and where she wants to be in life. Her eyes are focused on Gregor getting back to normal so she is able to attend music school.

Why most likely does the father decide to fire the cleaning woman following Gregor’s death?

Next, Mr. Samsa decides to fire the family housekeeper that very evening. He tells his wife and daughter that he is interested in making a new beginning for the family. So, he will be focused on discarding or rejecting anything that serves as a reminder of their old life with Gregor.

Who kills Gregor in the metamorphosis?

Gregor dies slowly through the abuse and neglect of his family, who no longer have any use for him once he turns into an insect and can no longer work. His father injures him badly by throwing an apple at him, which lodges in his back. His back becomes inflamed and the apple rots, which weakens Gregor.

Why is the Samsa family relieved when Gregor dies?

Gregor dies physically, emotionally, and socially. … The Samsa family is at first unfazed by Gregors death. His parents, and sister, Grete, all find comfort in his death. They experience emotions of relief and excitement when they realize their now, insect family member, has stopped encroaching on their lives.

What does the family do after they discover Gregor is finally dead?

The family gathers around the corpse and Grete notices how skinny Gregor had become. … The cleaning lady tells them that she got rid of the body, but the family seems uninterested in her, and the father decides to fire her that night. Grete and her parents leave the apartment and take a trolley ride to the countryside.

What is left unexplained at the end of the metamorphosis?

By Franz Kafka

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Spoiler: the bug bites it. For a story with such a sensational beginning, Kafka’s Metamorphosis ends with a relative whimper (just like the world, according to T.S. Eliot).

What is the greatest irony in the metamorphosis?

The final overarching irony of the story lies in the fact that when he was human, Gregor had supported his family completely for the last five years: ”Gregor had later earned so much that he was in a position to bear the costs of the whole family, and did bear them. ”

What does the final paragraph in the metamorphosis mean?

The final paragraph of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis wraps up the story on a much lighter tone from whence it started. It is almost oddly disconnected even, from the build up of Gregor’s suffering as an insect until his death. This in itself was done on purpose to be symbolic as nearly everything in this book is.

how does the metamorphosis end
how does the metamorphosis end

Does Gregor turn back to human?

Since Gregor no longer looks human, his father resists contact with his son and prevents him from interacting with anyone else. Gregor has transformed from a human, no matter how ill respected, into a worthless insect, isolated and kept away from reality and the outside world.

What is the deeper meaning of the metamorphosis?

The Metamorphosis shows us how in modern society humans are more cut off from one another and alienated from the human connections they used to have. Since it is an allegory, none of this is stated in the story. Instead, we see it in Gregor’s isolation and alienation from his family and the rest of society.

How is betrayal shown in the metamorphosis?

Quotes of Betrayal

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He must go,” cried Gregor’s sister, “that’s the only solution, Father. You must get rid of the idea that is Gregor.” – This quote shows the ultimate betrayal of the only person who somewhat cared for him, his sister Grete. She turned on him, even after all Gregor said he would do for her.

How is Gregor relationship with his father at the end of the story?

As a human, Gregor did not have a close relationship with his father, but his father tolerated him because he was using him for support. … He put his wants and needs after his father’s. His father’s true feelings for him is that he despises him, both before and after his metamorphosis.

What is Gregor’s relationship with his mother?

Gregor’s mother. Frail and distressed, the mother is torn between her love for Gregor and her horror at Gregor’s new state. Grete and Gregor’s father seek to protect her from the full reality of her son’s transformation.

Who is the antagonist in the metamorphosis?

Samsa seems to be the primary antagonist in Gregor’s life. It is Mr. Samsa’s position as head of family that Gregor usurps when the family business collapses, and Mr. Samsa is restored to his position of authority in the house after Gregor’s transformation.

Why does Grete cry in the metamorphosis?

Like the other family members, she’s just a voice behind a wall, trying to get Gregor to open up his bedroom door. Unlike her parents, Grete begins to moan and weep as Gregor refuses to open his door. And when things get rough—she has to work as a shopgirl by day, study at night—the fairytale is over.

Is Gregor’s family responsible for his death?

Gregor’s father may bear the major responsibility for his death because of injuring him with the apple, but no one in the family is blameless. He is responsible to an extent because he allowed his family, especially his father to use him for money even before he morphed into a bug.

What happens to Gregor in the third part of the metamorphosis?

Gregor, feeling terrible, scuttles back to his room. He remains motionless through the night, thinking to himself all the while that he must go away to relieve them of their suffering. As dawn breaks, he dies.

Who are the lodgers in metamorphosis?

The lodgers are three anonymous male characters. The family has rented out a part of the apartment to the lodgers to meet financial expenses. As they move in the home and enjoy life with Grete’s music, Gregor resents. However, one day they spot Gregor, and one of them refuses to pay.

Who changes the most in metamorphosis?

Grete is the little sister in Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis. ‘ Through the course of this story, she changes the most out of all of the characters.

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What is the last thing that Gregor does to help his family?

In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Gregor’s sister Grete acts as his final connection to his family after he is turned into a bug. After Gregor’s transformation, Grete feeds him with a bowl of milk and some bread.

How does Mrs Samsa change in the metamorphosis?

The Metamorphosis of Mrs.

Samsa, Gregor’s mother, tries to protect Gregor and hopes to be reunited with him. … Like her daughter Grete and her husband, Mrs. Samsa ultimately transforms and is relieved when Gregor passes away.

What is the moral lesson in the metamorphosis?

Lessons from Gregor’s life. The first lesson that can be learnt from the transformation of Gregor’s life is the absurdity that exists in everyday life. The transformation of Gregor’s life from human to that of an insect symbolizes how life operates or at times exists in absurdity.

What is the message of the metamorphosis?

The main themes in The Metamorphosis are the burden of responsibility, isolation and alienation, and sacrifice. The burden of responsibility: Before his transformation, Gregor supports his family as a traveling salesman. Once freed of that responsibility, Gregor starts to feel like a burden to his family.

How is the metamorphosis satire?

Irony in Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” the character Gregor Samsa is transformed into a giant bug while he is sleeping. … Gregor’s family sees him as a burden. Their bitterness towards him instead of sympathy through his ordeal is greatly satirical.

How is imagery used in the metamorphosis?

Franz Kafka’s use of imagery in Metamorphosis shows the struggles and joys with such a transformation. His display of emotions allows readers to peek into the Samsa household to see and hear what is going on. Transforming into a beetle may not be so bad after all.

What seems most important to members of his family as he lies in bed explain your reasoning?

What seems most important to members of his family as he lies in bed? The most important thing for his parents is that he is not sick and that he gets up and go to work. … But as a human his satisfaction is to work to pay off his parents debt so he can start life all over.

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