How Did Bruce Banner Die?

When Hawkeye though he saw a flicker of green in Banner’s eyes, Hawkeye shot an arrow into his head, killing Bruce Banner and the Hulk.Aug 16, 2019

Marvel has killed off The Hulk’s human alter ego Bruce Banner in its latest comic. The character is seen dying as a result of an arrow to the head from Hawkeye, his Avengers teammate, in the third issue of Civil War II. Banner has been the Hulk’s alter ego since the character’s creation in 1962.

Why did Hawkeye kill Bruce Banner?

Out of all the Avengers, Hawkeye has constantly been defeating the Hulk over the years despite being the one with no superpowers. The reformed criminal with impeccable aim and a penchant for bows and arrows was responsible for killing Bruce Banner in Civil War II, preventing a potential future Hulk rampage.

Who killed the Incredible Hulk?

Warning! Spoilers for Heroes Reborn #2 by Marvel Comics below. Marvel’s Superman, Hyperion, just brutally murdered the Hulk in one of the most brutal scenes in recent Marvel Comics history.

Bruce Banner was just killed by a Marvel supervillain in a way so pathetic that even the Hulk was embarrassed. Ever since The Immortal Hulk essentially rewrote Bruce and the Green Goliath’s relationship with life and death, Hulk has an unsettling advantage against any villain they face.

Has Hulk ever been killed?

While that may the most famous instance of the Hulk dying in the comics, it is by no means the only one. He has died, or at least temporarily been killed, multiple times throughout Marvel comic history. One example was when Dr. Melinda Leucenstern shot and killed him (only to have him be revived at a later date).

Banner himself resurfaced during the course of 2016’s Civil War II, where Hawkeye shot him dead with a gamma-irradiated arrow. … Hulk briefly returned in 2017’s Secret Empire as a temporarily resurrected minion of Hydra, but his true return comes as part of the ongoing Avengers: No Surrender crossover.

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Is Marvel killing off Deadpool?

Deadpool may be dead, but he is not gone. He awakes in the afterlife, and is finally united with his true love, Death. … As DP explains it, Ellie knew if she did not kill him, he was going to kill Death — which he was willing to do if she didn’t stop him.

How did Pym kill Hulk?

Hulk Explodes

While it’s damn near impossible to kill Hulk from the outside, it’s something that is much easier done from within his body – and Hank Pym manages to enter his bloodstream when he rides a bullet that is shot into Bruce Banner’s shoulder.

How does Hawkeye kill Hulk?

When Hawkeye though he saw a flicker of green in Banner’s eyes, Hawkeye shot an arrow into his head, killing Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

Which Avenger is immortal?

Hulk just recently has been dubbed immortal. The Heralds are all enhanced by the gift of Cosmic Power from Galactus. They are frozen in the aging process and it takes a lot of power to harm them or even kill them.

What is the Hulk weakness?


While some comic books have shown otherwise, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe claims that Hulk’s skin is durable enough to withstand the cut from almost any bladed weapon.

Who is the strongest Marvel character?

15 Most Powerful Marvel Characters, Ranked
  • 8) Gladiator. …
  • 7) Scarlet Witch. …
  • 6) Hope Summers. Image Via Marvel Comics. …
  • 5) Legion. Image Via Marvel Comics. …
  • 4) Proteus. Image Via Marvel Comics. …
  • 3) Sentry. Image Via Marvel Comics. …
  • 2) Franklin Richards. Image Via Marvel Comics. …
  • 1) Molecule Man. Image Via Marvel Comics.

Does Loki die?

Did Loki really die in Avengers: Infinity War? Yes, he is definitely killed in Infinity War. … Hiddleston apparently said farewell to the character in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War when the surviving Asgardians were attacked in space by Thanos, who choked Loki to death after an attempted double-cross.

How did Thanos die?

During the “Infinity Wars” storyline, Thanos later discovers that the Infinity Stones are being collected once again and begins plotting to reassemble his gauntlet. However, he is assaulted by Requiem, whom he apparently recognizes, and is quickly killed.

Does Hulk die of old age?

Yes, the Hulk does age, but extremely slowly and yes, he can die of old age, but it is a truly complex process and you shouldn’t really count on it, unless you have an effective way of transforming him back to Bruce Banner and killing the host and the monster alongside him. And that’s it for today.

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Who killed Thor?

A surprising moment in Loki explains that Kid Loki killed Thor, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe may also reveal exactly how he did it. In Loki episode 5, Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino) learns that the Time Variance Authority doesn’t directly destroy all matter when it prunes a timeline.

Who killed Wolverine?

5 Enemy Of The State – Gorgon Killed Wolverine

It was a trap, and Gorgon killed Wolverine by impaling him with a sword.

Can Hulk lift Thor’s hammer?

The simple answer is no. Yes, Hulk absolutely smashes Thor to the ground with Mjolnir, but, he’s holding both Thor and the hammer. Hulk wouldn’t have been able to lift Mjolnir by himself, but since the God of Thunder had a firm grip on it as well, he was able to use it as a weapon against his teammate.

How did Hulk resurrect?

The Blip was the result of the Time Heist, in which Hulk wore Tony Stark’s Nano Gauntlet to resurrect the victims of Thanos’ Snap across the universe. The event was successful, and the half of the universe that was previously wiped out by Thanos was then revived.

Banner was brought back to life by Captain America during Secret Empire, but died fairly quickly as well. Both of those times where Banner was resurrected were meant to be short-term appearances. The first appearance after Civil War II was basically just a zombie hulk, but that problem was solved quickly.

1 Bruce Banner

There is no doubt that Stark is a talented engineer, but when it comes to other sciences, such as biology, chemistry, medicine, and nuclear physics, there’s no denying that Banner is the most intelligent of the two.

Can Deadpool lift Mjolnir?

Deadpool once lifted Thor’s hammer and was surprisingly revealed to be worthy of Mjolnir – but not everything was as it appeared to be. … After Thor’s hammer gets knocked out of his hands from an explosion, Deadpool decides to pick it up and transform into his own version of the God of Thunder.

Why does Thanos hate Deadpool?

Meanwhile, Thanos’ tough-guy attitude seems to do nothing for her. Thanos hates Deadpool not because he’s some great hero like Thor or Hulk with whom he’s had epic battles, but because he took the one thing he’ll never be able to attain: Death’s attention and love.

Why does Deadpool hate Wolverine?

In fact, they are best friends and their friendship is one of the most famous ones in Marvel’s universe. Deadpool hates the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine because of the way he was portrayed there, but not Wolverine himself.

Can an arrow kill Thor?

As Yellowjacket, Pym cleverly engineered Thor’s death by changing a key character moment from Thor into a terrible tragedy. In what looked like a freak accident, Hawkeye fired an arrow into Thor’s chest, killing him instantly.

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Who killed Hope Van Dyne?

She dons her own super suit and fights Ghost one-on-one. Her new goal is to free her mother Janet from the Quantum Realm. She succeeds but tragically she and her parents are killed by Thanos’s Snap.

Why did Yellowjacket kill the Avengers?

However, knowing he couldn’t take down the entire organization, he instead focused his hatred on its Director, Nick Fury. To enact his “revenge”, Pym decided to kill anyone whom Fury had scouted for the Avengers Initiative, completely uncaring of their choice in the matter.

Did Hawkeye and Black Widow have a thing?

In the comics as well as the films, Hawkeye and Black Widow worked together as S.H.I.E.L.D. … In the comics, they did become intimate, whereas, in the movies, Black Widow’s silent love for him is why she would have sacrificed herself.

How do Falcons get wings?

In the comics, the Falcon’s Wings were originally created by Black Panther at the request of Captain America. … In an early concept of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Vulture’s Exo-Suit was a modified prototype version of the EXO-7 Falcon.

Can Deadpool kill the Hulk?

The Hulk is one character Deadpool can’t beat. The Hulk and Deadpool faced each other in a non-canon comic. … He couldn’t defeat Hulk and there was even an instant were Hulk utterly dismembered Deadpool.

Is Iron Fist immortal?

Trained in ways of martial arts at K’un-Lun, Danny Rand becomes the Immortal Iron Fist and uses his incredible abilities to defend others.

Who is the most immortal superhero?

Here are the ten most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe who are also immortal.
  1. 1 Bruce Banner.
  2. 2 Wolverine. …
  3. 3 Thor. …
  4. 4 The Sentry. …
  5. 5 Jean Grey. …
  6. 6 The Thing. …
  7. 7 Nightcrawler. …
  8. 8 Franklin Richards (Earth-12665) …

Who is the oldest Marvel character?

1 Galactus (Before Time) He’s also insanely old. Galactus actually existed before this universe – meaning he existed before the one all these ancient characters created and inhabit – and that likely makes him the oldest character currently in the Marvel Universe.Sep 10, 2020

Can Hulk be killed?

Despite popular opinion, the Hulk can indeed die. He is not immortal, just highly invulnerable and his death is certainly possible, although very difficult to actually do. Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics.

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