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From Where To Eternity?

“From Where to Eternity” is the 22nd episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the ninth of the show’s second season. It was written by Michael Imperioli and directed by Henry J. Bronchtein, and originally aired on March 12, 2000.“From Where to Eternity” is the 22nd episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the ninth of the show’s second season. It was written by Michael Imperioli

Michael Imperioli
Early life

His grandparents were Italians from Lazio and Calabria. He is the son of Dan Imperioli, a bus driver and amateur actor, and Claire Imperioli, a department store worker and amateur actress. Aged 11, Imperioli and his family moved to Brewster, New York, and in high school started watching Broadway plays.

What is the meaning of 3 in The Sopranos?

According to Imperioli 3 o’clock appears here with AJ’s fight and later on with Christophers dream when he was shot.. it means something and he has been told to keep it a secret.

Where did Ralph Cifaretto come from?

Ralphie was born in New Jersey along with other mobsters such as Tony Soprano and Silvio Dante. In the start of the series he is away in Miami where he develops a strong addiction for cocaine. He makes his first appearance in Season 3.

Is Paulie Walnuts a made man?

Peter Paul Gualtieri was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1942 to a family of Italian descent, the illegitimate son of a World War II soldier; he was raised by Gennaro Gualtieri. … Gualtieri became a made man in the DiMeo crime family, and he adhered to old Mafia customs.

Why did Carmela want a vasectomy?

Meanwhile, Carmela learns from Gabriella Dante that an associate in the Soprano family, Ralphie Rotaldo, just had a baby with his longtime Brazilian comàre. Carmela tells Tony this and asks that he have a vasectomy so that he will not bring shame to the family, since she knows that he still sees women on the side.

Who murdered Tony Soprano?

In the first season, Tony is attacked by William Johnson “Petite” Clayborn and Rasheen Ray, two hitmen sent by Donnie Paduana to execute Tony. Tony sustains an injury to his ear, which is partially shot off, and minor bruises and cuts from crashing his vehicle.

Is Paulie a rat?

David Chase instead offered him the role of playing Paulie Gualtieri, Sirico agreed under the condition that his character would not “become a rat.” Paulie begins the series as a soldier, later becoming a caporegime in the DiMeo crime family.

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Did Ralphie start the fire?

Cause is deemed accidental by fire marshal. Ralph Cifaretto: beaten and strangled to death by Tony Soprano due to suspicion that he caused the fire that killed Pie-O-My, which Ralph denies. His body is then dismembered and decapitated with the help of Christopher Moltisanti.

Was Ralph Cifaretto a psychopath?

Ralph is a true sociopath. He enjoys seeing others, even those he claims to love, in pain. Ralph threatens to do things like “rip the guy apart at the joints, with him conscious.” One of these days he’s going to hurt the wrong person, and the payback could be epic.

Who was Phil in The Sopranos?

Phil Leotardo/Played by
Frank Vincent, who played the vicious mob boss Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos, has died. He was 80. Vincent died Wednesday, his family said in a statement. He died of complications from heart surgery in New Jersey, according to reports from The Blast and TMZ.Sep 13, 2017

Who killed Phil Leotardo?

Tony sent two men to stake out the phone booth. Phil was shot in the head by DiMeo soldier Walden Belfiore while he was exiting his family SUV at the gas station where the phone booth was.

Who is Tony Soprano’s consigliere?

Silvio Manfred Dante
Silvio Manfred Dante is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos, played by Steven Van Zandt. He is the consigliere and right-hand man to Tony Soprano in the DiMeo crime family.

Does a don wear shorts?

A don doesn’t wear shorts.” While it may sound humorous in hindsight, the call stuck with Gandolfini in all the wrong ways, his co-star Imperioli believes.

Did Carmela Soprano go to college?

Carmela attended Montclair State University for an unspecified period of time before dropping out. Carmela is a homemaker for the Soprano household, and works to create a semblance of legitimacy for her family even though she is well aware their wealth is built on “blood money”.

What happens to Meadow Soprano?

At the end of the series, it was revealed Meadow had become engaged to Patrick Parisi and might find employment at his law firm.

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from where to eternity
from where to eternity

Who did JR think Tony when he shot him?

Junior descends the stairs and, believing his nephew to be Malanga, shoots Tony in the abdomen. Panicking, Junior runs upstairs, hiding away in his bedroom closet while Tony struggles to dial 911 before losing consciousness.

Why was Billy leotardo killed?

Death. Leotardo after being shot Angelo Garepe’s close friend Tony Blundetto, a soldier in the DiMeo crime family, decided to murder the Leotardo brothers to avenge his friend’s death.

Is Bobby Bacala a made guy?

Before joining Junior Soprano’s crew Bobby was a head waiter until at least 1986 and was groomed by his father, Bobby Sr. At some point, Bobby became a made man, although without making his bones (committing murder).

What really happened in the Sopranos finale?

June 10, 2007

What happened to Silvio in The Sopranos?

By The Sopranos season 6, Silvio remains loyal to his crew, but he’s gunned down by Lupertazzi hitmen in “The Blue Comet.” Tony learns that his right-hand man isn’t expected to regain consciousness and then holds his hand during a hospital visit in The Sopranos series finale, “Made in America.”

Is Paulie Walnuts still alive?

(/ˈsɪrikoʊ/; born July 29, 1942) is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri in The Sopranos.
Tony Sirico
Born Gennaro Anthony Sirico Jr. July 29, 1942 New York City, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1974–present
Children 2

Does Polly have Devil Fruit powers?

So no, he doesn’t have any devil fruit power and/or additional abilities which allow him to store such a length of rope on him, except for possibly wearing a coat whose lining allows him to pull out such ropes.

Did Ralph burn the stables in The Sopranos?

Pie-O-My is Ralph Cifaretto’s race horse. … Pie-O-My later dies in a stable fire, which was deemed as accidental by the fire department; however, Tony believes Ralph set the fire intentionally to collect on the $200,000 insurance policy he and Ralph had on the horse.

Who Burned Tony’s horse?

(It’s repeated Saturday at 9:35 p.m.) They fought because Tony thought Ralph torched the stable that killed the racehorse the two briefly owned together.

Did Ralph set the barn on fire?

In The Sopranos episode “Whoever Did This” (S4E9), Tony accused Ralph of burning down the horse stables for the insurance money. Ralph denies doing it.

Is Richie Aprile a psychopath?

Among them is Dr Glen Gabbard, a professor of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine and a co-editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. … However, two of the show’s other characters (Richie Aprile and Ralph Ciforetto) probably are psychopaths, Gabbard says.

Who played Rosalie Aprile?

Sharon Angela

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Where is Phil Leotardo’s house?

Phil’s home is located at the intersection of Marlborough/Dorchester in Brooklyn. The street signs can be seen in “The Second Coming” episode, when Tony and Little Carmine attend Phil’s residence to broker peace but are ultimately turned away. In reality, this house is located in northern Newark, New Jersey.

Is Tony Soprano dead?

Bada bing, bada boom—Tony Soprano’s fate has finally been revealed. After 14 years of speculation, The Sopranos’ creator David Chase has officially confirmed, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, that Tony did in fact die at the end of the series’ finale in 2007.

How old is Frank Vincent?

80 years (1937–2017)

Who killed Bobby Bacala?

Robert “Bobby Bacala” Baccalieri Jr.

(1958-2007) was a DiMeo crime family capo and acting underboss. In 2007, Baccalieri was assassinated by the Lupertazzi crime family during a mob war between the DiMeo and Lupertazzi families.

Is Johnny Sack Tony boss?

He later acted as an intermediary between the DiMeo crime family (secretly run by Tony) and at least two of the New York mob families (possibly Mangano). He ultimately became boss after Carmine’s death. Johnny was also a friend and contemporary of Tony Soprano.

Who gave up Johnny Sack?

Jimmy Petrille
6 Jimmy Petrille Betrays Johnny Sack. The Sopranos (1999) – S05E13 Drama clip with quote Jimmy Petrille was a cooperator. However, there was one betrayal that caused his empire to crumble. Gannascoli, who will later take on the role of “Vito Spatafore” in season 2 of the series.

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