Eve Online Where To Mine?

Eve Online Where To Mine?

The best thing to do is click on the mining section and then just right-click on a mine; that will let you warp to it. All you need then is to approach a resource-rich asteroid and start mining by clicking on your mining equipment.

Where do I start mining Eve?

The best thing to do is click on the mining section and then just right-click on a mine; that will let you warp to it. All you need then is to approach a resource-rich asteroid and start mining by clicking on your mining equipment.

Can you AFK mine in EVE Online?

You can AFK harvest ice for as long as you have cargo room (ice asteroids are so huge they rarely are completely harvested).

Is mining profitable Eve?

Mining tends to make rather low profit compared to other tasks possible with a similar ship. It’s a very stable and rather safe form of income, but that safety is a trade-off for isk. Mining as an omega will net you a lot more isk then in a venture, though.

Can Alpha clones mine ice?

Ice Harvesting skill can be learned by Alpha Clones (max level of this skill for Alpha Clones is capped at II); it requires Mining IV and costs 375 thousand ISK at an NPC Vendor. … The harvesting process is pretty similar to mining ore from an asteroid.

Can you Auto mine in EVE?

When the status icon in the EVE Online Client tab changes to green, the reading is working and you can continue to the next step. In the bot app UI, switch to the tab titled Bot . Click the button Automate Mining Ore From Asteroids and in the next screen the button Start Bot Operation .

How do you AFK Orca mines?

How do you mine orcas?

What is the most valuable ore in EVE?

Mercoxit. Mercoxit is considered by some people to be the most profitable ore to mine in the game because it is worth the most isk/m³.

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Is Veldspar worth mining?

Scordite, Veldspar and Omber aren’t too far behind and are worth mining if the more valuable ores run out. … The ideal mining grounds should be rarely visited systems with 0.5 or higher security rating, in which plenty of Pyroxeres, Kernite or Plagioclase can be found.

Where can I mine plagioclase?

Unless its been totally mined out, any belt in Gallente or Minmatar regions should have plenty. Plagioclase is commonly found in Gallente and Minmitar space only. Pyroxeres is its rough equivalent in Caldari and Amarr space.

What is strip mining Eve?

Strip miners are the best possible mining lasers that a miner can use. … At most, Strip miners take three minutes to fully cycle; in that time they extract more ore than any comparative mining laser would. They are affected in the same way as a mining laser by Mining Laser Upgrade modules, rigs, etc.

How do I increase my mining speed in EVE?

Mining yield can be improved in four ways:
  1. Training mining skills.
  2. Fitting different modules to your mining ship.
  3. Installing implants in your character.
  4. Be part of a mining fleet and receive fleet boosts.

What is the best mining laser in EVE Online?

Standard lasers
Name Tech level Cycle time
Miner I Tech I 60 sec
EP-S Gaussian Excavation Pulse Tech I 60 sec
Dual Diode Mining Laser I Tech I 60 sec
XeCl Drilling Beam I Tech I 60 sec

Are bots allowed in EVE Online?

While CCP is able to detect some bot activity on their own, they also reiterate that community reporting does work and it’s both anonymous and without risk of getting anyone banned by accident. …

Is Orca mining worth it?

If you get alts to mine, Orca command bursts and fleet hangar will dramatically improve your mining capability. Furthermore, Orca SP is directly leading into Rorqual skills. If you’re willing to front that investment, it’s definitely worth it. i think the ship you’re looking for might be the procurer.

Can the Orca use strip miners?

Strip miners on the Orca is -not- the answer. No! Orcas are support ships and supposed to be used in gangs. They do their role very very well and need no change.

Can you mine with an orca?

The Orca is a mining support ship, classified as an Industrial Command Ship. … Note that even though it is listed under “Capital Industrial Ships” in the EVE market, it does not require the Capital Industrial Ships skill.

Can Orca use mining lasers?

What is the rarest ore in EVE Online?

Arkonor. Arkonor is one of the rarest and most sought-after ores in the known universe. A sizable nugget of this can sweep anyone from rags to riches in no time. It has high amount of Megacyte, and also contains some Mexallon and Pyerite.

How do you get Pyroxeres?

Closest you’ll get is amarr space between doxdie and deninard. There’s a few systems around there with pyroxeres in. Otherwise, scan down missioners and ask if you can rip the belt spawns out of their missions. Those spawn pyroxeres quite a bit.

How do you compress ores in EVE Online?

Once the ore is placed in Upwell Structure’s item hanger, or Rorqual’s ore hold, simply right click and select compress.

How do you get Morphites in EVE?

Morphite is a highly unorthodox mineral that can only be found in the hard-to-get Mercoxit ore. It is hard to use Morphite as a basic building material, but when it is joined with existing structures it can enhance the performance and durability manifold.

How do you make money in EVE Online?

Trading. Trading goods is by far the best way to make money. Every space billionaire in Eve Online has earned their ISK from trading at some point, and the richest people of Eve got there by trading. Having said that, trading is simply not for everyone.

Can you compress gas in EVE?

But you can already compress gas through reactions. And gas as it stands in eve closer to minerals then ores because it goes straight to production without the need to be reprocessed in any fashion unlike ore.

Where can I find a Jaspet?

Where to find specific types of asteroids
Asteroid Type Where to Find It
Jaspet 0.4 and lower Gallente and Amarr Systems
Hemorphite 0.2 and lower Gallente and Amarr Systems
Hedbergite 0.2 and lower Caldari and Minmatar Systems
Gneiss 0.0 Systems
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How do you get Mexallon in EVE?

Mexallon isn’t an ore you mine from asteroid fields, it’s a mineral you get from refining ore you mine from asteroid fields. In hisec, you get Mexallon from refining Plagioclase or Pyroxeres or Kernite.

Where can I find Pyroxeres in Eve echoes?

Pyroxeres is an ore that can be mined in asteroid belts and clusters.

Are T2 mining crystals worth it?

If your system has many ppl in belts and roids has ore for 2 or less cycles, then t2 crystals are not worth the way. Mining crystals used so far to take damage (possibility) every time the miner activating stripers. T2 mining crystals lasts for 3 hours (more or less) and ofcourse depends on roids you shooting at.

Does Mining Laser Upgrade strip miner?

Yes, train for Mining Laser Upgrades II. Each MLU 1 will boost mining amount 5%. Each MLU 2 will boost it 9%. You can easily get 50K EHP using both low slots for Mining Laser Upgrades with a Procurer.

How do you mine with a retriever?

How do you mine safely in EVE?

The basic mechanics of mining are very simple: Fit your ship with a mining module, approach and target an asteroid, and activate your mining module. At the end of each cycle (usually between 1 and 3 minutes, depending on the module used), the ore mined is automatically deposited in your ship’s cargo or ore bay.

Are there mining drones in Eve echoes?

There are six types of mining drones in EVE Echoes: Civilian Mining Drone. Mining Drone I. Mining Drone II.

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How do you use mining drones in EVE?

Underneath the overview is a collapsed tab labeled “Drone Bay”. You can click on it to expand it. You can then right-click the label (or on the displayed drones) to get their action menu. Make sure you select “Mine Repeatedly”, or the drones will just go mine once, then stop.

How do you compress ore?

How do you find asteroid belts in EVE?

You can tell how many belts are in a system by right-clicking in empty space and moving your mouse to asteroids, from there you can warp to any belt in the system. You cannot, however, find out what asteroids are in the belt until you arrive. Some people set up the overview in a tab to only show asteroids.

What is Omega Time Eve?

It allows access to the entire skill tree of EVE, making over 350 ships available as your training progresses. … Your progress in the Omega skills is maintained and as soon as you upgrade again all your trained skills will be active. Omega’s flexibility lets you choose when and how you play.

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