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Which episode is Doctor Who Planet of the Dead?

“Planet of the Dead” serves as the 200th story of Doctor Who.

Planet of the Dead.
200 – “Planet of the Dead”
Production code 4.15
Series 2008–2010 specials
Running time 60 minutes
First broadcast 11 April 2009

What is the number of the double decker bus in Lady Christina’s first story the 2009 TV episode Planet of the Dead?

The number of the bus, 200, is a reference to the fact that “Planet of the Dead” was advertised as Doctor Who’s 200th story.

What happened to Christina Dr Who?

After returning to the ground, Christina broke away from UNIT security, expecting to travel with the Doctor as a companion, only for her request to be refused, as the Doctor revealed he had been too hurt by losing his previous companions. Christina was arrested by the police and taken away.

Was Doctor Who Shot in HD?

Doctor Who is to be filmed in high definition (HD) for the first time, it has been confirmed. … Time and budgetary constraints have thusfar prevented Doctor Who from going HD, although spinoff series Torchwood has been shot in the format from the start.

Who plays swarm Doctor Who?

Sam Spruell
Alongside a new synopsis and an airtime (set your alarms for 6:25pm!), a cast list reveals that Swarm is a character – and specifically, a character played by recently-announced series 13 casting Sam Spruell.Oct 21, 2021

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What does the doctor return to Det Sen in the abominable snowmen?

The Doctor deduces it is a robot, controlled by a missing spherical unit from its chest cavity. The awakened Yeti battles its way out of Detsen, killing warrior monks and leaving Khrisong angry that Thonmi opened the door to allow it to flee – albeit to avoid further bloodshed.

Where was Planet of the Ood filmed?

Filming for the episode took place in August 2007. The opening and closing outdoor scenes were filmed in Trefil Quarry in the Brecon Beacons, the external scenes of the complex at Aberthaw Cement Works, and scenes in the “battery farm” were filmed in a hangar at RAF Saint Athan.

When did Dr Who Go HD?

The more eagle-eyed readers may have already spotted that Spearhead from Space has received a proper high definition release. But Doctor Who was not filmed in HD until Planet of the Dead in 2009.

What season is the Waters of Mars?

The Waters of Mars was the 2009 Autumn Special of Doctor Who. Mostly a character piece, it showed the extremes to which the Doctor would go when unregulated by either other Time Lords or companions, specifically by trying to change a fixed point in time.

What happened to Adelaide Brooke?

Captain Adelaide Brooke, Ph. D (12 May 1999 – 21 November 2059) was briefly a companion of the Tenth Doctor. … In November 2059, the base came under attack by a water-based entity called the Flood. This provoked her to give up her life to prevent the viral lifeforms from infecting humanity.

Who played Christine in Doctor Who?

Actor Michelle Ryan
Actor Michelle Ryan said: Lady Christina is someone who’s very capable and independent. Like a cat, she does have nine lives, I really think.

What quality was Doctor Who filmed in?

According to Wikipedia between 2005 and 2008 Doctor Who, one of the BBC’s flagship programs, was shot in 576i (standard definition). However, Torchwood, a spin off of the popular franchise which ran during a similar time period, was shot in 1080i (Full HD). Both series were produced by the same company – BBC Wales.

Was Doctor Who Shot on video?

Most Doctor Who episodes were made on two-inch videotape for initial broadcast and then telerecorded onto 16 mm film by BBC Enterprises for further commercial use. … Eventually, every master videotape of the programme’s first 253 episodes (1963–69) was destroyed or wiped.

What was Doctor Who Shot on?

Production. The movie was filmed on 35mm film in Vancouver, British Columbia, the first time any Doctor Who story had been filmed in North America.

Who is the dog in Dr Who?

And who is that dog? It’s Karvanista, who is a member of the alien race Lupari. The Lupari made their debut in series opener The Halloween Apocalypse, and they’ve already endeared themselves to fans in their limited appearances so far.

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dr who planet of the dead
dr who planet of the dead

Is swarm the master Doctor Who?

The Swarm is a Time Lord/The Master Theory

Add to that the fact that, as a general rule, the Doctor’s previous psychic links tend to be with other Time Lords such as past Doctors and the Master, and you can see the logic. Swarm did say that his and Azure’s names were approximate translations.

What is the division in Dr Who?

The Division is a top-secret group of Time Lords led by a Gallifreyan called Solpado. After their interference on other worlds had drastic consequences in the past, the Time Lords vowed only to observe events across space and time.

What is the next Doctor Who animation?

BBC Studios announce Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks Animation, due for release on 27th September 2021. BBC Studios have announced the new Doctor Who: Evil of the Daleks animation starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor and can reveal artwork alongside a sneak peak of what’s included in the release.

Who played the great intelligence?

Great Intelligence
Doctor Who character
Richard E. Grant as the Great Intelligence
First appearance The Abominable Snowmen (1967)
Portrayed by on television: Wolfe Morris (1967) Jack Woolgar (1968) Ian McKellen (2012) Richard E. Grant (2013) in spin-offs: Jack Watling (1995)

How many episodes of Doctor Who lost?

Of the 253 episodes of Doctor Who produced by the BBC between 1963 and 1969, 97 are missing. This number had stood at 106, until the news broke in 2013 that nine lost episodes had been returned to the BBC after being located in Nigeria.

Is Ood Bad Doctor who?

Ood are not monsters. They are a peaceful race, sophisticated and wise, and loyal friends of the Doctor. However, when they are taken over and controlled by evil entities they become monstrous creatures, acting against their instinct with lethal intent!

The Ood.
Fact title Fact data
Lastest Appearance: Face the Raven

What do the Ood hold in their hands?

A hive-minded, peaceful race of alien telepaths, who due to their docile nature are often farmed and enslaved by humans. Natural, or “unprocessed” Ood hold their hindbrains in their hands, whereas those that have been processed have this replaced by a translator ball.

Are the judoon good?

Judoon are galactic police, brutal in their precise application of the law and highly logical in their battle tactics, but not very intelligent. … According to the Doctor, the Judoon have a “great big lung reserve” which allows them to survive for extended periods in a limited oxygen environment.

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Who was the first Dr Who?

William Hartnell
First Doctor: William Hartnell (1963–1966). The First Doctor appeared to be a frail old man but don’t be fooled. He played deadly games with the Celestial Toymaker, he fooled Roman emperors and French revolutionaries and foiled everything the evil Daleks could throw at him.Sep 21, 2018

Who was the first Dr Who actor?

William Hartnell
Series leads
Actor (role) Tenure Last regular appearance
William Hartnell (First Doctor) 23 November 1963 – 29 October 1966 (2 years, 11 months and 6 days) The Tenth Planet Episode 4

What is Dr Who’s real name?

The Doctor will never have a real name other than “The Doctor” and whatever aliases he assumes (i.e. “John Smith”). In the mythos of the show, River Song knows his real name. One would presume The Master, who was his childhood friend, would know his name.

Has water been discovered on Mars?

In 2018, scientists reported the discovery of a subglacial lake on Mars, 1.5 km (0.93 mi) below the southern polar ice cap, with a horizontal extent of about 20 km (12 mi), the first known stable body of liquid water on the planet.

What happened to all the waters of Mars?

The answer: nowhere. According to new research from Caltech and JPL, a significant portion of Mars’s water—between 30 and 99 percent—is trapped within minerals in the planet’s crust. The research challenges the current theory that the Red Planet’s water escaped into space.

What is the best Doctor Who episode?

The 10 Best Episodes of ‘Doctor Who’
  • “Rose” (2005)
  • “Vincent and the Doctor” (2010) …
  • “Midnight” (2008) …
  • “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” (2008) …
  • “The Beast Below” (2010) …
  • “The Runaway Bride” (2006) …
  • “Dalek” (2005) …
  • “The Day of the Doctor” (2013) …

Is Waters of Mars a Christmas special?

“The Waters of Mars” was originally conceived as a Christmas special with the title “Red Christmas”. In this story’s accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential, it was confirmed that Bowie Base One is named after David Bowie, the writer and singer of “Life on Mars?”.

When was the waters of Mars released?

December 19, 2009

Who played Kate’s daughter in EastEnders?

Michelle Claire Ryan
Michelle Claire Ryan (born 22 April 1984) is an English actress. She played Zoe Slater on the BBC soap opera EastEnders (2000–2005).

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