doctor who midnight cast

Doctor Who Midnight Cast?

Cast (13)
  • David Tennant. The Doctor. Catherine Tate. Donna Noble.
  • Billie Piper. Rose Tyler. Rakie Ayola. Hostess.
  • Lesley Sharp. Sky Silvestry. David Troughton. Professor Hobbes.
  • Ayesha Antoine. Dee Dee Blasco. Lindsey Coulson. Val Cane.
  • Daniel Ryan. Biff Kane. Colin Morgan. Jethro.
  • Tony Bluto. Driver Joe. Duane Henry. Mechanic Claude.

What happened to the doctor in midnight?

While most of the other passengers start to pull the Doctor towards the shuttle door, the hostess, hearing Sky use some of the Doctor’s unusual phrases, realises Sky is still possessed. The hostess pulls herself and Sky out of the cabin and into the radiation, sacrificing herself to save the Doctor.

What was the villain in Midnight Doctor Who?

The Midnight Entity is the main antagonist of the Doctor Who episode “Midnight”. It was an unknown life form with an unknown origin that resided on the surface of the planet Midnight. It was portrayed by Lesley Sharp while possessing Sky Silvestry.

Was Colin Morgan in Doctor Who?

Colin Morgan (born 1 January 1986) played Jethro Cane in the Doctor Who story Midnight. … Morgan took minor roles in television programmes such as The Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special as John Leary along with companion actress Catherine Tate in 2007 and the Doctor Who episode Midnight as Jethro Cane in 2008.

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Where is the shadow in Midnight Doctor Who?

You can see the creature in ‘Midnight’ – there’s a shadow moving for a split second to the right of the mechanics head! Your browser does not support the audio or video element.

Why does the Doctor say Molto Bene?

Two of the Tenth Doctor’s common phrases are used to identify his voice: “allons-y” (French for “let’s go”) and “molto bene” (Italian for “very well” or “very good”), first used in Army of Ghosts and The Runaway Bride respectively.

What is the best Doctor Who episode?

The 10 Best Episodes of ‘Doctor Who’
  • “Rose” (2005)
  • “Vincent and the Doctor” (2010) …
  • “Midnight” (2008) …
  • “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” (2008) …
  • “The Beast Below” (2010) …
  • “The Runaway Bride” (2006) …
  • “Dalek” (2005) …
  • “The Day of the Doctor” (2013) …

Was Lesley Sharp in Doctor Who?

Lesley Sharp (born 3 April 1960) played Sky Silvestry in the Doctor Who story Midnight. In 2011, Sharp co-starred with Suranne Jones in the ITV crime series Scott & Bailey.

What was the creature on planet Midnight?

The Midnight entity
The Midnight entity was a lifeform living on the planet Midnight. It was one of the few beings that the Doctor had no knowledge of at all, which, given his expansive, encyclopaedic knowledge of the universe and everything in it across time, was a testament, possibly due to its obscurity, or its innovation to adapt.

What happened sky silvestry?

Jethro ended up concluding that Sky was no longer in control of her own body. The passengers were terrified by this and decided they wanted Sky thrown off the bus to her death, to which the Tenth Doctor objected.

Who was Jethro in Doctor Who?

Colin Morgan plays Jethro Cane in the episode Midnight in 2008 ( Season 4 ).

What episode of Doctor Who was Colin Morgan in?

Doctor Who” Midnight (TV Episode 2008) – Colin Morgan as Jethro – IMDb.

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Who was the longest companion on Doctor Who?

In terms of who has been in the most stories the clear winner is Amy Pond. She was with the Eleventh Doctor in 25 separate television adventures. Rose Tyler is the only companion to travel with a Doctor on every single one of his televised (and in Nine’s case prose as well) outings.

David Tennant
1. David Tennant. Regularly topping polls for the most popular Doctor Who incarnation of all time – at least the polls that Tom Baker doesn’t win – the David Tennant era marked the most successful in the show’s recent history.Oct 31, 2021

Who is the longest Doctor Who?

the Fourth Doctor
The longest-lasting on-screen incarnation is the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker for seven years.

doctor who midnight cast
doctor who midnight cast

Who is Lesley Sharp’s husband?

Lesley Sharp/Husband
Personal life. Sharp married actor Nicholas Gleaves in February 1994. They have two sons, Zachary (b.

What age is Lesley Dunlop?

65 years (March 10, 1956)

Where did Lesley Sharp go to school?

Guildhall School of Music & Drama

What episode of Doctor Who is Merlin in?

“Battlefield” was inspired by the legends of Camelot and King Arthur, and it revealed the Doctor was actually Merlin.

Who plays Sky silvestry?

Lesley Sharp
Lesley Sharp: Sky Silvestry.

What happened to Rose Doctor Who?

Rose becomes trapped in the parallel universe with Jackie and the alternate universe Pete as the walls between universes seal; she is later declared dead in her own universe. Months later, the Doctor is able to transmit Rose a goodbye message.

Which companion did the Doctor like the most?

Sarah-Jane Smith is easily the most popular companion of the classic era of Doctor Who and even returned for several of the modern episodes.

Is Clara the Doctor’s daughter?

Clara is the future child of the Doctor and River who’s had her memory erased. The two Time Lords must be up to something on their nights away from River’s prison cell.

What’s Bad Wolf mean in Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Theme

Bad Wolf was a message scattered in space and time to tempt Rose back to the Game Station to save the Doctor. Later the phrase ‘Bad Wolf’ became a warning, the TARDIS translated every word to Bad Wolf letting the Doctor know that the universe was in danger.

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Why did Eccleston leave Doctor Who?

In an interview with Radio Times in 2010, Eccleston said he decided to leave Doctor Who as a result of the environment and culture on set. He said: “I was open-minded, but I decided after my experience on the first series that I didn’t want to do any more.

Who is the oldest person to play the doctor?

Bradley Walsh is the oldest actor in the history of Doctor Who to be cast in the role of a regular companion. Walsh will be 58 when he makes his first appearance in the show in autumn 2018. Historically, the average age of actors when making their debut as the Doctor’s companion is 28.

Why does the doctor tell river his name?

Obviously this couldn’t just be a coincidence of “Oh, look, there’s some person with me while I’m dying, I’ll tell my name to them,” because River uses her knowledge to convince the Doctor that one day, he will trust her absolutely.

Who was the first Dr Who actor?

William Hartnell
Series leads
Actor (role) Tenure Last regular appearance
William Hartnell (First Doctor) 23 November 1963 – 29 October 1966 (2 years, 11 months and 6 days) The Tenth Planet Episode 4

How old is Dr Who?

around 900 years old
The “900” discrepancy

Before the Eleventh Doctor’s 200-year farewell tour between TV: The God Complex and Closing Time, the writers of the 2005 revival of the series explicitly described the Doctor as around 900 years old, despite contrary statements on TV and expanded media.

Where was Lesley Sharp born?

Manchester, United Kingdom

Where did Lesley Sharp meet her husband?

Where did Lesley Sharp and her husband meet? The pair met as actors in the early nineties before their careers both reached the heights of success. They married in 1994 and have been the picture of romance ever since.

How old is kazia pelka?

61 years (August 6, 1960)


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