cave story what is balrog

Cave Story What Is Balrog?

Balrog (バルログ Barurogu) is an assistant to the Doctor whose job is to destroy soldiers. Cursed by the Demon Crown, he works with Misery to accomplish the Crown Holder’s goals. When entering a location, he often calls out “Huzzah!” or “Oh Yeaaah!” to signal his arrival.

How do you beat Balrog in Cave Story?

The best way to destroy Balrog is by using a Missile Launcher until you are forced into using the Polar Star weapon. If you need a break from the chaos, you can jump on top of Balrog’s head and he will be unable to land any attacks on you.

Can you play as Curly in Cave Story?

Curly Story is based on a mod for Cave Story made before the localization by Nicalis. The player can also play as Curly in any of the challenges by picking “Original” music and “Original” graphics in the settings, choosing the Machine Gun Challenge and then quitting.

What does Mimiga mean?

The Mimiga are a white-furred anthropomorphic species similar to a cross between a rabbit and a dog. They feed on flowers and fish. They mainly reside in Mimiga Village, but are found throughout the Island. Their name comes from the Japanese word “mimi,” which means ear or hearing.

How do you fight ballos in Cave Story?

In order to damage Ballos during this second form, the player must get Quote to shoot him through his eyeballs. Every other part of Ballos’ body is invulnerable to attack.

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How many levels are in Cave Story?

15 levels to explore in the vast world. 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade. USB controller compatibility.

Is quote a robot cave story?

Despite his convincingly humanlike appearance, Quote is actually a soldier robot whose mission was to eradicate the hidden dark power of the Island, in contrast with the other robots sent to seize control of it and, in turn, the Island itself and its residents.

How do you unlock challenges in Cave Story?

Challenges can be accessed by selecting the “Challenges…” option from the main menu screen. This brings up a list of all the challenges that can be played. Challenges that are locked will have their option displayed as a series of question marks.

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How do you get a nemesis in Cave Story?

To obtain the Nemesis, Quote must speak to The Littles in the Little House. They’ll request from him to find their lost husband, which can be found on the Cemetery. Upon returning the husband, the Blade can be traded for the Nemesis.

Where is Sue Cave Story?

the Egg Corridor
Sue is first seen in the Egg Corridor, trying to get past Igor so she can examine the eggs to see if any of them are ready to hatch a Sky Dragon that she and the others can escape the island with. Igor easily knocks her unconscious and puts her in the room containing Egg #00.

How many bosses are in Cave Story?

Up to nine boss battles can be skipped if the Sisters and first Balrog battle are avoided, and the bad ending is attained. The only two Bosses that drop Exp. Crystals when defeated are the first Balrog and the Red Ogre.

How do you get blood stains in sanctuary?

If the player has acquired the Booster v2. and the Iron Bond, they can enter the Prefab Building after defeating the Undead Core and then go down the open passageway to access the area.

Where is Jenka?

the Sand Zone
Jenka (ジェンカ Jenka) is an elderly witch who resides in the Sand Zone. In Cave Story, she sends the player on a mission to find and bring back her five puppies.

Is Cave Story coop?

The perennial classic Cave Story will be making its way to Switch with an exclusive feature: co-op multiplayer. Announced by Nicalis on Twitter, it looks like the added benefit to getting yet another version of the indie hit is having the chance to play through the whole thing with a friend on the go.

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cave story what is balrog
cave story what is balrog

What is the difference between Cave Story and Cave Story+?

Cave Story+ is a Cave Story remake for PC, Mac (now defunct), and Nintendo Switch developed by Nicalis. … It features remastered graphics and music as well as several new game modes, one of which being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.

Is Cave Story a metroidvania?

Cave Story, originally released as Dōkutsu Monogatari, is a 2004 Metroidvania platform-adventure game for Microsoft Windows.

Did nicalis steal Cave Story?

2. To the best of our knowledge, Nicalis in fact owns the Cave Story IP. We have no reason to believe that this DMCA takedown is illegitimate in any way. While there can be fair use exceptions for decompilations like CSE2, the burden of proof rests on the project, not on the copyright holder.

How many hours is Cave Story?

When focusing on the main objectives, Cave Story is about 7½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 16½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you save Curly in Cave Story?

Once you’re in the waterway, make your way to the waterside cavern, put Curly on the bed, use the computer to figure out how to drain the water out of her, do so, and then take her with you again when you leave.

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What does the whimsical star do?

These stars are unimpeded by walls, allowing the player to chip away at enemies behind blocks, and deal 1-5 damage to enemies they touch.

How many weapons are in Cave Story?

There are 10 unique weapons available in Cave Story+. Find them all with the following locations. Some weapons can be upgraded / enhanced as you progress — increased ammo, more damage, etc. The starting weapon of Cave Story+ is found in the Hermit Gunsmith’s Abode in the First Cave.

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How do you get a spur?

The weapon can only be obtained by giving the Polar Star to Tetsuzou Kamadani when Quote returns to Mimiga Village from the Waterway. The Spur was the gun that the Hermit Gunsmith was originally trying to create, but Quote took the unfinished Polar Star from him while he was asleep.

How do you get the sprinklers in Cave Story?

Why is quote yellow in Cave Story?

Easy Mode is a difficulty setting available in all Nicalis ports of Cave Story. In Easy Mode, all damage taken is halved. Quote will have a yellow outfit on, instead of his normal red outfit. If the original damage that an enemy deals is an odd integer, it will be rounded down (e.g. 5 -> 2).

How do you beat the undead core in Cave Story?

Combat. The player is only able to damage the Undead Core when it reveals a face in its center. The weapon used to hurt it has to shoot at the Undead Core’s face in order for its health meter to start decreasing. If a weapon is shot and the Undead Core is closed, it takes no damage.

What is curly story?

Curly Story is an alternate mode in Cave Story, exclusively available on the WiiWare, Cave Story+, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS download versions of the game, excluding Cave Story 3D. Curly Brace is introduced in place of Quote’s original role and would take on sequences performed by the player.

Where are the five dogs in Cave Story?

the Sand Zone
There are five puppies to be found in the Sand Zone where Jenka lives. Each puppy is located in various areas, most which require strategic maneuvers to reach.

Where is Jenkas House Cave Story?

the Sand Zone
Jenka’s House is located directly above the teleporter that permitted Quote to enter the Sand Zone.

Is Cave Story 2 players?

The Co-Op Experience

Play through the entire story with a friend locally. NOTE: Local co-op will be added via a free update sometime “late summer 2017.” The title will not have co-op upon its initial release in June.

What happened to nicalis?

Nicalis was founded in 2007 by Tyrone Rodriguez, a former editor for IGN. In 2017, Nicalis announced that they had acquired SuperVillain Studios and Cowboy Color.

Type Private
Founder Tyrone Rodriguez
Headquarters Santa Ana, California , U.S.
Subsidiaries SuperVillain Studios

What The Hell Is Balrog?

Cave Story: Boss 1 (Balrog)

Cave Story OST ~Balrog’s Theme~ Extended Version

Cave Story: Boss 10 (Balrog III)

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