cave story how to get the best ending

Cave Story How To Get The Best Ending?

After defeating the Undead Core, use the trap door in the prefab building to enter the Blood Stained Sanctuary. Finish this area for the “Best Ending.” And voila! That’s all it takes to unlock the best possible ending.Jun 21, 2017

How many endings does cave story have?

There are three main possible endings that can be achieved in the original release of Cave Story. Two endings have credit sequences, while one is primarily conveyed through message box text.

Does Cave Story Have a 4th ending?

What is the best gun in Cave Story?

the Polar Star
The Spur is the most powerful weapon in the game, and is acquired by giving the Polar Star back to the hermit gunsmith in the First Cave, after acquiring the Booster. Returning the Polar Star prevents players from being able to acquire the Machine Gun or Snake.

How hard is Cave Story?

Cave Story+ has a selection of three difficulty levels. Easy Mode halves the amount of damage that Quote can take. Original difficulty, the standard difficulty, is identical to the original game; Quote takes 100% damage, and enemies have 100% HP.

How do you fight ballos in Cave Story?

In order to damage Ballos during this second form, the player must get Quote to shoot him through his eyeballs. Every other part of Ballos’ body is invulnerable to attack.

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How do you save Curly in Cave Story?

Once you’re in the waterway, make your way to the waterside cavern, put Curly on the bed, use the computer to figure out how to drain the water out of her, do so, and then take her with you again when you leave.

How do you get a spur?

The weapon can only be obtained by giving the Polar Star to Tetsuzou Kamadani when Quote returns to Mimiga Village from the Waterway. The Spur was the gun that the Hermit Gunsmith was originally trying to create, but Quote took the unfinished Polar Star from him while he was asleep.

Where is the little man in Cave Story?

the cemetery
At the bottom of the cemetery, the player should be able to spot a small pixeled figure wandering within the same perimeter the Gravekeeper walks in. This figure is the Little Man, of whom Quote can interact with to put into the player’s inventory.

Where is the core in Cave Story?

the Core room
The Core is encountered in the Core room, after Quote and Curly Brace pass through the Dark Place. When first entering the Core room, the player must move the shutters up to allow the two robots to reach into the main open area of the room.

What does the whimsical star do?

These stars are unimpeded by walls, allowing the player to chip away at enemies behind blocks, and deal 1-5 damage to enemies they touch.

How do you get the Polar Star back?

It cannot be traded back once the player has saved after the trading has occurred.
  1. Machine Gun. After Curly is defeated in the Sand Zone Residence, she will comment on the Polar Star being out of shape and offer to trade it for her Machine Gun. …
  2. Snake. …
  3. Spur.

Is the snake good cave story?

Machine Gun is your convenience weapon: You can fly with it, fairly good weapon because of rapid fire. … Snake is a good all-purpose weapon.

How many hours is Cave Story?

When focusing on the main objectives, Cave Story is about 7½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 16½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Cave Story An RPG?

Cave Story, originally released as Dōkutsu Monogatari, is a 2004 Metroidvania platform-adventure game for Microsoft Windows. It was developed over five years by Japanese developer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya in his free time.

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cave story how to get the best ending
cave story how to get the best ending

How many bosses are in Cave Story?

Up to nine boss battles can be skipped if the Sisters and first Balrog battle are avoided, and the bad ending is attained. The only two Bosses that drop Exp. Crystals when defeated are the first Balrog and the Red Ogre.

How do you get blood stains in sanctuary?

If the player has acquired the Booster v2. and the Iron Bond, they can enter the Prefab Building after defeating the Undead Core and then go down the open passageway to access the area.

How do you beat the doctor in Cave Story?

The Doctor will dash, jump, and teleport near you, so it’s best to keep away when possible and fire off anything you have at him. One of the new attacks that the Doctor seems to have is the ability to spawn a swarm of bats. When this happens, try to stay close and destroy the bats before they flood up the room.

Where is Jenka?

the Sand Zone
Jenka (ジェンカ Jenka) is an elderly witch who resides in the Sand Zone. In Cave Story, she sends the player on a mission to find and bring back her five puppies.

What happens if you leave Curly in waterway cabin?

Bosses. The Waterway (水路 Suiro) is a location in Cave Story. If the player takes Curly Brace with Quote, they will be able to drain the water from her by entering the Waterway Cabin.

How do you get the mushroom badge in Cave Story?

After talking with Ma Pignon and answering “Yes” or “No” correctly to all the mushroom’s questions, the Mushroom Badge is awarded.

How do you get the bubbler in Cave Story?

The Bubbline is first available after Kurara appears in Bushlands. It is obtained by using Jellyfish Juice on the Assembly Hall fireplace. This weapon may be obtained at any point of the game as long as Quote has access to Bushlands.

Are bone spurs painful?

Bone spurs on spine

Most bone spurs cause no signs or symptoms. You might not realize you have bone spurs until an X-ray for another condition reveals the growths. In some cases, though, bone spurs can cause pain and loss of motion in your joints.

Are bone spurs bad?

Most bone spurs don’t cause problems. But if they rub against other bones or press on nerves, you might experience pain and stiffness.

What happens if a bone spur breaks off?

If a spur breaks off from the bone, it can linger in the joint or get stuck in the lining of the joint. Such wandering bone spurs are called loose bodies. A loose body can make it feel like you can’t move a joint. This “locking” can come and go.

How many levels are in Cave Story?

15 levels to explore in the vast world. 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade. USB controller compatibility.

How do you get a booster v2 0 in Cave Story?

In order to acquire the Booster v2. 0, Quote must not collect the Booster v0. 8 from Professor Booster in Labyrinth B, this can be achieved by making a precise running jump over the gap separating Quote from the entrance to the Boulder Chamber.

How do I get the tow rope in Cave Story?

The Tow Rope appears in the Core room and requires that the player skip talking to Professor Booster in the Labyrinth. You can collect the item before talking to Curly Brace, during the fight with core, or after while drowning. The player should have Quote enter the water and move all the way to the right.

How do you get the snake in Cave Story?

As previously mentioned, the Snake can be made by Chaba in the Labyrinth Shop. If Quote talks to Chaba with both the Polar Star and the Fireball in his inventory, Chaba will ask to see said weapons. If Quote replies “yes”, the Snake is created.

Should I pull for Polar Star?

Why You Should Pull for the Polar Star in Genshin Impact

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His melee form makes it easy to weave in normal and charged attacks, which usually takes a lot longer for a normal bow character. His Riptides also count as Elemental Skill damage, and his Elemental Burst finally adds the final stack of the Polar Star’s passive.

Is Polar Star good on Venti?

Polar Star works well on most main/sub DPS builds for Bow users, like Fischl and Aloy. Even Ganyu and Venti can make use of the high base stats and can reasonably trigger all stacks of Ashen Nighstar. Polar Star won’t be the best five-star Bow on them, but will still be extremely powerful for most players.

Is the pole star the North Star?

polestar, also spelled pole star, also called (Northern Hemisphere) North Star, the brightest star that appears nearest to either celestial pole at any particular time. Owing to the precession of the equinoxes, the position of each pole describes a small circle in the sky over a period of 25,772 years.

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