Batman Who Is The Arkham Knight?

Batman Who Is The Arkham Knight?

While much mystery surrounded the identity of the Arkham Knight around the time of the game’s release, as the player progresses in the game, they learn that the Arkham Knight is Batman’s former partner Jason Todd. In the Arkham universe, the circumstances of Jason’s death are different than they are in the comics.May 7, 2019

Why is Jason Todd the Arkham Knight?

Jason Todd was a street orphan who was taken in by Batman, becoming the second Robin. After being kidnapped and tortured by The Joker, Jason believed Batman had abandoned him and he became the Arkham Knight, a dark reflection of his mentor.

Who becomes the Arkham Knight?

The Arkham Knight persona later crossed over into the comics in Detective Comics #1000, created by Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke. In the DC Comics Universe, the Arkham Knight is depicted as a wholly original character named Astrid Arkham, with no direct relation to Jason Todd, who is the Red Hood in this medium.

Is Robin the Arkham Knight?

Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight. The villain in Rocksteady’s final Batman game is the second Robin, the one who notably died in the comic books. … They narrowly elected to kill him off.

What is Arkham Knight story?

Arkham Knight’s main story follows Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight, and Deathstroke, who have made an alliance on Halloween night, and plan to drown Gotham City in fear toxin and unmask Batman. … A new game set after the events of Knight, titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, is scheduled for release in 2022.

What did Joker do to Jason Todd in Arkham Knight?

Game Information

Jason Todd was a street orphan until he met Batman after he had saved him from The Joker. Jason was trained by Batman and later became the second Robin, but he was beaten and tortured by the Joker, who sent Batman a video of the event and lied by telling him that Jason was dead.

Does Jason Todd hate Batman?

Jason despised Batman for not avenging his death and replacing him with Tim Drake, so he takes his fury out on the new Robin, savagely beating his successor. … Jason’s feelings are complex as he still loves Bruce, but there’s hate there, too.

Is Batman in Gotham Knights?

The next Batman universe game Gotham Knights—developed by WB Games Montreal—doesn’t actually star Batman. … Instead, you’ll suit up as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

Who is the real red hood?

Jason Todd
Partnerships Batman Dick Grayson Tim Drake Duke Thomas Stephanie Brown Cassandra Cain Harper Row Roy Harper Starfire Artemis Bizarro Ravager Damian Wayne Scarlet
Notable aliases Robin, Red Hood, Red Robin, Batman, Wingman, Arkham Knight
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Is Jason Todd a villain?

Though typically seen as a villain by this point, Jason Todd is still technically battling against criminals and fighting to stop meances like the Joker, and though far more ruthless and brutal then most DC heroes he still has scruples and a code, and has no desire to hurt innocent civilians.

Who is the Batgirl in Gotham Knights?

Barbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl identity was playable as a DLC hero in Arkham Origins, where she joined Batman shortly after his legacy began in Gotham City. Following the Christmas Eve incidents, Arkham Origin’s Barbara Gordon trained alongside Batman to become Batgirl, assisting him in defending the city.

Why is Joker in Batman’s head?

“Fight Club,” Batman-style

The evil clown you encounter is in fact a hallucination, a consequence carrying over from the conclusion of “Arkham City,” where Joker infected Batman with a toxic sample of his own blood.

Why does Arkham Knight hate Batman?

Jason revealed that during the torture, Joker had convinced him to hate Batman for giving up and abandoning him only after six months while Joker was showing him “tough love” and that it was Batman whom he should truly hate.

Who owns Batman IP?

DC Comics
Batman (franchise)
Original work Detective Comics #27
Owner DC Comics (Warner Bros. Entertainment)
Print publications
Book(s) Batman: The Complete History The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual

Does Azrael become Batman?

Azrael eventually proved himself worthy to Batman. However, the latter opted to wait until he said so, which prompted Azrael to tell him that Gotham needed him now. As Azrael departed, Alfred informed Batman that he had discovered Azrael’s identity as Michael Lane, as well as an irregularity in his physiology.

Does Gotham Knights follow Arkham Knight?

It was very easy to assume Gotham Knights is a continuation of the Arkham universe, particularly Batman: Arkham Knight. … Developer WB Games Montreal, however, has since clarified that Gotham Knights does not follow on from any existing games, and is set in its own DC universe.

Who are the robins in order?

  • 1.1 Robin I (Dick Grayson)
  • 1.2 Robin II (Jason Todd)
  • 1.3 Robin III (Tim Drake)
  • 1.4 Robin IV (Stephanie Brown)
  • 1.5 Robin V (Damian Wayne)

Does Jason Todd ever forgive Batman?

Although his relationship with Bruce never truly healed, it did mend after a while with Bruce forgiving Jason for his actions and allowing to join Batman Incorporated as Wingman.

What happened to Tim Drake?

While Tim manages to take down the first wave of drones, he is apparently killed by the second wave, devastating the Bat-family and his former Teen Titans teammates.

Why did Jason become Red Hood in Titans?

Scarecrow then took advantage of Jason’s vulnerable mindset by filling his father-figure void and pumping the struggling Robin with anti-fear drugs. Watching Titans season 3 up until episode 12, Scarecrow appears to be the driving factor in Jason Todd’s Red Hood transformation.

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Does Jason still love Bruce?

All he can do is maintain the status quo of their “conflict” and hold himself back just enough. Jason also clearly loves Bruce in return. As Robin, he was eager to please Bruce and loved spending time with him. After he was resurrected, all he told the police was that Bruce was his father.

Who is Batman’s favorite Robin?

Hard as it may be to believe, the confirmation of Jarro–a psychically gifted alien starfish–as not only Batman’s son, but his new Robin, is effectively a minor point in the current arc of Justice League.Mar 20, 2019

Is Joker in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights features Mr. Freeze. Penguin, and Talon, but shouldn’t feature Batman’s arch-nemesis, Joker, due to the Dark Knight’s untimely death. … Despite Joker’s popularity, Gotham’s Rogues Gallery contains many interesting characters that could become a villain as equally enjoyable as Joker.

Is Batman dead in Arkham Knights?

It’s a fantastic premise, there’s just one problem – there’s no way the caped crusader is actually dead. Batman isn’t dead in Gotham Knights. … It would be interesting to see a Batman game set post-Batman, but it would pose a financial risk.

Which Robin is in Gotham Knights?

Tim Drake
Tim Drake. Tim Drake is the Robin who will appear in Gotham Knights.

Who is the current Robin?

The Robin in question is Tim Drake, the third of at least four young men to wear the green and red tights alongside the Caped Crusader. With Batman’s biological son, Damian, taking on the mantle of Robin in recent years, Tim has suffered something of an identity crisis.

What did Jason Todd inhale?

Jason Todd’s dark days have been at the center of Titans season 3 since its opening moments. From inhaling Scarecrow’s toxin to dying at the hands of The Joker, he underwent a lot in that opening act, setting up his descent into villainy as he returned from the dead and became the violent vigilante known as Red Hood.

Does Robin become Nightwing?

The DC Universe series has taken its time evolving Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) from from a disillusioned Robin into his fated superhero alter ego Nightwing. But it’s official: Dick will finally embrace his comic book destiny and suit up as Nightwing in the Titans season 2 finale, appropriately titled “Nightwing.”

Who would win Red Hood vs Nightwing?

So who would win if these two ever truly went at it in a hypothetical nerd fight to the bitter end? It might be easy to say Red Hood would come out on top thanks to his mean streak and questionable tactics, but as the dust settles, the clear winner would undoubtedly be Nightwing.

Who does Red Hood love?

The two shared a tender moment in issue #2, but Jason took things a step further in the finale by fully declaring his love for Barbara. Batgirl and Red Hood were the natural choices for the Dark Knight’s partners in Three Jokers considering their histories with the Clown Prince of Crime.

Is deathstroke a villain?

Type of Villain

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Slade Joseph Wilson, also known as Deathstroke or The Terminator, is a supervillain and major antagonist from DC Comics. He is a master assassin who serves as the archenemy of Nightwing and the Teen Titans, while also frequently opposing Batman and the Justice League.

Is Batgirl in Gotham Knights?

Batgirl will be a playable character in the upcoming game Gotham Knights.

How is Barbara Gordon walking in Gotham Knights?

After working as Oracle for a time, Barbara was able to undergo a form of physical therapy which eventually allowed her to walk once again with the help of a technological implant.

How did Barbara get her legs back?

As the daughter of deceased Gotham commissioner, Jim Gordon, she had helped Batman as Oracle in the past. … It was later revealed in the pages of Batgirl that Babs had undergone an experimental “neural surgery” which allowed her to walk again.

What is Joker’s sickness?

In Joker’s case, pseudobulbar affect probably occurred secondary to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). A number of studies have established that TBI increases the risk of mood disorders, personality changes and substance use disorders.

Does Batman turn into Joker?

DC’s METAL event brings evil versions of Batman to the Justice League universe, including a Bruce Wayne who turned into… The minds behind DC’s METAL promised twisted versions of Batman, and nothing’s more twisted than the Bruce Wayne who became The Joker. …

Is Batman the hallucination Joker?

In Batman’s case a vivid hallucination of Joker appeared that represented the embodiment of his worst fears and darkest desires along with Scarecrow Nightmares and flashbacks to Joker’s past crimes. So far the only known way to cure oneself is to fight the infection from within their mind.

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